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Magic Twin Tower Spawn


Toronto, Canada
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Toronto, Canada


  • There wont be much of a team building. Not like Race City. There will be a reg pro for everyone who wants to dock and they would be required to build a spaceship there. We could have maybe another section for newer players and people who bring alt…
  • We could have different sections of the station. For example a builders section where we could host the building competition and different builders would display their styles, and others could use as reference for spaceships. A commerce sections whe…
  • Holly crap. Should we suspend races until this is fixed? Or just ban people if we see them going through walls or flying super fast during races?
  • Making a locomotive turned out to be a difficult task. Took about 1.5 hours. Rebuilt it from scratch about 10 times. Any suggestions? Blackrock in the trunk?
    in Vehicle Archive Comment by Detech 6:57AM
  • Maybe Mike could give us a couple of large steam jets to keep it in the air. Lets not get too ahead of ourselves. We are brainstorming at the moment
  • Hey if I'm not mistaken i have about 150 micro protectors in windmore, they were originally placed there to mark a seperation in the world, since I don't play anymore i can probably mine them up for you to use Awesome! Thanks Grebebe! You should c…
  • Here are the final versions of the three tanks. I think I am done with tanks for no way lol Hope to see new and improved versions of tanks from builders! :)
    in Vehicle Archive Comment by Detech 4:22AM
  • See you soon! :)
    in A goodbye! :( Comment by Detech 4:18AM
  • So far we have not seen any proof, but the panic ia spreading quickly. Did you guys email deepworld with detailed info of who you think might be (or might not be) duping?
  • You should email deepworld rightaway and provide the screenshots of the 75 hunter heads as proof! There is no need to spread panic through the forum.
  • When I just joined I went through 50%+ discovered worlds and got lots of Dias and crystals which I then used to get items and gear needed to be able to go through dungeons in new worlds. It's all part of the game. I have managed to enjoy the game a…
  • Notch winning scary spawn entry. Thanks to @racedog for the screenshot!
  • Type your comment That looks freaky. Wonder what plants would grow in such a world :)
  • Tried to make a bigger tank today, spent over an hour, not too happy with the results. Top part looks a bit small. The turret looks really good, if you just make the hull a bit more compact it would be really good Is that better?
  • Race city has done it again Was quite entertaining when server crashed during the race and when people got back online, some spawned near the finish and others way off in far parts of the map. :) We shall race next Friday!
  • Maintanance is still going, so we will have to cancel today's race
  • If maintanance is not over by 9:45pm, we will cancel this weeks race. Unfortunately I cannot run the race on sunday. @mofc1991 sorry about that, I hope next race will run smoother
  • Maintanance is still on. Should we cancel the race? Or move it to 9:30pm?
  • Oooo darn maintanance now. I hope it fixes server issues. Race moved to 9:00pm. Lets hope maintanance is over by then.
  • Moving Race time to 8:15. If server issue is resolved, we run the race then.
  • Having connection issues, on my away to a cafe so I can run the race. Please tell people to hang on.
  • Race in 3 hours
  • Race today in 5.5 hours!
    in RACE CITY Comment by Detech August 17
  • 4 new vehicles by Ops.
  • Project done for PumpKing Magic Twin Tower Spawn. The spawn has two mechanical wings attached to them and holds the two towers on top of it. The idea was to have as many moving parts near the spawn, it looks pretty awesome when your in the center…
  • I think Riptide farmed dailies and did mass trading. With those tactics you hardly need duping. But if duping exists, it should be punishable...
  • Perhaps instead of posting duplicate posts across related threads, you could simply post once and then link the associated thread to that particular post. The way you get the link to a specific post is to click the timestamp under the username. So s…
  • NEW SALES!!! This project happened about a year after it was planned. I would like to thank Simplin for trusting me to redecorate one of the oldest and most used market worlds "SALES". It was quite hard work due to limited space and tons of protec…
  • This project happened about a year after it was planned. I would like to thank Simplin for trusting me to redecorate one of the oldest and most used market worlds "SALES". It was quite hard work due to limited space and tons of protectors. Also lay…