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"No matter how low your expectations of the users are, they will always find new ways to disappoint you." — Developer proverb


Somewhere in space. Watching...always watching. Waiting for the perfect time to strike.
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Somewhere in space. Watching...always watching. Waiting for the perfect time to strike.
  • Re: Interview Questions For Lisa And FRANK!

    Do they ever take ideas from the player base itself and add them, for example those in the ideas tab and the numerous on-the-forums suggestions?
  • Re: Deepworld Live Stream

    Maybe zeta could get a steady stream of videos going before live streaming about a game that knowbody knows about.
    You mean ZStorm right? Or are you suggesting you milk me of ideas? -narrowing eyes-
  • Re: New Content Suggestions

    @lisa and @mikelaurence have to see this thread, XP
  • Re: Why to ban jerkeys,power jerkey,filets,power filets

    Getting rid of jerky means compensating for the thousands of pounds people have spend on jerky packs over time, that wouldn't happen, it would be corporate suicide.
    Also, regaining health and using consumables that you have looted or worked for is one of the key parts of the game.
    Farming might not be working hard for such things but I just think that one nerf was enough.
    Farming worlds would be obsolete, and I don't think any developer of any game would make so much of other people's creations obsolete, there would be outrage.
    Agreed. I'd be pissed off too since I've made a couple of farms as well. Those things are hard to build sometimes...
    ive procrastinated finishing mine for over 3 months now : p
    I'm still busy with my current's HELL. No wonder large world farms are so few and far between.
    EDIT: Oh, well not like Hell as in the biome or name. Hell as in the turn of phrase.
    mine is a medium brain world. you never hate spikes so much until you try filling in the underground of brain worlds
    Unless spikes don't kill you. Oh, and you theoretically could leave the spikes.
    tell that to my OCD. it just dont look good for me lol. im the worst i know, but at least i try
    Good point. For the record I also have OCD...
    I have a better idea
    When an account becomes more than one year old, force a player to pay $100 to continue using it
    The game's populace would drop to near zero in a day. Although that'd be entertaining. But I'd be lonely, and unlike on Discord there's no Wumpus to keep me company. :|
  • Re: A Lit Giveaway ~ Happy Summer 2k17! (Winners have been announced!)

    IGN: Masie.

    I went to the zoo the other day. It was empty, except for a single dog.. It was a shih tzu.

    I'm really bad at jokes.
    lol i remember that one....

    not really a joke but...

    Every Scooby-Doo story would be about 2 mins long if they went to the mask store first
    Literally. But it makes too much sense!