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  • No it's set off mines
  • Unfortunately the android quest system is still unfinished and a bit buggy...
  • Yeah, it's down for me as well. Sometimes it stays down for days. A bit frustrating, especially when you've been working all day on a challenge and you're pretty sure you won but you're not sure and you check at the last minute to see the final scor…
  • Sometimes if you simply log out and quit the game and restart, that will fix things. Other times, you may have to delete the version of the game on your device and re-download and start again. If you continue to have trouble logging into your accou…
  • Is it possible to get more formal clothing options? I for one would like to see a full double breasted suit pack or something. Please don’t revive dead threads unless it is still relevant to the topic of the original discussion. Instead, you can c…
  • I'm still dying to blow a hundred bucks on crowns if the sale-that-never-happened ever actually happens.
  • Tried to change worlds and ended up in spinning-gear hell for a while before finally getting this: ETA: after several more attempts, was finally able to log in. Just got a weird message on-screen about network trouble that disappeared right away so…
  • Wow that was fast, thanks! Woo-hoo!
  • I just formed a dw social justice system in my head and held a trial and Detech ... you're fired.
  • Just realized Mike hasn't been active on the forum in a couple days, so I just sent an email. Fingers crossed. I need to smack my android!
  • There's already a thread on this issue: http://forums.deepworldgame.com/discussion/28244/not-able-to-play-the-game Please use that thread to comment about error messages, etc. Thanks!
  • Still not working... ETA: "A networking error occured (#3 - No sudo process)" Or something like that... can't quite read the "sudo" part because it extends beyond the login area bounding box Quitting & then restarting shows "play" or "logout"…
  • I have now personally watched derpdee kill gazillions of supernaturals and have seen how the codex is only registering one or two at best. I posted a discussion in the Arbiter section asking Mike to come check out this thread and look into the prob…
  • The forum is really slow about giving the anniversary badges sometimes. For someone like SirSloth, the badge won't even begin to register until he logs into the forum again and the forum recognizes him as being active. I'd keep checking back to see…
  • Wanna come watch me kill some ghosts @Sirentist ? Sorry, I didn't mean to suggest that I thought you hadn't killed as many supernaturals as you said. I was actually trying to support you by talking about how problematic it was that the codex was o…
  • Maybe when someone kills a ghost and the point is added to the codex, the ghost can’t respawn and is dead forever, so they were tired of being killed and took control of the codex to stop the points being added. Other than a few worming their ways t…
  • I think people have also had luck with deleting and then reinstalling the app... Hopefully some PC players will be able to offer you some more helpful advice!
  • (moved from Applicants section)
  • So back on topic. Just killed at least 200+:ghosts of all kinds. None have registered on the codex and it has been over a half hour ago. @mikelaurence ? According to my records, the number of regular revenants you have killed since yesterday is .…
  • In Deepworld you don't meet Lisa... Lisa meets YOU.
  • I also want to point out a glitch with crafting for example whenever I craft stone blocks it counts on the codex as either 3 blocks is 1 crafted so if you crafted 100000 the codex would show that you crafted 30-50k and at one point it said 0 Craft…