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GOLD | Platinum | Titanium | Fancy Tables | New Heads



  • MihirGamesMihirGames Lost in spacePosts: 345Member
    Enchanted tools
  • WhatsHisHeadWhatsHisHead // Deepgate //Posts: 332Member
    Abandoned Satellites in space
  • WhatsHisHeadWhatsHisHead // Deepgate //Posts: 332Member
    edited February 27
    Different ranks of crowns one can earn through in-game achievements. Examples: Iron Crown, Brass Crown, Sapphire Crown, Ruby Crown, Onyx Crown, Platinum Crown
  • WhatsHisHeadWhatsHisHead // Deepgate //Posts: 332Member
    edited March 1
    The ability to BUY and SELL worlds from other players. I don't see a purpose to buying crowns now that the main dev has essentially quit working on the game, but I do wish there was a way to BUY/SELL a world to friend for IG items.
  • FishbotFishbot A strange place that I don't know how I got in.Posts: 265Member
    how about drinkable tea, we are thirsting to death, and have been for 5 years. that dirty water that we drink in the desert is gross anyways.
  • AMWhyAMWhy 1,278Member, Arbiter

    How about lighting that can be activated by switches! This would work excellently with /mood

  • Bastian7Bastian7 Between WorldsPosts: 483Member
    We are missing a space compass as well.
  • WhatsHisHeadWhatsHisHead // Deepgate //Posts: 332Member
    large balloons & different sizes of windows
  • Monsieur_JackMonsieur_Jack California-ParisPosts: 321Member

    Gosh just add some Victorian and Belle Époque, I’m there. ❤️👌🏻

  • WhatsHisHeadWhatsHisHead // Deepgate //Posts: 332Member
    Black Chromatic blocks/Backdrop
  • WhatsHisHeadWhatsHisHead // Deepgate //Posts: 332Member
    The ability to find stuff when excavating with butler bots
  • DetechDetech Toronto, CanadaPosts: 2,139Member

    The ability to find stuff when excavating with butler bots

    I can just see people leaving worlds 100% excavated everywhere lol
  • MihirGamesMihirGames Lost in spacePosts: 345Member

    The ability to find stuff when excavating with butler bots

  • WhatsHisHeadWhatsHisHead // Deepgate //Posts: 332Member
    Different sizes/shapes of bookshelves
    Gate archways
    Dome roofs
    square glass, rounded glass, circle glass
    mini flower pots
    kitchen appliances
    different colours to that big plush chair
    Regular Chromatic Block
    Grey bricks (ik we have "grey bricks" in-game BUT they are a blueish colour."
    Grey cobble stone, Grey cobblestone backdrop
    Placeable 1x1, 2x2 clocks
    more table options
    Rolling office chairs
    desk, fancy desk etc
    Turtle pet in a glass box ( 2x1 )
  • WhatsHisHeadWhatsHisHead // Deepgate //Posts: 332Member
    The ability to add/remove worlds from your favourite list while in the world change screen
  • WhatsHisHeadWhatsHisHead // Deepgate //Posts: 332Member
    Mounted Shark
    Gopher lamp
    HUGE chandelier(s)
  • WhatsHisHeadWhatsHisHead // Deepgate //Posts: 332Member
    Pages when scrolling through potential world options in the world switcher.

    A "Protected Item" tab that displays all world where u have placed protected items
  • TheBlindEyeTheBlindEye Posts: 684Member
    A spaceship-designed dungeon for space worlds!
  • WhatsHisHeadWhatsHisHead // Deepgate //Posts: 332Member
    Crown molding options
    Guitar instrument
    Symbols to finish off the drum set
  • WhatsHisHeadWhatsHisHead // Deepgate //Posts: 332Member
    edited March 29
    A form of "levitate" mode when wearing a onyx jetpack (or platinum if added) to help out us builders have a steady hand mid air.
  • AMWhyAMWhy 1,278Member, Arbiter

    There's the Zepellin for that already! Admittedly it's hard to get used to but it can be used to move slowly in a direction and hover in one spot.

  • WhatsHisHeadWhatsHisHead // Deepgate //Posts: 332Member
    Balloon backdrops

    Idea from CrunchyNapkin.
  • OctopusOctopus In a pineapple, under the ocean.Posts: 33Member

    Ok so I got a few ideas

    1. GOLD
    - Gold ore can be converted into either Golden Bars or Golden Coins (Maybe the coins and bars can be reconverted)
    -Gold Blocks
    - Gold Wall Backdrop
    - Gold Columns
    - Gold Jet (Acts same as onyx but just looks shinier)
    - Placeable Gold Bars/Ingots
    - Golden Bricks

    2. Platinum
    - Platinum Blocks
    - Platinum Jet
    - Platinum Columns
    - Platinum Wall Backdrop

    3. Titanium
    - May as well since we got platinum
    - Titanium Pickaxe, shovel etc
    - Titanium Blocks and Backdrop
    - Titanium Bars/Ingots

    4. New Furniture | Furniture Bunkers
    - Solid Gold Table
    - Solid Platinum Table
    - Steampunky Table (With cogs and steam coming out)
    - Long Dining Table
    - Rustic Table (All beatup for all your medieval themed worlds)
    - Rugs <— PLEASE
    - Curtans
    - These furniture bunkers would only have the rarer noncraftable furnitures
    - Fancy Doors (Can come in same types as fancy tables)

    5. Half Slab blocks
    To make walking on the surface easier

    6. New Heads
    - Moose Head (For us Canadians)
    - Alien Head (For space)
    - Dragon Head
    - Mounted Brain Tank (For brain biome)

    7. New Mobs
    - what about a mob that we can build parts for like in minecraft (wither) that we could construct and defeat to get some crazy loot

    8. Coloured Glass
    - Stained Multi Glass like in churches
    - just any kind of glass would be cool.
    - Retexture the current glass block to make it more a whiteish see through colour.

    9. Faster Mining
    - A bomb that collects all items it blows up and puts it in your inventory (would be an expensiveish bomb)
    - new drills that can mining even faster than your pickaxe

    10. Paintable Wood Blocks
    We have all seen that unused paintbrush item in the codex. Why not pull it back out and allow us to paint certain blocks.

    11. More Roofs
    - Can we get some steampunky looking roofs that have moving cogs and steam blowing out?

    12. An official Coin that is used as a currency
    - Gold Coins
    - Onyx Coins
    - Platinum Coins

    13. Gold, Onyx, Platinum Statues
    Having the ability to take a marble or bloodstone statue and cover it in gold or something would be cool!

    14. Steam Generators
    These could be an alternate way to get steam power Up into your house without all the ugly Piping.

    15. More Bridge Types

    16. Curved Roofing Peices
    - dome

    17. Placeable Flags
    - could have your guild on it
    - could be a pirate flag

    18. Sky Biome
    This biome would be full of raidable Airships and would have pirates as a new mob

    19. Non Controlable Player looking people walking around (NPC ?)
    - could start appearing once you have a sustainable environment (shelter, light, safe from brains)

    20. A main Hub world (Alike Times Square)
    - This world would be a place where devs/admins can put signs or notes up about games news and such
    - Would have a pre constructed building that would have purchaseable areas inside of it for shops and such
    - Placeable pros and stuff could still be placed outside this main building like all other markets
    - This world would allow trade

    Post your thoughts/game ideas down below.</p>

    Personally a few of these ideas I don’t really agree with, but majority of them look sick!

  • Bastian7Bastian7 Between WorldsPosts: 483Member
    I have a ton of ideas, maybe I’ll post them someday.
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