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Preferably a tree. A high tree.
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Preferably a tree. A high tree.
  • Re: Price of ghost tree?

    Roughly, I suppose, but there's a few factors that influence the price of things.
    Most people are unwilling to pay full price for bulbs. In terms of the newly released bulbs, some require a higher horticultural level. Most people haven't levelled this up sufficiently enough to place the ghost tree (from memory, it needs level 10?). So the buying market is small. People who mass plant bulbs like me are also used to saving a bulb every so often, which reduces our costs for planting.

    In other words, it might be worth 1 onyx in theory, but you're probably looking at diamonds for a successful trade
    Ive always found it somewhat comical that this game largely resembles the Stock Market in many ways, this being one of them
    Everything represents stock market when there aren't firm prices for anything :P
    Deepworld item prices are always circumstantial. There is nothing more evident of this than daily loot items. Those instruments are at ridiculous prices right now, but you can bet that they'll drop briefly if they get rereleased in future, and then they'll climb again.

    I find it weird that virtual games have taught me so much about economics xD
  • Re: Competition: Space Base - Build an asteroid-based structure - BUILDING PHASE ENDS SUNDAY NIGHT

    Someone made an exact replica of my rocket in Wisdom Falls for the competition. even copied the interior exactly the same. I don’t know if I should be happy or sad about this. :)
    That's just disheartening :/ Is that even allowed?!
  • Re: So Whatcha Deepworldians up to deese days

    I'm no expert but I'm sure this is breaking ToS somehow
  • Re: About xOreo_'s Thread...

    Please just email Bytebin. This is a serious matter that does not belong on a forums. It requires serious investigation and should not be subjected to a witch hunt.
  • Re: The Space Biome

    Any chance of a crown sale with the space biome release? :D
    It would be smarter for them to increase the price because people would be willing to spend more on new things..
    I don't think making the space biomes more than the usual price is a good idea. My spending habits won't change, I'll just get less value for my money.

    Plus, it might increase customer dissatisfaction and cause more negative reviews to be left on the app.