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Android Discoveries!

BulkBulk So... Apparently I don't fit in a locker. Send help.Member Posts: 3,673
edited July 2013 in Gripes and Grins
You have all seen androids around. Here are six natural ones in every world, they can also be spawned with android crates.

I have been studying androids

Coming to Be

Like I said earlier, they can be spawned from crates, but I studied how natural ones come to be. From what I saw, when you get in range in unexplored sky, they spawn and start falling. What remains undetermined is if these spots are preset when the world is made.

Behavior and Movements

Androids move left to right. If you are within 3 blocks of them they stop and say a phrase. Saying a phrase requires, "recharge time." After saying something the android must wait a few seconds before saying something else, even if you are in range.

Androids' movements are different from the player's. They can climb two block high walls, and are able to move between walls if there is one block missing. If the android is going ip stairs and there is a trpadoor blocking its way, it will go through it. this does not work the other way around. They cannot teleport, or climb ladders, but it is said they might in the future

[insert topic title here]

Androids are generally kept and have homes of their own. They are pretty much useless at the moment, but will give out quests later in the game.

Androids were invincible at first, then they could be killed by bombs, now they are back to being invincible.

Note:The androids are DEFINITELY not going to assimilate us! And they have NOT chained me up and made me say thi- THEY ARE GOING TO KIL- *bomb explodes*


  • BulkBulk So... Apparently I don't fit in a locker. Send help.Member Posts: 3,673
    The sloth, I forgot the sloth! Here is a picture of a sloth:
    259 x 194 - 19K
  • the4232minerthe4232miner Member Posts: 72
    I <3 sloths
  • the4232minerthe4232miner Member Posts: 72
    I <3 sloths
  • Mordecai_rigbysMordecai_rigbys HellMember Posts: 352
    Nice discovery Bulk! Very informative
  • JHXJHX Captaining my airship H.M.S IcarusMember Posts: 244
    I have seen a few androids falling out the sky... :/
  • William77854William77854 Member Posts: 397
    I saw a android called columnus fall from the sky when this guy was visiting my world.
    Lured it in to my base and kept it there.
    I thought the guy visiting placed the crate so i gave him loads of stuff.
    Turns out he didint.
    Later on i found a nother one called lilly and lured it in to the other one.
    and since then they lived happily ever after
  • EzylribeEzylribe Member Posts: 266
    Thanks for that, Bulk!

    I was building a house with a good friend of mine in an Arctic World and an android named Gertie fell from the sky right above us, so we trapped him and made him a little room in our house. I wasn't sure if that was a bug or something but now I know. ;P
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