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Acc lost

Andrew1337sclone2Andrew1337sclone2 In the closetPosts: 8Member
I have this account Godus yeah? But the name and password were changed, and I have absolutely no info of what the username is. All I ask is if you have information on this topic sharing it would be generous. Thanks!


  • TealHyenaTealHyena SmoresPosts: 726Member
    If you have the email you can recover it but otherwise it’s lost.
  • FishbotFishbot A strange place that I don't know how I got in.Posts: 265Member
    Yeah some people where asking where someone named Godus was, I hope they didn't do anything to your account.

    But anyways @TealHyena is correct, if you have the email you should be able to recover it. I don't think there is a way to change the password though.

    If you have ever played on another device with the account, you should check to see if it is logged in on that device, cause you could get on the account and see if the name is the same, and you could fix it back if it wasn't.

    I hope you can get it resolved.
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