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Welcome your new Moderators @Sirentist and @Everywhen!



  • Dominus_MortisDominus_Mortis I am being super super super super super super super super super SUUUUPER good. Mmkay? Kay.Posts: 956Member
    Everywhen said:

    Sirentist said:

    Sirentist said:

    I tried to ban myself and all that happened was I got sent to a page with a giant crow that kept cackling in an evil way and saying "You don't get out of this that easy, chump!" over and over.

    lies. and congrats Everywhen.
    Aw, thanks, @Dominus_Mortis ! LOL
    And congrats to you too, a toast to the new Moderators?
    yes delicious
    I actually prefer raisin toast but thank you everyone
    I actually prefer raisin bagels, get your dunkin on.
  • llmmzzllmmzz Posts: 567Member
    edited June 2018
    Sirentist said:

    This thread is meant to be an announcement and a place for people to simply wave hello and welcome me and @Everywhen as forum moderators. It is NOT a place to stir up controversy, especially by insulting and belittling us, complaining about the moderator selection process, making lists of people you think would be better moderators, attempting to kickstart some kind of imaginary election for additional moderators, or otherwise using this thread as your personal soapbox.

    It's okay if you disagree with Mike's choice of moderators, or if you don't want to welcome or congratulate us. But please have a little respect, and restrain yourself from hijacking this thread for your own personal vendettas or agendas.


    @Sirentist congratulations ! Do you remember the first words you said to me.

    @Everywhen This is the attitude that a moderator should have.How can you manage forums without a strict attitude. but congratulations too.
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  • RomyrjohnandreiRomyrjohnandrei I like to smell your hair while i watch you sleep in your bed from behind your closet....Posts: 1,345Member
    Congrats peeps! Two of the best deepworlders got the best place in the forums ^w^
  • DaltsDalts Loading...Posts: 565Member
    Congrats to both!
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