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Community-wide Effort to Archive Forums and Codex

BloonsmineBloonsmine ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Posts: 2,329Member
edited June 20 in Collaborations
hi, ive been progressively archiving the codex and the forums, but so far i have only completed the codex ( except the Items subcategory because for some reason some pages turn blank with " Slow down there speedy. Try again in a bit. ", even though i did all of them one by one) and only some important parts like dev and admin comments and discussions, all time leader comments and discussions, etc... but i hope to archive most of this site.

so i ask the community to archive profiles, discussions, comments, etc... that others or yourself might have a sentimental value to, so that later on you'd be able to revisit to relive some nostalgia.

if no one wants to join on the effort to archive the website, ill just continue doing it myself but i will guaranteed be missing some elements that you might otherwise share a connection with.

just take like 5 minutes to archive some bits. if more do it, it adds up.

( click on the "Save outlinks" box, it will save links deeper but not too deep. for example if you save your discussions history, it will save every single link on that page, but it wont save links inside those links. )


  • GlobeGlobe Eating Lisa's brainPosts: 1,294Member
    I've saved a bunch of profiles + all of my discussions, I'll add some more later as well.
  • iSpeakiSpeak MassachusettsPosts: 95Member

    Will do!

  • mofc1991mofc1991 Posts: 791Member

    Get ready for what I’ve got....

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