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"Admins" needed!

SmoothySmoothy LeamingtonPosts: 642Member
Hello! First of all I would like to thank everyone for the 200 votes at main spawn. :) Although we have been the 3rd player market world owned we are still a small world. I am adding a second spawn that involves Minigames, prizes, & more! My main goal is to give at least one onyx out daily through a raffle, providing more for the community and preventing further scams.

Enough said, let's talk about adminship. Admins will be in charge of Minigames, Spawns, Trading & Reporting, Future Builds, and at last Bragging Rights? Lol. Admins will be of more importance im the future!

So if anyone would be kind enough to volenteer to this market community here is the basic requirements. :)
-At least 5/10 vouchers, the more the better.
-Being Online Daily
-More will be discussed in-game.


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