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BloonsmineBloonsmine ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Posts: 2,329Member
edited February 2016 in General
Do you play on PC or IOS?

Just making a curious poll which of the platforms holds a majority.

(If you play on both,choose the one you have played on the most)

IOS Or PC? 37 votes

jellysnakeAuraRattle26p1nkbr0ZstormGamesGRAPTIK_BLIZZARDJusticeGamingmuffinsploxElectroxKittyKupo 10 votes
tjergozAuraSpyroRetro_Chowlilroller717LordOreoWilliam2JakeTheTomBloonsmineLittyKittyFreshXGilbyPIPTR0AMWhyBastian7GlobeHowl.Gashlyshock_waveSmoothy 27 votes


  • FallersFallers noisnemid esrever a nIPosts: 1,244Member
    On IOS, it's easier to glitch though walls.
  • William2William2 Posts: 3,382Member, Arbiter
    Fallers said:

    On IOS, it's easier to glitch though walls.

    Haha, you're going to hate the new update then ;)

    I've played on PC a few times, but now when I try and log in it says I need to update some thing and I've no idea what that thing is, so, yeah, I just use my trusty ol' iPad.
  • DeathSwaggaDeathSwagga In the firey depths of hell.Posts: 493Member
    I've tried PC but mining hurts my fingers because you have to be precise over every block, you can't just aim in a general direction like Terraria.
    Also, it's cheaper to buy crowns on the iOS version than the Steam version (for me at least).
  • GlobeGlobe Eating Lisa's brainPosts: 1,294Member
    Where's the both option?
  • muffinsploxmuffinsplox Posts: 58Member
    Greater field of vision, greater handling, lenient mob collision, -muffled sounds of bombs exploding in the distance- what's not to love? ;D
  • ZstormGamesZstormGames 2,044Member
    I play on PC and IOS though i enjoy IOS more for raiding dungeons and such. but i enjoy PC for building and specifically looking for certain dungeons and such, and then i switch over to my iphone. I have many more hours clocked on IOS because i have my iphone with me everywhere, whereas i can only play deepworld on my pc when i get home and have time to sit down on my computer.
  • BloonsmineBloonsmine ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Posts: 2,329Member

    Where's the both option?

    Right after i made the poll i noticed i had forgot the Both option and i soon edited that you choose the one you had played on the most.
  • FreshXFreshX Taking an extended blink. Hold on for a moment. Posts: 1,383Member
    iOS is much easier to control than PC. Also, when you need to restore health, you can use whatever you want, on PC if you have two hearts left, they will probably make you use a power filet when you don't want to. It's also nice to play on an iPad/iPhone instead of have to set-up a computer/laptop and wait half an hour to start the game. I also hate the sounds of brains on PC, it sounds much more disgusting and scary than on iOS. Why don't they all sound like the iOS brains!? -runs and hides in corner from the PC brain sounds-
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