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Toronto, Canada
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Toronto, Canada


  • This is proof that dreams do come true! I couldn't get the right tree to grow in this spot since Sept 2018. Remember to always dream big! :) This also proves the theory that some spots don't grow certain types of trees. This was the only spot that …
    in Wisdom Falls Comment by Detech May 18
  • been trying to grow a matching tree here forever. IS the plant growing the same as the ones beside it? Please say yes!!! :)
    in Wisdom Falls Comment by Detech May 15
  • Was going to equip all gears with cry blocks, but people say it's hard to tell what it is from far with the cry blocks. https://us.v-cdn.net/5020300/uploads/152/G1GB9RMHRF3K.jpg
    in Maze Project Comment by Detech May 13
  • Aventail, don't take this personal The reasons for lack of builders entring your comp was probably: 1. Lack of space for builders to enter 2. There was just a comp with an industreal theme. 3. Builders were tired from previous comps 4. In general co…
  • I don't think freezing people's worlds is a good idea. Almost every builder in deepworld has a world that they keep growing and evolving all these years. I am sure racerdog would not be happy if Eldotread would all of the sudden be frozen.
  • Problem is we are well beyond duping and cheating for personal advantage in the game. As I understand Judge Judy has created over 500 LSJs and is handing them out to players. The only players that got a small punishment were ones who ran around sa…
  • Here is the list of legit LSJs (since 2017) and their owners. need to fill in a few blanks. LSJ #1 Recieved by: IronManArcher (directly from Mike) Current Owner: IronManArcher LSJ #2 Recieved by: Chuuya/Redolant (directly from Mike) Current Owner:…
  • http://forums.deepworldgame.com/discussion/comment/432168#Comment_432168 Deepworld is full of great builders. There is an enormous amount of wonderful old worlds that give this game character. Some builders spend years building their worlds, includi…
  • I won't even explain why this is a bad idea. Also, not wanting a reset =/= wanting to keep duping in the game and it's very unfair to think that. I agree, poll is not objective in that sence. Totally disagree with game reset. Years of work went i…
  • @Sirentist Such shame, killing the game. No one innocent has gotten banned yet, has they? Why are you being hysterical? Am I the only one here getting a feeling that EXP has something he shouldn't? lol
  • Found a “duped” lsj at a spawn Bastian7 bought one of my LSJs He also bought one more from a legit source, checking who it was. Bastian7 got 3 LSJs
  • Would Hard Reset mean everything people built would disappear?
  • And I am donating 5 onyx to the prizes. I will enter if I find time.
  • Have you ran this “All other LSJ's are duped and having one, or buying one can get you banned or restricted. If you are about to buy an LSJ, make sure to verify with this list before buying.” past mike or new mods. Lol I actually asked Detech if h…
  • I missed Arcane cause he built his section of Race City late. I will update the list once more people provide info.
  • Tetris has one and read comments. He just showed one of his Alts. And here is wavy offering me 3... Tetris. seems like he bought his, and the origin of Wavy’s is unknown. Action suggested. Edit: I have more screenshots if required. EDIT TWO: W…
  • Have you ran this “All other LSJ's are duped and having one, or buying one can get you banned or restricted. If you are about to buy an LSJ, make sure to verify with this list before buying.” past mike or new mods. Lol I actually asked Detech if h…
  • Hey guys, the market has started to be overflowed with dupped LSJs (Large Steam Jets). Luckily unlike other items, LSJ's are only handed out by Mike, so here is a list of ALL LSJ's ever handed out. Lets come together as a community to solve at least…
  • Thank you Patrick for removing most of the backdrop!!! Please also remove these pros, I need to build there lol https://us.v-cdn.net/5020300/uploads/216/5ZNHASXJTPFX.jpg
    in Maze Project Comment by Detech May 4
  • Does anyone remember any other large scale community projects? I remember coming across a city with large pyramid type building.
  • Fanta looking for a builder? What is the world coming to? :))
    in Phat Vault Comment by Detech May 4
  • Dear builders who are part of the project. If you have spare time, please help excavate backdrop around the cogs. I currently have no apple device :(
    in Maze Project Comment by Detech May 3
  • Not sure if you realize this, but making an apology and going on about people having 'no remorse' makes your apology look less sincere. And when you go on about how your actions did not effect the game that much and shift the weight by saying 'its u…
  • Dont remember it was when they werent rare They were always rare. I got every player who won an LSJ recorded in the Race City comp, and one extra LSJ @mikelaurence handed out to @IronManArcher. There should be about 27 LSJs in DW. I will ask aroun…
  • Hey guys its Poly. Just wanted to let you guys know that there might be a high chance ill do this comp but just a reminder that there is also a chance I might not. Ill do my decision on May 21st. Please make sure you provide information about how…
  • When your in your world building by yourself for over an hour and then a friend comes to visit... https://us.v-cdn.net/5020300/uploads/599/2D93TOUCNH6D.jpg
  • THANK YOU MOFC1991!!! :)
    in Maze Project Comment by Detech May 1
  • http://forums.deepworldgame.com/discussion/comment/431986#Comment_431986 Wow that was fast! Thanks to whomever removed all that sticky fluid!!! If you can, please also deal with this troublesome corner :) https://us.v-cdn.net/5020300/uploads/285/SV…
    in Maze Project Comment by Detech May 1
  • Tip for those building mazes the first time: Through my past maze building experience I have learned that if you want your maze to have a certain element of art to it, it's better to map out your art that you would like to incorporate into your maze…
    in Maze Project Comment by Detech May 1