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  • Re: Selling World Lock Scams?

    Why would you even trade deepworld items for growtopia your loss. We all know which game is better.
    Well the more successful game is Growtopia, but this game has potential.
    Growtopia is trash. The controls are horribly organized and it the pixels give my eyes cataracts...
  • Re: This will be my last Tortugal post

    He has a scammin alt called Sinister7
    Ok all scammers are Tortugal and Saiiko. Ok there are no other scammers except Tortugal and saiiko. We get it no more threads.
  • Re: White onyx in space biome?

    Sorry @Fishbot but if white onyx gets in the game it would mess up the entire market. So we have onyx tools we don't need white onyx tools because there will have to be 4+ accessries and tools and exo. So everyone wants white onyx now so onyx is going to turn into the diamond and diamond into the blue crystal and white onyx will be the top dog. It will mess up the paint prices for months, along with everything else. This is a creative idea and I appreciate the work you have put into the pictures, but it is best if this doesn't get into the game.

    Edit: If you want to get an item in the game maybe create a new paint or stuffie something that isn't a raw mineral. Getting an item from the game already and throwing some swirls and green into it isn't going to turn out well in the end.
  • Re: New Guild (TF)

    Joining guilds is for people who are not superior enough to live without them

    My ass is worth more than a hundred notches
    I see why you don't believe in guilds. Your ass is to obnoxious to make friends. And so your worth 100+ notches so 2500+ onyx. That's nice lieing there bud.
  • Re: Deepworld Screenshot of the Day

    Ohhh so that's why there's s skeleton key...