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Enter: Cygnus.


A higher plane of existence.
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A higher plane of existence.
@Such is trivial to me now.
  • Re: Deepworld Clicker Game

    Last update for this game was done around May 14, 2017. Obviously its now October and this project has been abandoned again like the last couple time, but I'm now attending my second year of Digi-Pen and quite enjoying it. With that being said I now know pretty much all there is to know about programming in Zilch and I feel I'm quite ready to continue this project now. I'm not sure how many are still around or how the state of Deepworld is doing currently, but from what I have seen it seems pretty dead. I'm not entirely sure but I guess I will just need to see.

    I'm going to try to see this project through to the end now and get what I said I would do done. I'm not entirely sure how it will go, but I hope to have it to a stable and fun point where people can enjoy it. I will be redoing all saving methods, UI aspects and go back and polish everything as well as fix the current shop to be more organized as well as add in the crafting, PvE and chest systems.

    Once I have all that done I will post up the build here. Thanks for all the support and I hope to get this project rolling again!
    Holy mother of gravedig!
  • Re: Deepworld Veteran

    I haven't seen you in a while. Boy did you miss a lot...
    Not really.
  • Re: Competition: Space Base - FINAL ENTRIES ANNOUNCED!

    Then what if the spaceship is the asteroid?
  • Re: New Content Suggestions

    Maybe this could be the new resting place for the airship in a bottle, too. I heard that it doesn't spawn in paint bunkers anymore.
    Yeah, the Sky Biome would indeed be a great place for Airships in a bottle. Perhaps special airships could carry the coveted Chromatic Block and other very rare items. Possibly large cargo ships that only have a small chance to spawn.
  • Re: New Content Suggestions

    They should add a human body biome. Travel down the hills of Astopia and into the dirt tunnel. Or you could travel around the trunk like- oh. But you could always travel through the Jewel Forest. Why they call it that I may never know.
    Gonna have to wear the gas mask or rebreather in the dirt tunnel
    Wonder if that will even help you. Hell, gonna have to wear a mask anywhere on the interior. I don't think we can breathe liquids otherwise. Or stand the smell since y'know, America's that one country.