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  • Definitely need codex listings for number of brain lords killed & number of pvp kills
  • Close this convo already! @Everywhen That's not how closing threads works. As long as people aren't verbally abusing each other, and as long as there's a legitimate point being made or question being asked that people are still responding to (eve…
  • They used to have that. I don’t think they did, though it would be cool. But it could also be abused, where people could just get several alts and use the multilioot feature to get a ton of epic loot. there used to be notes that showed a chest l…
  • Okay, so, just to clarify here, EXPGaming , are you officially requesting to have your forum account permanently deleted? Delete away. I'm happy to delete your forum account, @Slava_Rossiya , but please send me a PM to confirm this is really wh…
  • As @Redolant pointed out, if you want special, one-on-one communication with Mike (or anyone else, for that matter), then you need to send an email or a PM. Making a public thread on a public forum and then acting like you're entitled to forbid the …
  • Okay, so, just to clarify here, @EXPGaming , are you officially requesting to have your forum account permanently deleted?
  • @Multarix rather than deleting your comment for being too argumentative and snipey (even though it makes a decent point), I just slightly modified the obnoxious snipey parts. If that's not okay, let me know and I can delete the entire comment instea…
  • If we closed every annoying thread, or every thread where someone said annoying things and then someone else came along and said even more annoying things about how annoying the first person was, well, then there would be no open threads. The orig…
  • It's my personal opinion that adapting market worlds to disallow various forms of asshattery is just a stopgap measure. I think the fundamental changes to the trading system (limiting trading to a handful of specific worlds, preventing the trade of …
  • If you're talking about on the forum (i.e., arbiters and/or moderators), you should send your complaints directly to [email protected] If you're talking about in-game, well... Mike is the only person who has any power, and therefore is the only…
  • @mikelaurence Does the diamond weather control machine do what the brass one does? Or do you need both? The diamond one does everything the brass one does.
  • I set up a diamond weather machine in a private arctic world, and put it on "pleasant," but I'm still freezing to death very quickly.
  • As I said, when I look in the opulence section, they're not there. I checked to see if they were merging or overlapping (I did read the original post of this thread, lol). I'll check later using my iPad -- maybe they're only visible on certain devic…
  • I have a hotbar just for weird glitchy items but I'm worried if I switch to it in order to put the horizontal thingees there, they'll go into my regular inventory and I won't be able to get them back out. Can you move them in and out of inventory to…
  • I'm sure everyone will eventually have access to their rares and other items again at some point. So people can stop worrying about that and other people can stop adding unhelpful comments about how people don't need their stuff. Patience! Back to …