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How is everyone day in dw and irl today :)

I just started my account on forums and I wanted to know how everyone day is :) also pointers about this whole forums things
And a bit about myself
My in game name: chaos_control
Favorite color: blue :o
My guild: A.O.C
Account age: 1 year


  • shock_waveshock_wave R.I.P Being activePosts: 501Member
    edited November 2015
    I am happy today! How are you?
    Also you summoned me: the happy man because why not!?
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  • chaos_controlchaos_control Posts: 40Member
    Pretty good pretty good
  • MillicentMillicent Millie Hills, Millie Ranch & Millie BellsPosts: 521Member, Arbiter
  • AspireAspire Posts: 348Member
    I'm good. Just reading a stack of fact sheets about Air Force Basic Training my recruiter gave me
  • -CRYSTAL-KING--CRYSTAL-KING- I quitPosts: 1,161Member
    I am VERY sad today (MY AIRSHIP WAS JUST SCAMMED!!!) are you today? :smile:
  • chaos_controlchaos_control Posts: 40Member
    Not sure if your allowed to mention players names on here so I will guess u will asume or find out who I am talking bout did u see what happened in times squares to that one popular players base its just horrible
  • p1nkbr0p1nkbr0 Like, totally, brahPosts: 5,087Member, Arbiter
    Okie dokie. Getting some graphic work for my church done. That's been occupying a lot of my time. :neutral:
  • AspireAspire Posts: 348Member
    p1nkbr0 said:

    Okie dokie. Getting some graphic work for my church done. That's been occupying a lot of my time. :neutral:

    Cool. What's the project look like?
  • LadySkrillexLadySkrillex At coachellaPosts: 791Member
    Not going that great for me. I am at a breaking point at school because my school has a different grading system. A 94 is an A- and I have straight A's but it's still a pretty bad dishonor for me to get an A-, especially in Calculous. I'm good in every other subject though, but physics is borishly easy.
  • Madilyn.Madilyn. nєvєrlαndPosts: 312Member
    Pretty good. Just got back from a school camp ☺
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