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What is Life?
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What is Life?
@Aint got none
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  • Re: Ways to spend crowns.

    Definitely costumes
  • Re: Competition: Space Base - Build an asteroid-based structure - BUILDING PHASE ENDS SUNDAY NIGHT

    This is my creation... apologies for the small picture
  • Giveaway

    So i may still play Deepworld after they update the game, but i am no longer competitive about it. Just planning on building some more. In other words:
    I am hosting a giveaway of Tools and Accessories, the way to obtain these items is to comment below, one number. That number can be between 1-20.
    1 - @racerdog Wins - an onyx pickaxe!
    2 - @vmh20 Wins - an onyx shovel!
    3 - @IronManArcher Wins - an onyx net!
    4 - @Alphastorm Wins - an energy cannon mrk3!
    5 - @Detech Wins - a frost cannon mrk3!
    6 - @BrainGamer Wins - a flame cannon mrk3!
    7 - @Brainstorm Wins - a giant clock! (I sold my acid mrk3 for it today)
    8 - @TealHyena Wins - a musket mrk3!
    9 - @Chicken Wins - an onyx Steampack!
    10 - @Shadow711 Wins - an onyx compressor!
    11 - @FreshX Wins - an automata interface unit!
    12 - @Inception Wins - an onyx flashlight!
    13 - @Itsjustketchup Wins - a diamond scope + sand dollar!
    14 - @KinderQuaser20D Wins - a pocketwatch + diamond knife!
    15 - @Magic Wins - a diamond boot + horseshoe!
    16 - @Jeanie Wins - a pair of onyx mining gloves!
    17 - @mofc1991 Wins - a conch shell!
    18 - @The_Marauder Wins - a force shield + a skill reset!
    19 - @Athena Wins - an onyx survival knife!
    20 - @Rasen_Kyugan_Fox Wins - an abucus!
    Goodluck and congrats to all everyone!
  • Re: State of Deepworld: Spring 2017

    Hello people of deepworld i am bob.the.builder havent played in like 3 years because i have a andriod and i want to know when or if i will able to play again
    Its best to move on the game is nothing but noobs and the game is bland with nothing. If you return it'll only be a waste land lets be real. find some other interesting things to get involved with. Deepworld is on its last. We gotta look at the reality, 2 dev's who have other day jobs run a game is really gonna go far for another year. game was fun years back when people played and there was a real community now its just children that think there kings. they will never understand deepworld's history. Death of deepworld.


    Slain by the menace
    known as Growtopia.
    i don't even wanna pay respects to the game what did they do for us than steal our money, and not even listening to what needs to change and fix. they are the definition of MONEY GRUBBING... ASSHOLES,
    Where are the things they announces new worlds, items they are nothing but fake dev's that think there Activision. i loved the game but from the state of decay it is today im'a just pass and not recommend it to anyone. fix up deepworld.
    While i try to make deepworld a nice place(along with many other people) just one person like you can ruin for everyone. maybe people like this game? its not your business to judge and ruin it. thanks if you consider
  • Re: Deepworld Screenshot of the Day

    Just me and a friend trying to blind ourselves...