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Why are people still bringing up the interview with Lisa and her robot? The chances it will happen are the chances the pixel art contest will be judged.


"Kazuie, kazoe. Let me suck them toes." -Chicken
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"Kazuie, kazoe. Let me suck them toes." -Chicken
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    So I decided to stop playing Deepworld a little over a month ago due to some incorrect accusations. And nearly everyone turned their back on me. I know that people have been happy to see me go, like @Rasen_Kyugan_Fox. Since I said his name, it just makes me want to point something out, and I'm not trying to start beef. I want you to shut the hell up. You talk so damn much and you can never back it up. And shall we pull up some memories we have had like how innapropriate and obnoxious you are? Also, I'm shocked you are still playing after all those times you went into worlds crying how you were scammed, and how you didn't get your way like a little rich girl. I even saw your little comment on my page that I should delete my account. Well, no. You're extremely lucky you don't know me in real life. You'd realize how much of and how many Ls you have taken. So if you are going to comment your stupid little crap on here then watch what you say you pathetic little 11 year old punk. And @Gilby, it doesn't matter what happens until you hear it from the person being accused.

    Anyways now that I got that out of my system, the whole community hating me. Fine, there will always be trolls. I dealer with it for three and a half years. And I'm actually happy I stopped playing. It took away a lot of stress and time off my back. I have put in so much commitment for a video game just so I can try to make life easier and more fun for this game. I'm happy I'm done with that. Between wasting numerous hours of work waiting to be bombed by a hater to being threatened by Governor to blackmail me, it was all crap that I didn't need. Getting rid of it has gotten me to new heights. I now am excelling in MMA, I am focusing on cooking and making delicious food, and I am being much more active (not that I wasn't very active before). So yeah, life is better. But seeing my old community is always fun to do here and there, regardless what happened.

    I'm not trying to do a TED Talk or anything like that. I'm expressing how I feel after I finished Deepworld. Overall it is a good game, no doubt. It's the people who play it. So to all the people going threw what happened to me. Don't quit, keep fighting your BS until you have them knocked out. I only stopped for reasons more than the cake land incident.

    It's good to know that the good part of the community is still going strong, and I support you. To all you idiots who play this game, get a life. You don't have to be an ass all the time.

    One more thing. There is a glitch where when I go onto my page signed in, it signs me out and I can't update my feed or anything. I also want to remove that punk's little comment. Thank you.
  • Re: Deepworld Screenshot of the Day

    Wow rip cake land! People say FreshX bombed it :( (Me and a friend are working on a new pvp world)
    fresh x was a poo poo hed
    You do know he's a Forumer right?
    He knows, and he can eat a dick. Sorry for the language but I've had enough of this.
  • Re: Upbringing of this forum

    Downfall of this booty ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Best Off-Topic I have ever had.
    Downfall of this booty ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Best Off-Topic I have ever had.
    No! Shut up! The Dirty Dan thread is the best off topic ever!
    Stop derailing the thread. I would like to keep this thread usefull instead of this useless bollocks
    You're one to speak of useless bollocks.

    This thread is perfectly fine. We have a nice little community where people enjoy talking to each other, ask questions and answer back and make ideas for the game. When people like you come on and start bitching about the forums because you don't like it because they don't meet your standards or whatever, it doesn't make people feel good at all. I have an aunt who I don't consider an aunt because my family, my own fricking family, do not meet her standards. Her standards. Who the hell is going to want to take my last name and then be a b*tch to my whole family. And you somehow remind me of her. So if this game or forums do not meet YOUR standards, then like my "aunt," take your little troll looking ass and get out of here

    That's my thought. If you don't like it, oh well, suffer.
  • Re: sup.

    Lmao close this asap
    @FreshX I just said it's against the ToS, what it actually is. So I don't know what you're on about x)
    Ok, so I don't understand what you just said so fix you pronunciation. Now, stop talking before I slap the raw skin off of you.
  • I Caught This

    Now I think everyone has heard this player is a scammer, but with what proof? Well I caught him saying this after he "scammed" me.

    Now in had this guild on my second account (which I keep for items for building and stuff like that) and I didn't really need the guild. So I said I would sell it for 2 oynx to this player and after I gave him this guild. He ended up not paying me. I was constantly trying to get him to pay me and all of a sudden, he says this in the following picture.

    Now I don't care he took the guild, I did not care at all. But I did catch this pic and that's all the proof I need to say he is a scammer. And a ton of other people have been scammed by him as well.

    I will be sending this to admins and devs via email.

    And one last thing, I am only reporting, not complaining. There is nothing for me to complain about.

    ETA- I couldn't put the entire text on forums while being on the forums through the game. Too much lag. Also removed name of the player from the picture.