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"No matter how low your expectations of the users are, they will always find new ways to disappoint you." — Developer proverb


Somewhere in space. Watching...always watching. Waiting for the perfect time to strike.
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Somewhere in space. Watching...always watching. Waiting for the perfect time to strike.
  • Re: I have a question for any admin that is still alive

    And DW isn't dying, most of its users are just waiting for another update or another 'big world'(aka cake, Richland, GTA5, etc). Most of the old players get online on rare occasions, meaning they haven't been lost, and new players roll in - almost - every day.
    Another big world may never happen again. These big worlds were all old worlds from 2014 and before. New players today have no care for them, only Times Square. It would be awesome if there was a world that was ran by people who don't take advantage of it. Cake Land would keep going if there weren't players who had access to the world stealing stuff and ruining it for other players. Richland would keep going if there was more land that could be used. GTA V would keep going if the players in that world would come back and update their stuff there. The only thing a lot of new players care about is finding rare stuff and trading. They all want to be number one but they don't want to give back to their community. And the people who did give back, such as I, no longer play. That's the real problem.
    Y'know what Fresh, I think you solved the puzzle there. It does account for the issues each world had, which explains why they ultimately died.
  • Re: Interview Questions For Lisa And FRANK!

    Is it possible to hack Deepworld without the servers knowing somehow?
    It's possible to hack any game, really.
    -cough cough- Anonymous
    Anon has been much less effective since around 2004...
  • Re: EPYC #24

    Lol this is grand.
  • Re: New Color of onyx!

    How about instead green crystals?

    Lol Brainstorm, cool off a little there.
  • Re: If I buy a world can I give people access?

    Annnnd a lesser used feature. If you do /winfo it will show you an entry code. Give this code to a friend and he can do /wenter entrycode
    This adds them to the world aswell
    While this used to be the old way of adding your friends, it's pretty redundant. /wadd is much easier to do.
    It's also easy to guess codes for random worlds. That's why all worlds bought now don't have codes unless you do /wrecode
    Egg-xactly why I don't do it anymore. I'd know code guessing is easy. I used to do it all the time.