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  • ... anyways, the fancy colored lamps and the leg lamp are not lootable. Don't know about the leg lamp because I haven't gotten one from loot, but the fancy colored lamps are definitely lootable.
  • The icon changed from a collector to a protector! I don't know if I can handle this.
  • I think the password reset token is an automated thing. So you should try again, making absolutely sure the email is the correct one. If you go in game on the account you want changed and type /register, you'll see a message on the screen that says …
    in Need help Comment by Sirentist July 15
  • admin* admin who’s taking a super long break* We've actually got two new admins*, Sirentist and Everywhen, who are being quite active, responsive, and helpful! Neither of us has any power whatsoever when it comes to bans and mutes and other in-…
  • Nobody on the forum can help you, sorry. This is something that can only be handled internally by Bytebin admins. You might try sending an email to [email protected] Explain the situation and make sure the email you're using to ask for help is…
  • A permanent ban is not meant to be like a life sentence. It's meant to be like an execution. Permanent. Once you've pushed that far, you're done. It's over. No parole for good behavior. No do-overs. No take-backsies. Off with their heads!
  • Basically, if you were perma-banned or perma-muted, what you said and/or did was so bad it deserved the maximum administrative response. The fact that a long time has gone by since then doesn't erase what you originally did. If you have truly turn…
  • Fly me to the moon... Cool! But omg that desktop in the background...
  • Moved to Commerce section, even though it all sounds pretty hinky, selling unlimited amounts of glitched items...
  • For some reason I thought you needed high science skill to craft brain wines. Did I totally make that up?