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  • @JusticeGaming Great idea! More use for the androids/reasons to use them.
  • @Xavier789 Hmm, what do you suggest? Cause the person would still have to find the rare top hat to even build it.
  • Fort Base, this place is good for the Christmas theme of inspiration of what to make. Blue and white crystals give it a nice touch of icy feel to it.
  • @Osmium it's Burr1to.PL4Y and thx @Xavier789 and @IronManArcher
  • @Osmium my Instagram? Or in game name? I'm sorry XD I don't know what the abbreviation means.
  • @Detech Oh, that sounds like a good idea!
  • @Xavier789 Well then that wouldn't make the Brass Throne as valuable or Rare either. If you could just put a bunch of pipes and brass together to craft it too. The idea is just to have another exclusive rare. Not to craft it, that would be easy.
  • @ArcanGrave Good question! Just like the brass throne. It will be exclusive for competition. And the brass throne looks like its easy to make, brass and pipes. In my mind, the competition would work like this. Once it would start. You would have to …
  • I agree with @Sirentist I've experienced this with PVP worlds. Back on early days of DW on my other account. "GTA 5" used to be the PVP world that was the most popular, then came "Cake Land" and now that has gone down, cause of what I heard. Not say…
  • @Xavier789 I like that idea!
  • @IronManArcher ahhh ok I see what you mean and @Sirentist made a good point too. But I would just like to keep on doing what I'm doing. Not off of ignorance, but because I just like putting out ideas separately. If people ignore it, then it's fine. …
  • @IronManArcher Well someone said a thread? I don't really know what that is. I've only known for just coming up with ideas in different days and then posting it. And how can i make a single discussion about it, if they're all separate? Please explai…
  • This isn’t Minecraft, but I’ll never say no to something shiny like gold! The idea for the jungle biome has been brought up numerous times, and even had concept art done for it, but for some reason it was never added. I think it would be cool to ha…
  • Very creative. Looks good! Hope to see the finished project on DW I'll definelty upvote if you got a sign.
  • Bad Update Don't matter, it's still an update, still improvement, still a step forward. There's always room for updating.
  • But there is no jungle biome. I know, I should've been more descriptive, cause it's the pt. 1 of this idea. Pt. 2 is jungle where I just describe it.
  • It would be cool to have something like this! Maybe 20 and 50 are a little to much because people would find loopholes, I would say 1-5 crowns for some little daily and weekly quests would be fine. For those who say “you can loot crowns” or what ev…
  • You see the same people everyday but its alive! I haven't seen you yet. So is that a good sign of more people?
  • Why not just use crystal blocks? That's what I was saying... or please specify what your saying. Cause you might mean something more, just might not have included the details you've wanted. Normal crystal blocks with no steam involved. Actually…
  • Why not just use crystal blocks? That's what I was saying... or please specify what your saying. Cause you might mean something more, just might not have included the details you've wanted.
  • Personally i can just play 2 hours a day and loot 1000 crowns a week so that's not needed there should still be a reason to buy crowns with money not everyone raids dungeons 24/7 most skip them and mine for onyx or paints Then switch to raidi…
  • If crowns were offered as rewards, people would instantly figure out ways to game the system and get thousands and thousands of crowns, throwing the entire Deepworld economy into madness and chaos. There would be rioting in the streets and kittens g…
  • Aye @mikelaurence I know you've been asked this question MANY times and bunch of threads have been made about it. But you working on Android or is it coming this year? I've had Android for 2 years and ever since I've switched I've been missing it. I…
  • This is the Lunar lockdown section. I'm sorry, I haven't played DeepWorld for about 2 years, because I'm on Android. But what does that mean? Reference to? @_Brainstorm_
  • I really do hope so, I've had this Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for 2 years now and haven't heard any updates for an Android version for DeepWorld yet. Some of my cousins are still waiting too cause we all got Android now. And it's true Mike has had thing…
  • I don’t think the game is dead. They said they can now update the game regularly and add new things like “advanced turrets” or “more fossils” and who cares if it’s not on Android. Just buy a iPad, iPhone, or a PC if u wanna play it. The devs are doi…
  • When are you guys releasing for android? I've been waiting for that ever since I switched to Samsung.
  • Oh is that an Android joke :) Yea. But in all seriousness, I'm reaaaaallly awaiting Android version. Is it almost done? I'm with this guy too! I switched to Samsung from apple and wondering when DeepWorld's coming to the playstore. I heard of t…
  • Well I use jerky and it wouldn't be reasonable to ban it. There's something to actually counter it. It's bombs. Some players don't upgrade their stamina enough, so depending on bomb. It might kill them in one go.
  • Scammers, I suggest stopping scamming other scammers who are scamming other scammers who are scamming everyone who doesn't like scams who then say that they scammed the original scammer which starts the whole scamming scam all over again. Scamz S…