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Deepworld should be called "Empty Promises." We are told to give questions for an interview which may never happen, like the one competition. It is very sad to see great people taking a bad dive. I do like Mike, Lisa, and Jason, don't get me wrong. But the entire summer was without an update, which is the best time to put one out. Bytebin is making a new game when they can barely take care of one game. Devs are so on and off with Deepworld. As exciting it is to hear a new game coming out, I'm not interested until they can take care of Deepworld. And we have asked before if Bytebin was ever hiring and they kept saying no. I think it's time they say yes and get more support. I am not giving financial aid or anything like that, I am saying to grow and expand the company. Bytebin is basically a dirty closet with a flickering lightbulb. So until some serious changes are made to fix Deepworld and get it back on track, a stupid idea.


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  • Re: Enough is Enough.

    you realize the devs are normal people and not robots who could automatically fix all of your problems
    You don't say?

    When I made this thread, I did not expect to see two extremely different sides. One side which is very mad at the devs and one side which is very happy for the devs. But no one wanted to meet in the middle. When I made this thread, I meant for it to be in the middle, tough love if you want. As much as I respect the Bytebin, I do not respect the current choices they make right now. I agree I can be harsh and I am perfectly fine with that. It is the way to go here and there. Please tell me when someone made in this world through rainbows and puppies ALL the time. No one. Then yet again, I know when too far is. Tell me when some one made it through this world by always yelled at and put to the bottom ALL the time. Besides those annoying motivational speakers that bother and bore us at school, no one. I emphasize the word "all" because when I use that word, some people will think of the word "sometimes" instead. But back on point, these two parties are going way too far with this. At the end of the day, we all like Bytebin. Some of us as we can see kiss up a little too much and others hit them with a hammer too much. And you are all going to criticize me for saying I'm in the middle because of what I said at the way beginning, so go ahead. I am fine with my constructive criticism I used and so everyone else. And sure, maybe I was a little harsh, but I'm not accepting or denying it, it's just the way it is. You all know that if I get into a strong conversation that I will put my opinions out the way I feel. So for kiss-ups, get over it because you too agree with some flaws I mentioned in this game. And all you hammer-hitters, you know you love Bytebin for even making the game.
  • Re: Im Tired.

    I'm pretty sure this SAME issue with an extremely similar message has been posted as "Enough is Enough", and I think we don't need two discussions regarding the same thing.
    I agree.

    And if you are going to steal my thread ideas, at least spell properly.
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  • Re: Enough is Enough.

    Tagging them won't make a difference. Maybe they have been planning something fixing all the bugs and making one huge update that they have been hiding for awhile now and when they are ready to release it, it will be game changing?
    I highly doubt that to be honest. With what I see happening to the game right now, I don't know what to think of them.
  • Enough is Enough.

    I am sick and tired of how the developers and admins simply ignore everything that is wrong with this game. It is completely full of promises not made, very irritating bugs, and obnoxiousness. And now the devs want to make a second game? Well here's what I think.

    It is the stupidest thing I have ever seen Bytebin do.

    How the hell are you going to manage two damn games yet not own up to one game. Deepworld is a broken, unpopular game that cannot manage to even use their Twitter! Why do they one tweet once a season, huh? I have had it with this ignorance I have seen from Bytebin. It is the most idiotical thing that is happening with this company. If you really want to make another game, hire more staff! Get some sponsorships! The only thing that has been done is Mike Laurence's move to NYC. I haven't seen anything else that has caught my eye recently. That's how dull this game is. I'm more interested in a man I never met move into NYC. Seriously, that is sad.

    So in conclusion, this game is nothing, the next game is nothing, and every other game Bytebin makes is nothing because they can't control one damn game that they have had for over five years. Stop neglecting and fix it!

    I would also like EVERYONE who sees this thread to tag every developer and admin. I want to spread the message.

    @mikelaurence @jsonperl @lisa @FRANK