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Make someone happy today
  • Re: Deepworld Screenshot of the Day

    Majora shenanigans with @Everywhen, @ChatotTheParrot and Shiokyy!

    @Tishku I think that's you?

    just a guess though
  • Re: Minor spelling error

    Nooo, you don't find Everywhen, Everywhen finds you.

  • Re: Deepworld Screenshot of the Day

    World Gen knows Valentines is coming soon
  • A way to fix PvP

    PvP in Deepworld is hard to do properly thanks to the fact that most players can heal off all damage taken (excluding bombs), allowing matches to go on literally until someone runs out of jerky/filets because NO ONE DIES!

    For this reason, whilst it used to be a massive part of the game, PvP has sort of faded into the background.
    I have an idea that might allow PvP to become relevant again, namely the introduction of a new item.

    I'd call it something like a recorder, but I'm imagining looking something like a world machine sized version of this, with an animated ECG like display:

    This item would act like an engineering item, designed to be used with a timed switch or touchplate.
    First, the touchplate/switch would be placed and a duration for the PvP match would be set. Then the recorder would be placed, and it would have two lines where the user can type names in. Here, the person supervising the match would enter the names of the competitors, then close the window.

    Now, what the recorder actually does is, in the time it is activated by the timed switch/touchplate, is track how much damage is taken by each player listed. As it's unlikely that players will die in a PvP match where Jerky and Filets and Canisters are legal, the next best way to determine a winner is by saying the loser is whoever took the most damage. We know that damage calculations are performed by the server, because of the fact that several stats mitigate damage taken, so it could be possible to simply add the result of the damage calc to a variable or something which, at the end of the time period, the recorder accesses and then announces.

    At the end of the time period, the recorder would then output the results:
    Player 1: XXX Damage Taken
    Player 2: XXX Damage Taken

    Now we have a way of working out who the winner/loser of a PvP match is, what do we do next?
    We create a ladder!

    Gamers tend to be competitive and want to show off. Me included. So what better way to encourage people to take part in PvP then to have an official duelling ladder. This would run on a simple ELO rating system (, which could then be linked to an external database. They're not hard to make, and players could start their own unofficial "fight-clubs" for their friends or guilds.

    Maybe create a world-machine that manages it's own duelling ladder?
    Or host it through an external source (I've already created a Deepworld Duelling ladder in the past but it didn't take off.)

    So. What do people think of the idea?
  • Throwback to: multicontrol engineeeing ft. A good mic. & old graphics

    People have come and gone so sharing this once again. The principles remain the same.

    I might finally build that clock tutorial sometime soon

    Memories :’)