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Who should the new administrator be?

FishbotFishbot A strange place that I don't know how I got in.Posts: 266Member
edited February 14 in General
@Everywhen @Sirentist and @AMwhy have been the most suggested people to become a new administrator.
The one who gets the most votes just might become the new Administrator! Mike will have to determine on his
own who he believes is the most apt for the responsibility. This is just for the players to give their opinion.
It may or may not affect the final results.

Who should the new administrator be? 22 votes

AlphastormMonsieur_Jackcheese17LavaWarederpdeeChickenLilyabcmofc1991OctopusMihirGamesForestGumpFishbotE_P_I_CDaylightPatrickR 15 votes
lxlyTealHyenaWhatsHisHead_Brainstorm_Raze 5 votes
_CRYSTAL_KING_Tescos 2 votes


  • IronManArcherIronManArcher STEEEEEEEEEEAM JEETSPosts: 2,886Member
  • ChickenChicken Posts: 1,368Member
    I vote Sirentist and Everywhen
  • WhatsHisHeadWhatsHisHead // Deepgate //Posts: 333Member
    Surely we need more than 2 or 3..
  • LilyabcLilyabc Kpop?Posts: 1,003Member
    Lol everyone voted for Sirentist..
    But I agree with everyone else. Having more than 1 mod is better.
  • Bastian7Bastian7 Between WorldsPosts: 483Member
    I don’t care about who admin is. I just want results. How will you catch a duper that is doing it in his private world? Also I would like clarification exactly what admin powers are and what their duties would be.
  • FishbotFishbot A strange place that I don't know how I got in.Posts: 266Member
    edited February 15
    So for some some reason I can't make a 4th poll option.

    Like this comment if you want Sirentist and Everywhen to both be admins.
  • IronManArcherIronManArcher STEEEEEEEEEEAM JEETSPosts: 2,886Member
    But I called dibs!!
  • ForestGumpForestGump Living On A Forest rn, Hbu?Posts: 356Member

    let Formus moderators be admins inside of game then

    we can add more from there

  • EverywhenEverywhen Join the DW discord: 5,126Member, Moderator, Arbiter
    Tescos said:

    If Sirentist plays in public, when she gets these mod powers which I and everyone else already know she is going to then yeah I see why she should be one.
    Same for Everywhen, if he plays more then sure he should be mod too since they have experience.

    But, neither of them play in public enough right now to know what's going on. I have seen Siren a couple times now though since this mod thing got announced.

    Personally, I think Leela. would be a good one for mod.

    Sirentist is pretty active in public worlds, just disguised under another name.

    I've also been pretty inactive in game over the last few month or so due to travelling for my PhD, as I had to travel overseas for the end of last year which was completely chaotic - I am back home now though so once I get through my backlog of work, I'll be back to my usual engineering shenanigans.

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