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The more you know: If you randomly go into someone's world, then enter one of their past works without even looking around properly, call it ugly, and then ask to be added... the answer is most likely going to be 'no'. :P


Preferably a tree. A high tree.
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Preferably a tree. A high tree.
  • Re: I'm coming for you...

    Can somebody repeat what he said before the edit? I’m confused.
    It was an oddly phrased way of saying: Since some people aren't able to see/know updates as they happen, I'll post it here. Or if no updates happen, then let this thread die.

    He just phrased the die weirdly and it wasn't quite clear what was going to die lol
  • Re: I'm coming for you...

    I think I understand what he's saying but man, that can be interpreted in some different ways
  • Re: Mobs glitched... again.

    I find it depends what time you hop on and which world you visit. I've had moments where the glitch was only in effect for one hour, and other times when it was in effect for three. Mobs are back all the other times.

    I get you, tho. I'm trying to test out my spawners all the time xD
  • Re: Enough is Enough.

    Before this thread degenerates:

    There are more than two camps in this thread. It's not just the 'positive and supportive' camp versus the 'negative and demanding'. I love deepworld. My apologies if it was too demanding to ask for a greater social media presence from some of our devs.

    You don't have to verbally attack people every time they ask for something. If they're posting on here, then clearly they love deepworld too and are probably anxious on the state of affairs. Just as everyone has different personalities, not everyone is able to have this pure sense of faith.

    Everyone has a life. We all spend it in different ways. Now I'm going to spend it on something constructive rather than waste it on this thread.
  • Re: Enough is Enough.

    Um, some answers are needed. Maybe I'm not entitled to know the full picture. But I do buy crowns from time to time. I can choose to spend money on crowns in the next six months, or I can save it for other purposes. If I do choose to buy crowns, I'd like to know that deepworld will last longer than a year.

    I've been in a situation before where I was loyal to a game and the company that ran it kept trying to convince its fans that they weren't thinking of shutting it down, etc. etc. A bunch of people kept buying virtual currency believing in this company, which then promptly shut down and those people had spent money for things in a game they didn't even get a chance to use.

    I'm not trying to be negative here, or saying Bytebin is anything like that company, but transparency is a thing that's needed. I would love a weekly heads-up - even if nothing got updated. Tell us that. Don't leave us in that horrible situation where we lose trust.