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Let's Spend A Lot of Money on Deepworld to Keep it Going Until Microsoft Buys It.

FreshXFreshX Taking an extended blink. Hold on for a moment. Posts: 1,383Member
Yes, seeing me come back is unexpected, however when I saw DW was shutting down I was surprised but expecting it.

I want to first give my goodbyes to a fun, different and interesting game as I did enjoy even when morons popped up and tried to frame me but whatever, that's not important. When I first joined late 2013 I found this game amazing. I never played an online 2-D game with the old graphics and amazing community. I became much better, cocky and arrogant and made friends. I had massive builds and projects, I kept my distance from brain lords because they freaked me the f**k out and I kicked ass in PvPs. This game was different and simple and that's what really drew me to it. It's old time, spunky, rustic kick was beautiful. I wasn't that big on the graphic update but it was still nice. I eventually stopped playing about two years ago for many reasons but this game will always be apart of me. I probably won't be on before the game shuts down because of how busy I am but if I can I will.

As for the title of this, it isn't a bad idea but I think if you steal your parents credit card and buy a ton of jerky we can save the game.

It was nice knowing all of you and I wish you the best of luck. Au revoir.


  • iSpeakiSpeak MassachusettsPosts: 84Member
    Goodbye my friend!
  • Hydroblade29Hydroblade29 Posts: 1,832Member
    Hahahahaha I completely forgot you were around FreshX. I actually did enjoy meeting you in the game. We all had our fun grinding into the game, laughing our asses off as we nuked the crap out of cake land. Sadly we might not get to meet the same friends we once made on the game. As for every newbie we all helped finding them awesome crystals or raiding that pesky dungeon and giving them the loot, I wish for a new game where it is original like Deepworld. Games like growtopia or terraria don't have that RPG aspect. Some people gotta grow up sadly, so it's been a very swell adventure to be apart of the community.
  • _CRYSTAL_KING__CRYSTAL_KING_ Posts: 139Member
    No I'm dirty dan!
  • Dominus_MortisDominus_Mortis I am being super super super super super super super super super SUUUUPER good. Mmkay? Kay.Posts: 956Member

    im pretty sure terraria has that rpg aspect :v

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