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Hello Darling
  • Re: When deepworld in android

    Not today but tomorrow

    Tomorrow tommorrow I love you tomorrow! It only a day away!
  • Re: Enough is Enough.

    We aren't entitled to any part of the game. They don't have to do anything we say and we shouldn't expect them to. If they do listen to us then hey that's cool but if they don't then that's what they are allowed to do since its their game. Deepworld isn't paying all of their bills so instead of focusing on deepworld they are probably focusing mostly on the things that actually pays for them to stay alive. Mike has already posted that he is working on some issues in his free time. You can't ask him to put off his life so you can have some new stuff on a video game.
  • Re: Brainstorm's Raffle #5: Pixelated Dreams

    HOLY CHEESE NIPS THE EXACT NUMBER! thought we agreed the number generator is what guessed the exact number. What is its prize
  • Re: Enough is Enough.

    @FreshX idk what the fuss is all about, if they create another game perhaps that will help DW, they could advertise together kinda 2 for 1 deal, and as far as everyone wanting to know the plans it's like cards, you don't show your hand until your ready. I for one will support DW and any new game they come up with.
    You've got to know when to hold them, know when to fold them. Know when to walk away, and know when to run. You never count your money, when you're sittin at the table. There'Ll be time enough for countin, when the dealins done.
  • Re: Enough is Enough.

    I don't know really. In my opinion, these guys, Mike and the team made a beautiful game which lived a great term and brought joy to a lot of us, making memories forever in our hearts. It was a great game, and no denying it is fizzling out rapidly now. But then, what I'm feeling is that, is it even our place to say such rude and harsh words to the developers? I mean, there's this activity post which is quite rude, and then there's this post which shames them too. Is this all really necessary, is my doubt. I mean, fine, getting to the roots of this, behind the layers of rudeness lies the fact that we players dearly love the game and want it to grow more, but outwardly it looks quite horrid. Like, realistically speaking, the only reason why we're playing this is because we don't have the caliber or resources to make such a game ourselves, and there's a person out there making it and hasn't updated for ages, and we decide to demean and shame him by such posts. I mean, let's look at it from his shoes maybe, the team was small, and is smaller now, and obviously the income generated through this game isn't enough for them, due to which they took up actual jobs irl and kept this as a side project, and still managed to push out some updates like the butterfly and fossils (that was long back ik). It's also true that a lot of things were promised yet not fulfilled, but then in the end of the day, it's their game and their wish to continue it or move on really. I mean, we aren't at that extreme point of the game shutting down, so honestly there isn't much to complain about what you've spent on the game since it's still up. But truly, I too am disappointed at the lack of updates and wish to see this game get the bigger updates, but then recently these mob bugs and stuff sprung out, which I'm sure was as annoying for them to fix, as it was for us to play with. And if you did read Mike's post in the other thread, he said that the fire fizzled out a bit and honestly that's reasonable cause they've been working on quite a good MMO with very limited staff, and he created a new game to have a change of mind and renew the spirit to go on. Of course, this update he gave us totally changes the dynamic of the situation, considering that he mentioned fixing the bugs here would still be a "maybe", but honestly at this point, I'm just glad that I got to experience such a beautiful game and although things aren't going too well, I'm hoping Mike and the others will push it through and get this back running, because I can very well understand the lack of enthusiasm to update this game, it probably got a hit monotonous indeed. But either ways, if they do silently withdraw working on this, I'll still be following bytebin on their new game and any more games in the future, because they proved their potential through deepworld, and as sad as it may be to see it go, if that's how it's gonna be, I'm just really thankful for this game for having created numerous links of friendships that I cherish and value to this day.
    Sorry for double posting, but that post was already big enough lol. It's quite a big read and probably a lot of you didn't read it anyways, just wanted to tell that it just feels bad to see such harsh words being said to the devs. I mean, "Enough is enough" sounds more like a threat from an employer than a suggestion from a community member. Sure, things may have been driven to the extent that we're all pissed off, but this isn't what we should do maybe. I think what's actually necessary at this point, is a proper communication between the team and the community. Maybe a live stream like earlier, discussing the current state of matters, future plans and whatnot. This could possibly resolve a lot of issues..
    I don't want to call it tough love or being harsh. It's sort of in the middle. If you think about it, a lot of players have been nice for a long time with the threads they have made. But after a while when you still get ignored and still nothing happens, it's not worth trying to be nice anymore. I know where you're coming from because it happened to me all the time. I am a nice guy, no doubt, but this stuff always happened. For example, I emailed TapJoy before May or June last year and didn't get any response until September of last year. I was nice at first, but after a while of the BS I had to start being aggressive and it made then listen. I have the same problem with GameStop as well. What I'm trying to say is all of our messages have been sent and we have gotten stupid responses and a lot of people are tired of it. So I am standing up and spreading the message. I don't care how I display it because lots of us have been too nice for too long. You could take it as constructive criticism, tough love, being harsh, I don't care. But actually use this feedback and understand how we have been feeling. It isn't fun.
    I'd be interested to hear what you consider "stupid answers". I can't take much personal in regards to creating and changing and updating the game. That's not my area. When you start saying you receive stupid answers to messages that you have sent I am going to call you out on it. I take a lot of time to help anywhere that I can. No answers I have given, except to this one guy on facebook but that's because he is really weird, are as helpful as they can be.
    I understand you do not develop anything in the game, but I still want you and whoever else to see it.

    So there are also stupid things done that I should have included in my last post. One thing is how much the community seems to be ignored. Whether from admins, developers, whoever. I understand everyone here works three jobs but it doesn't mean that we should be ignored. We can barely see Mike once a season. How about once a week, at least? So we know he's still there and not off making dub step music. His most recent comment, which was the announcement of the new game, now that's a stupid answer. And it's an answer because there have been comments from players I've seen that ask where the team is, and he is apart of the Bytebin team. Anyways, I cannot understand how Bytebin will handle another game when Deepworld is currently a mess. With all the bugs, glitches, this and that, it's so ridiculous. So here's a big question, is Deepworld being shut down? Will this game be forgotten and moved on from? Because if so, tell me now. I want to be prepared for all the BS that's going to come.

    Another stupid thing I want to point out is where the hell is Frank? I am not very fond of him, yeah I will say that. He makes Mike look more active here. I mean if another admin is going to be hired to help us, get on and help us. I agree that a bigger team is better but not when they are always disappearing for months.

    Look, Deepworld is a great game, no doubt, but it has lots of work to be done to it and all the developers are focused on is figuring out how to make the new game. It has caused lots of controversy. I will not be satisfied with Bytebin until I see a complete layout of what's going to happen with the future of this and the new game. As much as I respect everyone on the team, it is very shaky.
    Lol he wants a complete layout of what they are gonna do. What makes you so entitled. You aren't their boss
    How do you know???
    Cause I can think logically