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Is it just me, or has inbox stopped working on the forum?


Toronto, Canada
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Toronto, Canada


  • I simply didn’t see it but I think I got it. Ahh. Makes sense. Forgot I was a second class citizen while playing on android... But this still doesn't excuse the fact that your fortress attacked mine in Hollister's competition! :(
  • This is the second time I am running a comp. First one was a year ago and am not sure I will run another one... have to get through this one alive first lol. Just like in my first comp I want large prizes in order to attract as many great builders …
  • @RyanT_123 added a hunter and an orange cry to the prize pool Updated Prize Pool
  • Everytime I farm dailies at ghostbusters, this braintank roof block drives me insane. Why is it there @Bastian7 ? Whyyy????
  • It wasn't meant for the purpose of a chest'o'plenty, but dev's requirments were that the chest would not be easily available, so we placed it as a bonus for those who race. :)
  • There is a chest'o'plenty in world: Dungeness https://us.v-cdn.net/5020300/uploads/822/WL5EO7IALCCW.jpg You spawn on a ship. If you go straight below the ship, you will find a cave. Swim inside and you will come across Chuuya's (@Redolant) monster …
  • Race City is quite simple. When you spawn, you will drop down onto the 'Race City Transit Car'. The arena is right below, but if you don't want to explore, just click right under the Race City plaque and you will be transported to the start location…
  • Meet M.A.R.K.
  • I might consider coming back for this...definitely sounds exciting. Are the builds judged purely based on how they look, or can your build be judged on functionality, usefulness, etc as well? It's a Landmark competition, so looks are important. B…
  • @Bastian7 added 10 onyx anonymously just to prove that it could be done, and then added 10 more without mentioning anonymity. Well done Bastian! :) Also thanks to Wing2013 for 2 onyx!
  • Wait wait so we can build as large as we want as long as we take the pictures ourselves? The problem with me saying Yes to this is that people who can't take large screens will complain. But I do feel that Landmarks should be any (but reasonable) …
  • Very interesting conversation. I thought I was the only one having such conversations with birdbanana... I feel... betrayed.
  • I was not going to enter but after seeing that LSJ I’m definitely going to enter, would 4 large protectors be ok? The only reason I made a 2 large pros limit is cause I have to take screens and such large entries take time. If it is an existing bu…
  • Thank you @racerdog for the hunter, it looks good on the prize list. Though we need more sponsors to fill up the rest of the prize spots :)
  • http://forums.deepworldgame.com/discussion/comment/430806#Comment_430806 I can agree with that, Older device tend to be laggier and unstable. But what about going thru earth dirt, just not recorded cos it happened before i record it …
  • Looking back at how races went in Race City, movement speed also depends alot on what device/platform you play on.
  • You can only enter one of the comp lvls :)
  • Spreading all that into prizes was not easy...
  • It's raining and the prize pool is growing! :)
  • Here are my thoughts on how we will judge this competition... NOVICE LVL Judges (so far): IronManArcher AMWhy Everywhen Judging system for NOVICE LVL : Each Judge will nominate 10 entries All nominated entries will be judged as described below: E…
  • Donations are donations. Just make them anonymous and be rid of making any players angry. Unless of course the player wants to be known. I assume that when people sponsor, they want their name to be known. Hence why they sponsor.... It would be a…
  • Are people allowed to help each other? As long as you don't build the whole thing for them :))) I give advice to anyone who asks and sometimes show examples of how I would go about certain elements of the build.. The idea of competitions is to ge…
  • Are we only allowed to enter 1 build? Yes please.
  • Comp LVL: EXPERT Entry #2 Builder: AquaPhynn Winterfell Manor Location: Winterfell: 145 west, 50 above
  • You know how theres 2 competitions going on really, expert and novice. Is there going to be 2 brass thrones? one for novice one for expert? Brass Throne only for the Expert competition. Novice will have awesome prizes as well though.
  • If you were making a Zoo or an Abandoned Building if we called it “Deepworld Zoo” or “Forgotten Deepworld” will it be counted as using the Deepworld theme? Name is a good start, but for example if there are signs saying "Deepworld Zoo" or "London…
  • Comp LVL: EXPERT Entry #1 Builder: PIPTR0 Saint Basil’s Cathedral Location: Mount Spokebigsby: 11 East 72 Up
  • I wish we could edit our own worlds so like we can put stone or decayed scaffolding this way builds would be much better :( I hope mike adds a feature like this. I used to want that, but since I lost my Apple device: asking people to place spikes…
  • Totally agree with @Sirentist . And your basically eliminating the networking part of the game where you could interact with people who have other skills.