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Come And Visit Windmore!

GrebebeGrebebe 2Fab4UPosts: 1,007Member, Arbiter
edited July 2016 in Come and Visit...
Ever wondered what life was like just before the apocalypse? Come and witness the extravagant lifestyle of Windmore!

Home of Artificial Intelligence, Windmore's economy relies on the exports of little robots that are designed to help humans accomplish difficult tasks, otherwise known under the name of 'butlerbots'. While many have expressed their anxiety regarding the level of independence newly created robots are given, Windmore as a whole believes Artificial Intelligence must be taken a step ahead. Countless hours of research is being made on a strange substance, called ectoplasm, which seems to propel the efficiency and intelligence of robots to a whole new level. With this discovery, scientists of Windmore are confident it will only take a couple years for Artificial Intelligence to reach the level we have all hoped it would reach. While Androids are the main test-subjects at the moment, rumours say that scientists plan on using ectoplasm on the human brain, in the hopes of it having beneficial effects, such as memory improvement, and increased thinking-speed.

On to the actual non-fictional presentation of the world.


While the city of Windmore is mainly located on the surface, members of the world are able to claim plots underground to contribute and build what will (hopefully) be a very nice underground city!


Every protector symbol on the left side of the protector wall are plots. Plots have 2 size variations: standard (normal sized protector) and large (large sized protector). Right now there are a total of 84 claimable plots (more than enough for all of you to build). There is a planned expansion to 110 plots.

Although I might not be the best builder around, I think you will enjoy the steampunk atmosphere the world has. I have spent most of my playing time in this world, working on it, and I hope you'll be able to tell what hard work I've put in!

I'll show you a selection of builds I have made in this world, but trust me, there's a bunch more to see!

This is the copper fall subway station, which is the main station for the subway system of Windmore which runs across the whole world.

This is the thermotower, a huge super-steampunky build that has a terrarium! (yay for terrariums)

…and finally, probably the biggest build in the world (which has since been decorated, and is much prettier), I present to you Balefort Castle!


Apart from the actual looks of the world, I hope it will become a purposeful one. I am hosting a month long Role-Play Game there starting August 1st, which is supposedly going to be fun, and hopefully, bring use to shillings. I will be hosting pvp events, competitions, quests and maybe (if i have time) a storyline to follow (which was my goal at first for the world). I invite you, whoever you are, to take part in this little adventure! The more the merrier, for sure!
If someone's confused as to what I'm actually talking about here, I invite you to read this thread to have your questions answered.

If you want to take part in the game, sign up here! (before monday so you don't miss anything!)

Apart from that little side note, I would love it if you visited this world.

See you soon! ;)


  • HazmanaHazmana At The Krusty KrabPosts: 548Member
    Wow. Truly amazing, beautiful builds, just over all fantastic.
  • FreshXFreshX Taking an extended blink. Hold on for a moment. Posts: 1,383Member
    This is amazing! I definetly want to be apart of this!
  • CleoAdkins007CleoAdkins007 Land of OzPosts: 1,146Member
    It's obvious that you've worked really hard on this project Grebebe, and I'm so happy that you completed it because, at this point, Deepworld needs something like this to create a greater sense of community and more ways to enjoy the game and have fun. Love all of the buildings and how methodical the underground plots have been organised. Can't wait until Monday to begin the role play, and I'd advise everyone to participate in it and grab a good plot while you can, because I'm sure lots more people will be eager to sign up! Congrats Grebebe!
  • GrebebeGrebebe 2Fab4UPosts: 1,007Member, Arbiter
    Thank you! Means alot :)
  • GrebebeGrebebe 2Fab4UPosts: 1,007Member, Arbiter
    edited July 2016
    Oh, I can't believe i forgot this......

    A BIG thank you...

    Special thanks to the people who have helped clear the earth underground!!
    (I'm sure I'm forgetting some... sorry if I am!!)

    Double special thanks to @vin_venture who has helped me big time with the subway!!

    Thanks to everyone who gave me spawners for free!!! They're being used for a dungeon I'm creating in the world... Didn't talk about it in the thread, but it'll be exciting to show it to every citizen (role play players) once the time comes! (another reason for you to become a citizen! other than the fact that... it only costs 1k shillings)
    @Iyasumi : 2 large 7 small
    @vin_venture : 7 small,
    @Itsjustketchup : 10 large ~8 small
    and someone else (Omg i can't believe i don't remember! who are you mysterious personnnn)

    Super big thanks to @ChatotTheParrot too, who has given me a BUNCH of flowers (really, a bunch). You rock!!
  • LilyabcLilyabc Kpop?Posts: 1,003Member
    You are one of the best builders I have ever seen!!!
  • ArcanGraveArcanGrave ArcanGrovePosts: 285Member
    @Grebebe What a wonderful world!!! Are you coming back?
  • ChickenChicken Posts: 1,368Member
    Your worldis amazing. @Detech take a look.
  • DetechDetech Toronto, CanadaPosts: 2,145Member
    It's time to come back and finish this world Grebebe!
  • GrebebeGrebebe 2Fab4UPosts: 1,007Member, Arbiter

    @Grebebe What a wonderful world!!! Are you coming back?

    I'm not coming back no :/ thanks for the compliment :)
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