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Game Fashion & Item Design Submissions

mikelaurencemikelaurence New York CityPosts: 5,366Member, Administrator
edited September 2014 in Feedback and Game Ideas
Some people have asked for a place to submit designs for consideration in-game. This is that place! If your submissions are accepted you will receive the item and a crown bonus as a thank-you!

- Fashion and item designs are all acceptable, but must be mainly COSMETIC. That is, if you have grandiose ideas that involve lots of new gameplay, make a separate thread where you can explain the details. This thread is for things like a spiffy hat for players to wear, a rubber ducky that sits on a shelf, a cane you can hold and dream of knocking people over the head with I mean a cane you can hold [ebl] and so forth.
- If you've already submitted your art to an official contest, no need to resubmit here - they are all under consideration
- Only original art will be accepted
- As per our terms of service, you own the rights to any art you submit but you grant Bytebin and Deepworld a eternal worldwide royalty-free license to use that art for design consideration in-game and to display it in forums, websites, and any other media.
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  • lisalisa ice cream parlorPosts: 5,129Administrator
    edited September 2014
    Let's try to keep this thread as clean as possible. Post your creations and, if you like, a small description. Posts without images will be deleted for ease of looking through. Thanks and have fun!!! :) ( @Clueboe‌ 's question about holdable items added to OP)
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  • DraculDracul après moi, le délugePosts: 1,559Member
    Just a question, are we allowed to submit characters/references from other series for clothing? Since we have majora and all that hoopla
  • NinjaWarriorNinjaWarrior TeufortPosts: 3,290Member
    Here we go(i suck at drawing)
    960 x 720 - 150K
  • XL_L0NEW0LF_xXL_L0NEW0LF_x Posts: 432Member
    Anyone able to draw something Wolfy maybe @AEONXAL‌ sorry lisa for posting this :-SS
  • ABBYSUPERABBYSUPER killing dem titansPosts: 429Member
    Item: white daisy flowers
    Item: vase
    1024 x 768 - 45K
  • WubsyWubsy Czech RepublicPosts: 80Member
    I would love to see someone submit a mic.
  • ABBYSUPERABBYSUPER killing dem titansPosts: 429Member
    Item: Deepworld Track jacket :D
    1024 x 637 - 38K
  • XL_L0NEW0LF_xXL_L0NEW0LF_x Posts: 432Member
    edited November 2014
    The brain lamp (Like a lava lamp)
    Find in mechanical chests or craftable by getting a brain and 2 iron blocks (brain is new item rarely dropped by brains
    Can change colour to ones listed
    Also provides light
    1x2 blocks as decoration
    @PIPTR0‌ this is for you man :x
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    2048 x 1536 - 180K
  • PIPTR0PIPTR0 Brating those testy snot-board beats with nosesPosts: 3,650Member
    Oh, well I have a fashion idea... Why not paint all the brains red/white and give them Santa hats! It's the years most popular brain fashion!
  • AEONXALAEONXAL in the Ridorana CataractPosts: 965Member
    edited December 2014
    Wormhole or The Void
    Why we do not have a transportation that will delivers you to another without touching with your finger!

    Wormhole is a transportation via target tele that can bring you somewhere by just hit the wormhole without a touch of your finger.

    - One block wormhole efficient for your sudden trap needs
    - Black! Deepworldians could hardly sees it!
    - Adventurous feeling
    - Brings you to another wormhole that are connected via Target Teleporter
    - Puzzle game

    - No such thing


    p.s devs could make their own design version! Like glowing/sparkling/electricity wormhole. Why not all!
    574 x 434 - 47K
  • Stormcloud1313Stormcloud1313 Posts: 1,011Member
    Yay!!! Idea time! Nutcrackers, comes in two sizes: one by one, and one by two. Only found in the igloos on arctic worlds. Both sizes come in 4 colors: red, yellow, blue, and green. Also another idea: malfunctioned androids. Like skeletons and only found in some bunkers: very rare. Includes three different poses. Looks like an android laying on its stomach with a head, an arm and a leg, also a pile of gears.
  • Stormcloud1313Stormcloud1313 Posts: 1,011Member
    Also phonagraghs and dancing girl boxes should make music when you get close to them.
  • VickyTheExplorerVickyTheExplorer Rising from the grave.Posts: 412Member

    Also phonagraghs and dancing girl boxes should make music when you get close to them.

    Dancing girl boxes? :(
  • VickyTheExplorerVickyTheExplorer Rising from the grave.Posts: 412Member
    edited December 2014
    Due to the holiday coming up, I thought of this.
    EDIT: Is my photo showing up?
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