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So... Apparently I don't fit in a locker. Send help.
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So... Apparently I don't fit in a locker. Send help.
  • Re: Android Discoveries!

    The sloth, I forgot the sloth! Here is a picture of a sloth:
  • Re: Try to not let this game have a fate like Roblox sorta did

    I agree that the devs arent greedy, not at all! And they deserve alot of money for they created such a wonderful game as deepworld. We all like deepworld, dont we? But, the point integraty is trying to tell, is not that they ARE greedy, more that we should'nt let them BECOME greedy, (which they wont of course). I do not know much about roblox, (just that deepworld is better) :P but i a pretty sure that roblox isnt a indie game, and i know that it is pretty well known, by that means they probably have alot of money by now. What INTEGRATY is telling, is that much of the things in roblox are overpriced and lost its fun. What he is saying, is that he hopes that the same thing dont happen to deepworld. He dont want bytebin to become a big company. In my opinion, deepworld has a very good community because of that there arent that many players. And the devs are alwayseasy to contact. Lets compare with minecraft, you dont really see notch running around on servers, no?
    First off, notch doesn't work for minecraft anymore, and second
    It's hard to like a game like deepworld with one of the worst communities, tied with growtopia and roblox
    We are one of the BEST communities! IF you are a nice and "good" person. There is a reason people don't like you.
  • Re: Deepworld Screenshot of the Day

    Made a new house with a wine cellar/maker/storage on the bottom with the help of @toadlover @KylerCA and @logan556
  • Re: What should go here?

    A statue of any kind
  • Re: World Generation V3 - Temporarily un-live!

    I didn't need to pay taxes this month