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What is Deepworld?

mikelaurencemikelaurence New York CityPosts: 5,367Member, Administrator

I've been thinking a lot about the progression of Deepworld lately, especially as "dupegate" unfolded this past week. We've wound a long and interesting road together, that much is for certain. Our team started as newbie online developers and we witnessed the growth of an amazing community, from the first screenshot of the day to fantastic current events like Race City. There's a lot to love in this little ecosystem of ours. But it has always felt like there could be more, especially seeing similar-ish games like Growtopia explode in popularity.

What is it that is fun about Deepworld? Personally, I was always most interested in exploration, building, and all the other creative possibilities of our sandbox. In retrospect, I think being a developer and therefore insulated from the "grind" and/or progression system partially blinded me, and perhaps that could be said for many game developers. We often keep things the same because they have a familiar rhythm, not because they make players happy.

With all the complexity of Deepworld, why is it that sitting in a market and haggling (or begging) is the most common activity? I'm sure part of it is due to our low online player count lately, and so market hubs become a natural place to hang out. And hanging out can be fun! But if players are begging instead of playing, it sure seems like something is wrong, because the playing should feel fun and rewarding.

So, I feel like a simple theory may have some truth, or a lot of truth: everything is too rare. We spent all this time and energy making multiple biomes, and yet they only spawn occasionally. We spent effort on devising cool machines and widgets, and they're expensive enough that few players get to experience them. We had beautiful art drawn up for all kinds of items, and they're so rare that duplicating them was the only way for more than a few players to decorate their home with them.

Like the real world, Deepworld has an income inequality problem. It leads to the bad kind of competition, the haughty negative kind. It leads to begging and users spending their time missing out on the real beauty of the game.

So. Should we do something about it? I think we should at least try, because I don't think our current path is very hospitable to most players, and maybe that's why so many people have written us off.


I've been doing some simple thought experiments to figure out how to make things more fun. For example:

How long should you have to play before you have almost everything? 1,000 hours? 10,000 hours?
How many people should have the rarest of items? 1 percent? 1/10th of a percent?
How much can we give away and still make enough money to run the servers? (this is important too XD)
What should we sell in the store, anyway? More decorations and fewer power-ups, as is the current trend in gaming?

I want to hear your opinions on these specifically, along with everything else I've talked about.


I have lots of ideas, and I'm sure you do too. Some of easy to implement, and some are hard. But here are a few that I think we could do soon:

1. Release more non-standard biome worlds in general.

2. Add super loot chests to worlds that announce their location when first unlocked and give loot to anyone for a short period of time. Would this help people tackle dungeons together and help players advance further in the game?

3. Provide more interesting loot more often.

4. Make progression generally easier and quicker. Naturally finding enough onyx to build a full suite of tools and accessories would take ages!

And last but definitely not least:

5. Make more rewards for playing the game, not lucking into the rarest of items. Provide many more interesting achievements for uber players to chase after, and more kinds of awesome in-game status for the ones that do it. These kinds of accolades can't be traded or bought -- only played for, like a pro.

I'm very curious to hear your thoughts. :)


  • _Brainstorm__Brainstorm_ Nowhere and EverywherePosts: 4,065Member
    I agree with everything, especially super loot chests! as a superhero I must have my daily dose of super objects and super cool devs are just not enough

    Keep up the good work, we’re all rooting for you!
  • WhatsHisHeadWhatsHisHead // Deepgate //Posts: 333Member
    edited August 2018
    I was grinning the whole time I was reading this! Super excited to see what the future holds for Deepworld.
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  • ForestGumpForestGump Living On A Forest rn, Hbu?Posts: 356Member
    This is challenging not easy as it may look
    I don’t like when I see new players one day and then never see them again . I always try to play new games every time and if they game isn’t catchy, or it’s boring, or confusing , I will delete the game and never play it again. Thats probably the new players thing. They don’t get to fully experience Deepworld.

    We should as ‘Veteran’ players guide new players when we have the chance. It will help the community grow surely.
    I’m certainly on a break off deepworld for a while I shouldn’t be speaking.

    I’m really happy Mike made this discussion
    It’s 2 am
  • WhatsHisHeadWhatsHisHead // Deepgate //Posts: 333Member
    edited August 2018

    First of all, bear with me because the following is quite a mouthful and I don't really expect people to read it all. I'm just compiling everything in one post because placement is just around the corner and I'll soon be afk for potentially two months.

    I really do agree there's a loot inequity problem, but it's not in the ones that spawn naturally. Rare loot is fine, but only so long as you allow a legitimate way to attain said loot. An example is in the old daily loot items (such as snare drum and wax), which were brought out once or twice as daily loot and never released again. In my opinion, the only reason they've been left bizarrely inflated is because you brought them out and then... forgot all about them. I'm beyond the point of caring about items for their 'value', I want them as legitimate decorating options. There's also an unreleased mammoth head, a cup of cocoa, and the Mayflower painting which have never seen the light of day. We voted for these items but they haven't exactly made an appearance yet, which is weird because basically everything else from the Christmas comp did.

    An example of how releasing these items into the loot system increased playtime would be the reappearance of lamps. This really did increase my amount of playtime because I could spend time raiding (an otherwise pointless activity towards the end) and get great items.

    But there's more than loot so here's my thoughts on other proposals:
    - more non-standard biomes? I'm always happy for that but I'm not sure if it affects anything major.
    - Super loot chests sound amazing. Get the exploration society reformed, people can work together once more. Maybe a way to bring the players closer together
    - Interesting loot more often? I think the above paragraph of me moaning how annoying it is to attain old daily loot items is proof enough that is is important.
    - Progression quicker and easier? At the moment, it's platinum that's killing most players. It's very difficult to see on PC (not shiny and looks like beryllium so it's hard to spot), but even with me looting countless public worlds and buying a few private I only have 79 pieces, not even enough for one tool. I get the whole 'something to work towards' but I think the number should be halved. The current in-game selling ratio the community agrees on is 5 platinum per onyx. Each tool then theoretically costs 20 onyx + onyx tool to make. Is that fair since the promised special effects aren't out? I'm honestly not sure.
    - More achievements, and more variety. Sounds good to me. Good for retaining a player base.

    I agree with Justice's suggestions for stuff to put in the crown shop. I think there's old clothes from daily that could make a comeback in there (little effort for potential cashflow). And maybe with daily loot, have a list of daily goals that are optional for further rewards. Things like 'Bury five skeletons', 'Catch two butterflies', 'Kill five ice terrapi'. The rewards don't even have to be good (basic building supplies like wood, etc) and it'll break the monotony. And if people want more quests, maybe they can pay shillings to an android?

    Most importantly to me, keeping communication up and proving your commitment is key. These micro updates that you've been doing are fantastic because people can see that you're serious in keeping deepworld alive. At the end of the day, while a giant update like a new biome is exciting, what we want most of all are small, frequent updates, because they're what breaks the monotony the most and makes players venture online. Tons of players have come up with great suggestions over the years (maybe check your feedback and suggestions backlog from the past couple of years), but it's your game and you can choose which direction you go in.

    I agree 100% with @ChatotTheParrot.

    Some ores are simply too rare and some tools cost way to much. Platinum is outrageously expensive that’s why so few people have the tools, only the duper’s and the rich have em. This leaves out over 50% of all deepworld players! I agree that platinum tools should become a little more optinable wether it’s more common ores or the tools just cost less. It takes an absurd amount of time/effort to find enough onyx/platinum to craft all tools/accessories, only the hardcore miners get the ability to make all these items. Good luck to all new players! Platinum tools are a very cool idea with so much potential but atm it just feels like a TOTAL ripoff, from our perspective the platinum pickaxe and shovel are just retextured onyx tools that cost like 20-35 times more.

    (Please take this as a form of positive constructive feedback)

    When you talked about how you developers dont know the grind, it just says to me that you guys need to be seeking out feedback a little more. You the game developers in my mind should know your game inside and out meaning you should be playing your game feeling the grind to understand where we the average game player are coming from.

    I truly love that you are shooting out all theses little updates every now and then, It keeps the game fresh and fun. This game has SO much potential, I just wanted to tell ya that.
  • mofc1991mofc1991 Posts: 791Member
    This looks Amzing but I’d like to ask about the map on Deepworld as sometimes when you open it the exit button duplicates or is this for like older devices?
  • GrebebeGrebebe 2Fab4UPosts: 1,007Member, Arbiter
    edited August 2018
    It might sound like a weird suggestion but I think common ores/blocks should be rarer, it's ridiculous that everyone has thousands upon thousands of iron blocks, bricks, etc. While onyx and other rare items are arguably too rare as you said, I think what makes it all even more frustrating, is that all of the other ores (iron, copper, etc) are worth nothing because they're so easy to stack up
    This would make building impressive structures not only a matter of knowing how to build, but also having the resources. This would bring diversity in the trading game, as people would start including the more basic materials into trades, and newer players wouldnt be at a huge disadvantage when it comes to finding said basic materials. They can then potentially use said materials to trade with other players and work their way up to better equipement, instead of just keeping thousands of blocks and ores that nobody wants because everyone has them

    Also: would reinforce the pist apocalyptic vibe

    Or maybe add an inventory limit to these ores and blocks, so you can't stack them up so much. Earth should be the only thing you can have thousands of at once

    That was poorly written, but i hope it's still understandable
  • TealHyenaTealHyena SmoresPosts: 726Member
    I completely agree with everything in this post.

    As a player who has collected most items, built with the community, done most achievements, and competed in a few building competitions, I feel like I’ve experienced the greater part of Deepworld as a game. And it was amazing. But, if I look at how I value my items and how I looked at items before I had them, I think I agree with mike.

    The most valuable thing I have is The Brass Throne. It’s awarded though building competitions, and cannot be traded. The fact that it can’t be traded means it’s both worthless and priceless. We need more items like this. Non-tradeable items that can only be obtained by in-game feats that the whole community can compete for.

    The “rare” items are too rare in my opinion. It took about 4 years for me to naturally get the rarest items. I feel like it should be a goal to get items, but not a near Unobtainable one. Before all of this duping, Hunter Heads were insanely rare. Very few people had one. Thus, nobody can use them in builds or as decoration unless you are crazy rich in-game. I want items to be a decoration you are proud of, but something that isn’t too impossible to get.
  • _Brainstorm__Brainstorm_ Nowhere and EverywherePosts: 4,065Member
    edited August 2018
    Multarix said:

    While you continue to develop Deepworld, I beg of you, start your own character. Don't let anyone know it's you otherwise it'll defeat the purpose. Play as a free player, through the game from level 1 to level whatever is max level. From basic tools to onyx to platinum.

    what if mike secretly does that?
  • MultarixMultarix Over a rainbow with kittens and ponies dancing around a fire built upon the corpses of their enemiesPosts: 3,131Member

    Multarix said:

    While you continue to develop Deepworld, I beg of you, start your own character. Don't let anyone know it's you otherwise it'll defeat the purpose. Play as a free player, through the game from level 1 to level whatever is max level. From basic tools to onyx to platinum.

    what if mike secretly does that?
    Then we've been bamboozled. It's highly unlikely I feel though. Most developers develop their games but then never set foot in a legitmate account to experience the game as they've designed. Which leads to a disconnections from the community and the developer. A great developer who actively plays their game is Digital Extreme, who you might know better by their game Warframe.

    They understand their community and they understand our concerns and feedback because they too have experienced the issues we face as players. If Mike can take this approach I feel he'll really be able to help improve Deepworld as we all want and need. I understand that a lot of his time is taken, but I'd like to see him at least TRY.
  • William2William2 Posts: 3,382Member, Arbiter
    I think that it's great to see how much effort you've put into this game, and how much effort you continue to put into it to bring a better experience to us, the players. And although I do love this game to death, I must admit that it has many flaws and a lot of things could be done to make the game more playable for newbies and to hold the more veteran players' attention.

    Personally, I love community events like building competitions. They're a great way to hype up the community and provide friendly competition between players. What I don't love, though, is the fact that while you guys start these competitions, you can never seem to finish them on time. While I realize that you guys have schedules of your own and can't devote all of your time to these competitions, it would be great to see more of them going on and being finished. These competitions don't even have to be competitions put together by you guys: These competitions could be put together by regular players, and sponsored by the devs (prizes are given out to the best entries by you guys!)

    I love to see gaming worlds, where players make minigames for everybody to play and give out prizes to the winners of the games, or have some form of currency system which can be redeemed for prizes later on. And although there are a bunch of these types of worlds, it is sad to see that many of them don't attract many players because there isn't much in the way of advertisements. I think that it would be cool to see some type of news system, where players can post their worlds and competitions for all to see. It would have to be moderated and filtered of course, but I think that seeing this type of system in-game would be amazing! It provides a sense of community and can easily draw new players in with challenges and minigames that anybody can compete in and win prizes in!

    Also, along the above lines, public Pandora Box competitions with better prizes than just regular Pandora Box prizes would be great to see. Competitions like this draw in more experienced players to compete in and give newer players something to work towards. Similarly, I think community events such as "Which player can mine the most blocks this month?" or "Which player can explore the most areas this week?" could give players something to work towards while also providing friendly competition and bring the focus of Deepworld back to exploring new worlds and making friends along the way!

    Lastly, in regards to the shop in Deepworld: I believe that the shop should be geared more towards cosmetics and less towards power-ups or accessories. Fortnite, for example, features a purely cosmetic shop, so that newer players don't feel like they stand no chance against the people who have spent hundreds of dollars on the game. I believe that things like exo-suits and armor and whatnot should be added as loot instead of in-game purchases, and that players who have purchased these things in the past should receive a refund of crowns. Some things, though, like worlds, protectors, world machines, and things similar to those lines, should still be able to be bought in the store. It would also be cool to see things like the world key (I actually have no clue if it's still in the game or not) have functions. Like the world key could be used to unlock a private world that you can own, so that players that may not have money to afford buying a new world can still work towards owning worlds themselves simply by playing the game. It would be cool to see tea having a use, for example possibly making a brew that can be used to give players a limited speed boost, or possibly some kind of damage reduction or resistance to acid rain for a bit. Possibly even a brewing mechanic which can allow you to make all kinds of different brews that give you different abilities, with the right ingredients, of course. This way, looting what are now essentially useless items can be more of a joy in the future. Speaking from experience, it's very disheartening to go on an hour long looting spree and end up with a couple new hairstyles, some fire salts, tea, and a bunch of metal spikes. If rarer items had a higher loot chance, I feel like the game would be much easier for newer players to get into.

    If you made it this far, bravo! Mike, just know that I fully support your decisions for the future of the game and I love that you're still working to improve it and make it an experience that everyone can enjoy (:
  • WhatsHisHeadWhatsHisHead // Deepgate //Posts: 333Member
    I was doing some thinking about what you said on all the biomes and how rare they are. I agree that there aren’t enough that spawn naturally atm. Whenever you guys spawn in a space biome there is usually a temperate as well, I love having the choice as to what biome I feel like raiding. I personally think that you devs should make it so 4 different worlds can spawn in at a time (these worlds can range in sizes and biome type). I saw someone else wrote about XL maps becoming thrown in and I loved that idea, currently atm it’s a battleground to get loot. I constantly have to worry about people sneaking up on me and either stealing the onyx I find or raiding my dungeon etc. If you were to make raid worlds spawn in more often (either Regular and XL size in my opinion) it would cut down big time on the worry and just allow us players to enjoy the game a lot more. I would have so much more fun raiding a XL with 4-6 other people, this would make everyone generally wealthier. Currently when I log on during the day I see between 13 and 24 players in a public raid world, this is why you have beggars in Times Square. No one love going into raid worlds and fighting for a chance to find something MEH in value. In conclusion 4 public raid words spawning in together is just a rough number that can be refined but I truly believe that we the player should have a choice when it comes to what we want/need to raid at the time.
  • WhatsHisHeadWhatsHisHead // Deepgate //Posts: 333Member
    Going along with my other post why not have a XL world that spawns in every now and then (more often than the current premium ones) that only premium players can goto. This XL world would have a bunch of superloot chests all over and possibly pvp enabled. This would create a new hangout place for the more pro players, you could also make these new achievements for the pro players only be accomplished in these worlds. All freemium players would still have 3 other worlds (ranging from Regular to XL size) to raid, so no issues there. I’m just thinking of those old minecraft prison servers I used to play where once you bought a rank (premium) a new better mine would be handed to you. Don’t make it too OP but don’t make it too... Not OP :) in the middle.
  • ItzYeBoiNubItzYeBoiNub Posts: 77Member
    edited August 2018
    I think new blocks should we be added.
    I also think a new shilling currency system could be added. Similar to the resources you can get from an android, Android would display a way to buy items in-game with shillings, replacing items once a day. This would give an actually use the shillings.
    Another idea would be too add multi trading. This would definitely improve gameplay and reduce scamming.
    Add clothes, armour and new items. Games like Growtopia and Minecraft in 2013 thrived because of the variety of items, giving the game a bigger purpose.
    Either remove or add the useless items. It is very annoying when raiding a whole dungeon, wasting quite a bit of your jerky, to just then loot an widget or a sprocket. A way to use these would be in your adding of new world machine using the science skill you have recently added.
    I know a lot of people have most likely said this but the most important thing I see to play your own game when you have the time. 10 minutes to an hour everyday of exploring world or trading would be enough to see all the different features to improve. It would also help with communication with the community.

    Edit: This is if you have the time and money to do this and is also just a suggestion. Put out advertisments like you did back in the old days. That is how I started playing Deepworld in the first place. It would help with the player count and overall rarity of items to an extent.

    This idea to put out a post about improvements is quite good. It shows awareness of the community and a thrive to improve. Consequently, a lot of people will comment and like the post.

    Thank you
  • mofc1991mofc1991 Posts: 791Member
    Hold up! Deepworld is a great game and all but weekly updates to the game would thrive across the community and there could even be a new storyline to the game which sound like a terrible idea but it could be of some use? If your thinking about new blocks there could be cool new backdrop and items dropped every so often. Guns are also a great idea as it can be used as a new way to ablitirate and murder someone else in a PvP world >:) Also throwing knives could be a new weapon and be the first melee killing machine besides the others?
  • mrjacketmrjacket Posts: 267Member
    add multitrade Good idea To stop Scam
  • IronManArcherIronManArcher STEEEEEEEEEEAM JEETSPosts: 2,886Member
    edited August 2018
    One word: Craftable steam jets. Wait a second...

    Anyways, I’m sure many of us have been waiting for you to ask these questions. I for one have had many ideas, but no time to share. So I’ve prepared a list that many players would like, and slapped a few things in that I would like.

    Yes, I know everyone has been saying this. But the only problem is that they’ve been saying it for years. Players have been asking for multi-trade pretty much since trading was a thing.

    •More dev interaction
    I see that you (and occasionally Json) have been interacting more with the community, but not enough. Players want a developer (and Json) who talks. A while ago (about a year or two), another developer surfaced by the name of TheMeatly (the creator of Bendy and the Ink Machine), and he gave something to the gaming community that we really needed. Yes, a developer that randomly talks. He wakes up in the morning, and posts on Twitter about how much he wants a donut. Later, he posts about how he got a donut, and then asks what everyone is going to do today. Players like that, because then it’s not like the devs are robots, but people. Game creators, but still people.

    •Easter eggs
    Every game has easter eggs. Whether it be Minecraft, Bendy, some FPS game, they all have some secret players can find. It gives something other for players to do, and then something to brag about to their friends. And no, hidden tic tac toe graffiti doesn’t count. Like if you put a snowball on another snowball, then put an android head on it, then some other thing pops up. That’s a modern easter egg.

    Everyone likes digging deeper, and the players of Deepworld are no exception. Several of us have tried to make our own lore stories, and maybe get a like or two, but there’s just aren’t enough facts to work with.

    •Ununbtainable items
    A fancy blue lamp? Awesome!! Unfortunately, you have to pay a Notch to get one (last year). Now introducing... wait, what? Someone already said this? Well then, I’ll say it again. The unobtainable items all look cool. I’d even say they’re some of the best looking items in the game, but you have to pay a lot of items (with the chance of getting scammed (multitrade!)) to get them. Sorry, to get one. Getting two is a whole nother story. A few unobtainable items are fine, like an item that only comes once a year, or an item from winning a competition. So, craftable unobtainables, and we’re done in this section.

    •Player suggestions
    Yes, some people have bad ideas. Yes, some people have super terrible ideas. But, some people have so many great ideas, but they’d have to start their own game to include them (but a lot of them don’t know how). So, if you see a good idea on the forums or playing (more on that later), just ask if you can use it in the game. I’m sure the person who thought it up would be honored to have their idea in the game. When something I made was featured on a game’s Twitter account, I was amazed that someone out there actually liked what I did. It would definitely make their day, and make the game have much more diverse items and structures. Some players here on the forums have even offered to help code to take some of the bundle off your shoulders. Accept their requests, and ask around. See what ideas your marvelous creation contains.

    •Developer interaction P2
    Play your own game! People will flock around you, pepper you with ideas and praise, and make your day a whole lot better. Just sit down for a bit and play with the community you’ve built. Maybe build something together. Maybe blow them all up. Maybe go exploring with a trail of people behind you. It would definitely make you AND the players have fun, and have a better day. Maybe even have better lives, because they can say that they built with the creator of Deepworld.

    Woohoo! New Space bunker and dungeon competition!
    -almost half a year later-
    Is judging almost done?

    We need more competitions, and completion of the current ones. I’ve never even heard of the Pixel Art competition other than people complaining about how much they want it completed.

    •Enemies and hazards and NPCs... oh my!
    Lava? Aww, cool! Acid? Wowee! Wait a sec... this reminds me of another game. It seems almost every game has one or both of those hazardous liquids. Spikes? Yeah, those too. We need some special hazards, like liquid nitrogen, or wall knives. Maybe have a thread on here asking what hazards there should be. As for enemies, well, we’re still awaiting deep space brain varients, and maybe alien terrapi. Then there’s npcs and creatures. Uh, do something with those, like make pets able to be played with, or brought with on adventures, and have wildlife spawn more. Also, add more quests and things to do with androids. And then there’s the Buddybot. Maybe revive that old idea.

    I should not be excited to find a blue crystal, and it shouldn’t be near impossible to find the super cool hunter head. Maybe add an item that only the best of the best or the luckiest can find, like maybe a series of golden items (or platinum) that can only be looted or found in someplace hard to find. But other than those, maybe dial down the rarity meter about 40%.

    •New items
    Nothing says OH YEEEAH like finding an item that was just added, and maybe platinum tools aren’t really cutting it. We need more loot, such as more clothes, emotes, or general decoration. Also, confetti cannons.
    EDIT: Looking at the other people’s responses, new blocks would also be nice.

    Maybe not a rail gun, but a really cool steampunk drill with different tier spinny things would be nice.

    I mean, why use pickaxes when you have access to ectoplasm and steam machines?

    I was going to add more things, but I forgot them halfway through the enemies sentence. I also got confuzzled a bit while typing the rest of that part. Anyways, those are my ideas. As said in bullet point 6, feel free to use a few.
  • EverywhenEverywhen Join the DW discord: 5,125Member, Moderator, Arbiter
    All of these ideas are amazing and I’m super hyped

    My thing I’d love to see is Onyx Target Teleporters, which would allow the creation of world networks and actually give functionality to player built travel stations/airships.

    We could also use then for connecting worlds etc, and making hubs
  • Peashooter8890Peashooter8890 Plants Vs. ZombiesPosts: 32Member
    I think it would be good if mini private worlds can be looted with luck lvl 13 for really small chances.
  • shadowsniper9dshadowsniper9d Posts: 161Member
    Rare items are what makes deepworld who wants to play a game that you get all the best stuff in a week I think if you make things like onyx that I have spent years collecting you will loose the few dedicated players you have left Deepworld does need change but depreciating the value of items in my opinion would ruin the game
  • KillerpoohbearKillerpoohbear Posts: 10Member
    These ideas are amazing! I am a really big DeepWorld player so I think we should make a few more biomes, that would be nice because, every day same old biomes... Also I think most things in the crown store are a little pricy. I also think it would be cool if we got quests. Like every day we could have quests to get like cool little prizes like 10 crowns. Also, I think some items are too rare like I found an onyx when I was a noob but then like a year later I found my second onyx now it’s just 1 per every 1-2 months.
  • IronManArcherIronManArcher STEEEEEEEEEEAM JEETSPosts: 2,886Member
    Detech said:

    First month playing deepworld was quite a difficult experience. First I wanted to do the quest line to better understand the game, but the further in I went, the more it became very confusing. Plaques diverting attention from official quest location plaques on official quest worlds really threw me off, if it wasn't for the kind and helpful deepworld community, I would probably still be doing the questline. :) I wish the official part of the game was better built, with better structures and simpler instructions, so that new people get a better taste of the possibilities of deepworld! Another thing is the fact that the questline doesn't have an ending, it is sort of stuck unfinished. Should have made the android at the end say something like 'you are now ready to discover deepworld' or something, just so players feel like the game is complete. First two months I could not get a good gun, or find resources in public worlds due to being too slow comparing to more experienced players, so I went into 50%+ worlds to find leftovers. Eventually I won my first building competition and got an energy Mk3, which I still use. After I got a good gun, playing the game got a whole lot easier.
    A year into the game I experimented with begging on an alt for a few hours and got more stuff than I had luck mining in the first few months, that was a bit awkward and sad.

    The game changed for me when I met an old player who took me on a tour of forgotten worlds of deepworld and I saw the creativity and effort people put into different projects. I was blown away of what could be built and how builders discovered different ways to combine and overlap materials! This is when I decided to stay and focus on the building aspect of the game.
    Since that day I keep wondering how to attract more attention to those incredible worlds, they are just lost in the ocean of countless worlds. Would be so helpful if there was a list of "deepworld pearl" worlds...

    As TealHyena mentioned, the Brass Throne is the one object every experienced builder wants to have. It is amazing that the Throne is none tradable, so only really good builders can obtain it. There should be more of these none tradable objects in the game to support the builders as they often feel left out of the equation.

    Maybe trophies or statues that people could place in their worlds like:
    - Developed World Award - for those builders who managed to survive the apocalypse and build a little civilization in their world.
    - Popular World/Market (or the week/month/year) Award
    - Master Builder Award
    And so on.

    It wold be SO helpful to have a world run by the devs in which official information would be posted and where players could find out about different events.
    It would be amazing if there were people responcible for running this world and keep it updated.
    This one world would be sort of a lighthouse in the chaos of deepworld we have at the moment.

    Right now, builders only build because there’s nothing else to do. Rewards for building would be great!
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