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Make someone happy today
  • Re: Symbols that should be deleted

    Yeahhhh. Someone once made a giant- oh I can't say that can I?

    Someone made a thing in one of my worlds once
  • Re: World Hit Counter tutorial/Win a market converter (also watch me babble for 45 mins)

    Just watched this, so sorry you were having a bad day D:
    Trying to remember - I think it was more I kept screwing up the video.

    But yeah, life has been iffy lately. Getting sorted out though :)
  • Re: @-crystal-king-

    What is the trajectory of hackers? I am really curious now.
    Easy. If we assume all hackers start off as regular players, or at the origin, we just find a point they've struck at.

    For example, if we think about cartesian points, a hacker might strike at (3,4).

    Now we can think about this in terms of a cartesian plane, so 3 across and 4 up. Using a^2 + b^2 = c^2, the distance between the origin and the point is 5 units

    Therefore, their trajectory from the origin is simply inverse sine of (4/5)

    Thus, the trajectory of a hacker who has struck at the point (4,5) has a trajectory of ~53.1 degrees above the horizon

    (Obviously this is a simplified example but the same principle applies)
  • World Hit Counter tutorial/Win a market converter (also watch me babble for 45 mins)

    Hi everyoneeeeee! :D

    Ha! No bamboozle. Video uploaded! All done in one take hence lots of mistakes.

    I'll be doing a proper tutorial by the end of the week which will be far more condensed.

    But! You still have the opportunity to win that market converter!

    Just post a deepworld video of something that you've created using the counter mechanism I've shown in my video. Most creative entry will win a market converter worth 2000 crowns!!! Share the link in the comments here
  • [COMP] What can you build in the range of a standard protector?

    Unhelpful Tl;Dr: This is within a single small protector. Don't be lazy! Give it a go!

    As mentioned previously, I'm running this competition in preparation for a project I'm planning.
    I want to create a world similar to cubeland, but with protector sized areas.

    Goal: Build within the circle of a small protector (so please include a border), a design that represents your style and personal flair when it comes to building.

    Builds must include a small sign of any type with your IGN.
    They should also have a border (of any material as mentioned previously)

    All entrants will then be invited to help clear the community world (keeping any loot they find) and then build their designs in a designated area (BYO protector, depending on numbers I may supply them, or raffle off a few)

    There will be 1 winner and 4 runners up as decided by a community vote of the people who entered (obviously you can't vote for yourselves, and I'd also frown upon voteswapping)
    1st place: Mega protector of space to work with + Mega Protector
    Runners up: Large Protector of space to work with + Large Pro