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I'm back... for a while


Wardrobe, Narnia
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Wardrobe, Narnia
  • Re: Fan Art of the Day - Submit your best artwork here to win crowns and fame!

    So it's been a while since I was active either here or in game but I'm back! And I've painted an outling of my own (since I know I'll never be lucky enough to get one in game... maybe as a prize though :wink: ).

    Anyway, it's painted in watercolour and inked with my micron pens, nothing special. :smile:

    Also you might notice the date is from the 27th of March but that's my fault, I actually painted this a while ago but forgot to post it.. hope it's okay to submit now!

  • Re: Epic Quest

    Love your creations! Great job!!!
  • Re: Opinion to Why Deepworld is Dying

    Okay I've had a change of heart... kind of.

    @ipads @Dracul @Debator

    It's been a while since I wrote all that being so desperately optimistic...

    Look, I do really like deepworld, it's not a bad game, I do like it, or anything and it's fun to play but after leaving for a few months because of school and then coming back, I can see all your points; the game isn't very attached to the post-apocalyptic storyline and there are some flaws.

    I still think the devs put a lot of time into making the game, but hey, I can definitely see the truth in all your points (even if they were made months ago).

    Ah well, as someone who's been playing since 2013, I'm really hoping the whole game gets some what of a revival.

    Thanks for listening, sorry for being so hopelessly sensitive earlier...
  • Re: State of Deepworld: Spring 2017

    I've been reading through these comments for a few minutes (also hi again, I'm back after a long hiatus) and I'm actually somewhat happy; despite some pessimistic views there seems to be a few optimists! @bean17magic I'm totally with you and completely agree with you on everything you said, WE are the ones who can really make change without putting hours of work into it. We should be way more considerate to the devs who, guess what, have lives!

    Anyways, yay :)
  • Re: State of Deepworld: Spring 2017

    Ok come on guys, I'm so sick of this crap when everyone says "oh it was only good back when the original players played, bla bla, new players are bad, the old players are superior". Come on! Maybe if people made an effort to make friends with newer players or at least acknowledge that they're not all horrible, there WOULD still be an actual community. I find there's some lasting communities that hang around in Times Sq - me and a few others often meet up near Luk's, Amenazzy's and my place.
    I myself have been playing since 2013 so it's not like I'm one of the newer players who are complaining about the superiority complex of older players, I just think that everyone should really just calm down and try to accept that deepworld and the Dev's are actually trying fairly hard, especially considering Deepworld isn't their entire life's work, to make the experience nice...