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Why are people still bringing up the interview with Lisa and her robot? The chances it will happen are the chances the pixel art contest will be judged.


"Kazuie, kazoe. Let me suck them toes." -Chicken
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"Kazuie, kazoe. Let me suck them toes." -Chicken
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  • Re: The Yearly Times Square Project

    Perhaps in the new Times Square, let's ban some items, like spawners.
  • Re: 4 years since they were going to make Deepworld available on Android

    What Did I Do?
  • Re: Help

    Check your gmail.
    Hey, maybe he has hotmail or msn. Don't discriminate.
  • Re: Reply to CYBERBULLYING AGAINST JEWS (insults to me a Jew about halacoust)

    I'm not a big fan of these conversations because they go both ways.

    You tell him to get gassed, he tells you something that you don't like. Now I am going to side with the other player on this because you give more information about what you said to him rather than what he said about you. Not only that, but you spelt Holocaust wrong. Usually when I see this I think:

    1.) You are underage
    2.) You do not take this seriously
    3.) You could care less about the outcome

    And at the end of your post you put this:
    And then I'm left with nothing, the only online game that i liked banned me.
    You are not left with nothing. You got clothes on your back, you have water to drink. I don't like this "feel sorry for me" crap. It should only be used for some things and this is not one of them. So by being banned from the game was not a mistake in my opinion.
  • Re: Help I got banned

    So you talk trash to another player for annoying you and you get banned. Depending on what you said, it must have been enough to get you banned. This player must've reported you for being disrespectful to the player. You can try to convince admins to let you back but it looks like it's time to move on. You shouldn't have been banned for this however. My days were full of this type of stuff and it was worse than you thought, yet no one was really banned.
    He was talking trash about my race, so i did the same to him
    Get over it. It happens everyday to a lot of people. I don't go run off and cry because people call me a cracker. Be a big boy.