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On Earth

    I think this has to do with the new game, not a biome.
    I got too excited and didn't read things through. Sorry.
  • Re: Deepworld Screenshot of the Day

    I am finally blessed by the DW gods! (Thank you so much for the 95 tea in my inventory...)
  • Re: Collaboration Building Competition! [UPDATE]

    I think this is a great idea! Hopefully i'm not too late to sign up for exploring, I could also donate 2 orange crys, since no one really buys them. This is finally something for me to look forward to. Thanks for hosting this competition! My IGN is CerealKiller, which you already know.
  • Re: Deepworld Screenshot of the Day

    Try to seek out something that seems suspicous or unusual. *Cough*Cough*Chatbox*Cough*
  • Re: Who are your best friends in Deepworld?

    I'm only going to name one, and this is gonna be long to read... The first friend I ever had was someone named "Meha". I met in a world called "World War II" 2 years ago. We mined, explored, and built together for weeks. From that day on we were best friends. We weren't sure what Cake Land was at the time but we decided to visit it since more people were there. At this time, Cake Land was fascinating to my eyes, people there were very active and kind. (Except for salty pvp'ers) At this time, Deepworld was blooming. We had lots of fun there. I remember the war between Skillster and Zomdie, sides were taken while me and Meha remained neutral. It lasted pretty long and we decided to keep working on World War II. It progressed over the months, and suprisingly, the both of us built something astonishing. One day, I was trading in North Market, at this time North Market was popular. This one person scammed me badly, I wouldn't name them even if I haven't forgotten their name. I felt devastated that something I worked hard on and put effort into was simply taken away. I then entered one of Meha's worlds, and left a sign saying "I quit". Almost half a year later, I thought to myself that I shouldn't have quit because of one mistake. And these mistakes is what helps us progress and move on. I decided to come back, but I found out that he decided to quit along with me. ( I sometimes get teary from the loyalty he showed me that day as a true friend) But from what he showed me, I decided I should and will move on. Later on I found more friends, some friends showed betrayal, and some showed kindness. I would go back to Meha's world and place all the rares in a protector, and I leave a sign saying "for Meha". I do this out of my respect for him, and I still go there today. He was a great friend and I hope he reads this one day, so he could understand what our friendship really men't to me.

    (Another sad story, now i'm stuck with @Chicken )