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World background selection!

ElfsElfs Member Posts: 4
Having your own private worlds in deepworld is just awesome! Sometimes I build a abandoned city, islands surrounded by a lot of water and a dessert! Wouldn't it be cool if the developers added a background selection command? Like /wbackground or something like it! The background everyone has in their world is just boring! Adding a background that fits to your build is very important... And it makes it cooler and better! You could have a background with a lot of buildings like the open screen when you open the deepworld app. You could have a background of a steampunk city! A background of a ocean! What do you think? Wouldn't this be grand?!


  • BrainGamerBrainGamer CanadaMember Posts: 518
    It would be cool but command would be like /wbg
  • ElfsElfs Member Posts: 4
    /wbg is better han /wbackground
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