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Toronto, Canada
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Toronto, Canada
  • Re: COMPETITION: Space Spawn

    Hello everybody, sorry for the hold up.
    There are some issues with getting the world ready. This is the first contest I am hosting, so not everything is going as smooth as I would like it to.

    The contest will begin some time next week.
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    DENTOPIA - Sir_Arthur_Dent

    That world is quite impressive... there's so much to see it's not even funny. The world is literally packed with builds, it's so unique and strange.. it's kind of like entering some sort of dream -- you just don't know what's next... Really odd and interesting, he's always had a unique style, really out of the ordinary
    DENTOPIA - Sir_Arthur_Dent

    Grebebe's description of the world is quite accurate. Very unexpected and random builds. Sir Arthur Dent's world lives by it's own rules and is packed with so many unique ideas. You could come across anything from earth mazes in the air and strange buildings with unknown purpose, to shopping malls and beaches with ice cream vendors. Definitely a world to check out if your searching for ideas!
  • Re: Competition: Space Base - FINAL ENTRIES ANNOUNCED!

    @mikelaurence you should check out the ips of Detech and the de’s.
    Okay, it was fun when you came and bugged me the whole time during the contest, trying to catch me saying something that proved that it was my alts. And it's fun now when you have no evidence, but it's getting a bit out of hand.

    I am quite surprised and honoured that the many people who know that I had alts in the contest, did not say anything. To all of you who didn't rat me out, props. I don't want to put you in a possition where you feel like you have to chose between being fair, or being a friend.

    De03 is my alt.

    I really didn't want to take anyone's spot and it was not done to increase my chances of winning. I had lots of ideas and I spent countless hours transfering mats to make more entries. Most of my extra entries are just for fun, like the little town and the spaceship. I have been building the whole time while the contest was running.

    In any case... I want more good dungeons and fun stuff in the game. If anyone wants to remove de03 entry, or my main entry, or both from the contest, go right ahead.

    Here is a list of all names under which I built:
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  • COMPETITION: Space Spawn

    Ladies and Gentlemen, get your mining picks sharpened, its time to build!

    Ever since the first ever competition I participated in and got my first MK3 Energy Rifle in I always wanted to host a building competition, but I was poor and didn't have a good idea for the competition. A few days ago I was looking at the space spawn shape and decided to use it as sort of a rig that you could attach things to and thought it would be a fun way to test builder's creativity!

    BEHOLD!!! The space Spawn Competition!!!

    Using the space spawn area, we are going to create whatever we want out of it.
    Be creative, but however whacky or sophisticated it may turn out, make it look at least somewhat functional.

    - Create a copy of the spawn area before beginning your build around it.
    - Spawn Area CAN be edited, but should still somewhat resemble the original.
    - You MUST protect your area with a small protector.
    - No more than one small protector should be used.
    - Put a plaque inside of the spawn area with your name (put it instead of the spawn portal).
    - No swearing or insulting others during the contest.
    - No griefing or filling chat with spam.

    I have not decided what the final prizes will be yet, but we have some awesome sponsors who really made this a great community event!!!
    We will have prizes for the first three spots, and small prizes for top 10 entries.

    Here is what we have in the prize pot so far from our SPONSORS:

    12 Onyx - donated by the famous LLMMZZ. You may have heard about his farm 100LVL. Check it out!

    5 Onyx, 3 Trexs, 1 ice dragon, 1 globe and FREE REVIVAL at Rips epic maze in Frustration Nation. And 100 jerky - donated by insanely rich and famous Riptide, whos grand DW projects leave people asking for more!

    1 Jackalope, 2 globes, 3 coffins, 3 fish, 1 Gashlycrumb, 2 Cornucopla, 3 ship wheels, 1 christmass tree, 1 reindeer and 1 sled lights, 1 cooky house, 1 airship, 1 onyx stocking and 5 regular, 1 boxing gloves, 3 blue teleportation pads, 5 compasses and 2 Holly Garland - donated by izpenguin, who's vaults are are exploding from all the items! And his heart is ready to spread DW love!

    1 Leap (painting) - donated by the DW famous builder Racerdog! Check out his world Eldotread!

    1 Onyx, 1 T-Rex and 1 Zebra - donated by the DW famous builder Arcane! Check out his world ArcanGrove!

    1 Onyx - donated by Android2.0, host of many awesome competitions, one of which I was lucky to take part in!

    2 Onyx, 1 MK3 energy, 1 MK3 acid - donated by me (detech)

    1 Rainbow Crystal - donated by Zackywacko! One of the oldest and wisest people in DW! Or so they say.

    2 Ice Androids - donated by WALDO!!! the nicest person in the game who always helps out noobs and never ever ever gets angry at anyone! :)

    2 Ice penguins, 2 ice seahorses - donated by Phexy!!!

    4 T-Rex, 4 Mamoths, 1 ice swan, 1 ice seahorse, 3 cat crates - donated by Azergos!!!!!

    1 diamond shovel, 1 map, 1 large and small daguerreotype, marble and bloodstone brain statue, marble engeneer statue, 2 ship wheels, light sled, large easel, 15 bonsai trees, 10 gift boxes, 3 tall gift boxes, android and panda toys, diamond gloves, flashlight, Cain and survival knife, stopwatch, horseshoe, android memmory unit, 2 schematics - by the lovely MisterMonday

    40 blackrock, 1 large white, purp and red crystal, 2 sleigh lights, 1 globe, 1 cat, 1 android and 2 dog crates - donated by the incredible Leela.

    1 diamond ore from Shadowreal

    22 - Onyx
    1 - Ice Dragon
    1 - Jackalope
    1 - Rainbow Cry
    1 - L White Cry
    1 - L Red Cry
    1 - L Purp Cry
    1 - Diamond ore
    1 - Leap
    1 - Gashlycrumb
    4 - Globe
    3 - Coffin
    8 - T-Rex
    4 - Mammoth
    4 - sled light
    1 - reindeer light
    1 - Airship
    1 - Onyx Stockings
    5 - Stockings
    1 - boxing gloves
    5 - compasses (different types)
    2 - holly garland
    2 - cornucopia
    5 - ship wheel
    3 - fish
    3 - blue tele
    1 - Zebra head
    1 - Energy MK3
    1 - Acid MK3
    2 - Ice android
    3 - Ice seahorse
    2 - Ice penguin
    1 - Ice swan
    1 - diamond shovel
    1 - Map
    1 - L Daguerreotype
    1 - Daguerreotype
    15 - Bonsai Tree
    1 - Stone Brain
    1 - Bloodstone Brain
    10 - gift box
    3 - stall gift box
    1 - android toy
    1 - panda toy
    40 - Blackrock
    1 - cat crate
    2 - dog crate
    1 - android crate
    1 - large easel
    1 - marble engineer statue

    - Racerdog
    - Arcane
    - Lilyabc (aka magical)
    - Mofc1991
    - Itsjustketchup
    - AMWhy

    - judges must be "Master Builders" (known, good builders) get accepted into judges and people who everyone knows, who have played for at least a few years. Basically people who's opinion others trust.
    - judges must judge every entry that followed the rules (mainly have a plaque up and protector) and refrain from personal feelings towards contestants.
    P.S. more judges yet to come!
    P.S. Judges CAN participate in the contest, but CAN NOT VOTE FOR THEMSELVES!!!

    Here are a few examples of spawn modifications that I made:

    1. Space ship crashsite.
    This space spawn was equipped with two jet wings and a blaster nose module. But unfortunately it ran out of fuel. Nonetheless pilot and the crew managed to create a nice survival landscape before dying :(

    2. Crazy Robot Army:
    This space spawn was equipped with a head, two foot modules, and two robotic arms. And apparently it gave birth to a little space robot army. creepy.

    3. Lunar Expedition:
    This space spawn was equipped with two energy efficient tracks and a solar battery unit with shiny blue lights and a whole set of drones to come along with it on the journey. All the drones can stuff themselves into the belly of the spawn area in case of a supernova.

    Well, you get the idea!
    Stay tuned, once the world is ready, we will announce it here!
    If anyone else wants to become a sponsor and make the winner even richer, please contact me.
    And if anyone knows how to get Mike's attention, please do. Maybe Mike will reward our winners with something special, or better yet, use their builds somewhere!

    YAAY! It's been some time since there was a community competition in DW!!!!

    P.S. I will not be participating and my builds are just examples for people to get the idea, BUT you can use any materials and make anything you want out of the spawn area!

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  • Re: Rainbow Crystal

    I heard of a bug where when people touch the rainbow crystal, next day they log back in and their characters gender is switched to the opposite sex...