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Hi, I made myself an instagram account where I will share music I make. Making music (specifically in the piano) has become a passion for me and I want to give it my all. If you like classical/contemporary music, and you would like to support me, don't hesitate to pm me and I will send you a link to it! (Not posting link here because it's my personal account aswell and I don't want any trolls)


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  • Deepworld isn't dead tho. Theres still people playing it. Just because people are playing doesn't mean it isn't dead. Dead means that almost nobody plays it. Compared to what it was 3-4 years ago, the game is "dead". @Grebebe I really wish it cou…
  • Not unlike Jesus, Deepworld has resurrected from the dead. Okay, deepworld didn't walk on water, but still - - almost as cool as Jesus More seriously though, mike is working on some of the issues u addressed like the world generation, and optimiz…
  • Lol! Awesome thread, fun idea :D nice job 👍
  • >Petition to add a facepalm button, short for "I just witnessed a pointless argument and don't know how to activate my brain again"
  • Game trash now like 4 onyx in a world, snare drum worth diamond from 3 onyx keep going Laurence u doing a great job!! Thanks to duplicators*
  • Yes, some hats have been released, the only example I can think of at the moment is the shark hat, but I know there are more than that
  • It might sound like a weird suggestion but I think common ores/blocks should be rarer, it's ridiculous that everyone has thousands upon thousands of iron blocks, bricks, etc. While onyx and other rare items are arguably too rare as you said, I think…
  • I mined up the micro protectors. 175 of them :D Please follow me in game and put yourself to visible for those you follow, so I can find you eventually and give them to you. Thanks!
  • Hey if I'm not mistaken i have about 150 micro protectors in windmore, they were originally placed there to mark a seperation in the world, since I don't play anymore i can probably mine them up for you to use
  • What sticks out to me is amenazzy claimed to have paid real money for his onyx. Riptide said he sold onyx 60 cents each. Amen claimed to have over 100 notches. 100 notches is about 2500 onyx which is $1500 at riptides pricing.... that’s a steep bit …
  • Which implies a possibility.... P o s s i b i l i t y
  • What sticks out to me is amenazzy claimed to have paid real money for his onyx. Riptide said he sold onyx 60 cents each. Amen claimed to have over 100 notches. 100 notches is about 2500 onyx which is $1500 at riptides pricing.... that’s a steep bit …
  • I'm saying yes because @Grebebe says yes. That's an effective way of making good decisions *Grebebe stamp of approval*
  • I personally find it is the cringiest social platform e v e r. Nothing can make it cool. I'd rather take a selfie with the dog filter, change it to my profile picture along with an overused "inspirational" quote, than join musica.ly. Can you tell ho…
  • I mean there could be second chances lol I know you mean well in this comment, but we have no idea if he can or cannot have a second chance. It's not very cool to give him false hope like that, when you actually have 0 knowledge on what can be don…
  • Hey tanner! Great to have you back :)
  • Hey, first of all welcome back :) Not to be rude but it would be better to post sentences in the same comment, I know we're all used to chatting, but please try to avoid being too sporadic on the forums, thanks :) Ps: have fun with the new biome!
  • if i play a decent amount i can loot 100 crowns everyday so it isn't really a problem for me its easy for you cuz you pro and I noob What's the rush anyway :) the game wouldn't be fun if you had all the endgame items from the start -- focus on…
  • Particles - Olafur arnalds
  • “If you don’t like it, don’t comment on it”. If we all lived by that, there would be absolutely no comments OR posts, because the forum would be dead. With that being said, it may be advisable if you practice what you so preach. If the forum dies,…
  • Hey, someone already did that a while ago, I believe it was @Sirentist (?) maybe she has the measurements stored somewhere
  • That's an iOS glitch that I've encountered many many times... never really found a solution other than wait and try another time
  • The justice system needs reform. Humans aren’t robots, humans are sentient beings. People change, minds change. Sticking with one thing in life is insanity. The game still needs polishing, there are plenty of things in game that have messed up text…
  • Basically, if you were perma-banned or perma-muted, what you said and/or did was so bad it deserved the maximum administrative response. The fact that a long time has gone by since then doesn't erase what you originally did. If you have truly turn…