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Our new Space Biome update has been released! Please leave us a nice review in the App Store if you have the time, thank you!


Supernova survival guide: Turns out that so long as your avatar has the pants/feet part in the background, you survive. But you don't survive if your head is the only thing in the background. So feet first when you're digging to survive!


Preferably a tree. A high tree.
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Preferably a tree. A high tree.
  • Re: This game needs serious fixes/reforms.

    After reading that, Deepworld seems like a terrible game now...
    Y’know what, everyone who thinks this, go on and try and make your own game. Go on, nothing to be scared about. Ya see? Running a game is hard! I’d like to see you all try and keep a game up.
    Am I not allowed to see both sides of the coin? I like deepworld, but am fast running out of stimulation to keep playing.
    I've been accumulating money on the side by doing the odd survey and nearly have enough for an $80 splurge in itunes cards, but at the current rate I think I'm better off giving myself the $80 in groceries. I'm happy that Mike is communicating to us about some things but I also often feel ignored and a lot of threads do get ignored. For instance, all he has to do on my current thread about loot is say 'I'll look into it' or 'Sorry, the tea and widgets are here to stay'. I didn't think that was asking for much, but clearly I'm wrong.
  • Re: Space Box Spawner - Nova XP

    Thanks for making this! It's going to help on all the days loot is set to random to try and get the moon globe.

    And by the way, love the sky-crystal outline. I had no idea about the supernova until they flashed white xD
  • Re: Bug2

    Yeah I didn't vote on that. Didn't see the point since I seem to say it often enough
  • Re: PC BUG

    That's probably the least on my mind for PC
  • Re: Deepworld Screenshot of the Day

    Android2_0 might want to redo that, if anyone shovels the sand you will lose your water
    The other day I set up Aral Sea as a public biome where people could farm to try and earn Mars Globe on random loot days. Made the world look pretty with natural cacti and flax and sand. First visitor comes along and starts mining up the flax (which I din't realize could happen). It's a private world now. This is why people can't have nice things.