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I found Vathis irl


Over a rainbow with kittens and ponies dancing around a fire built upon the corpses of their enemies
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Over a rainbow with kittens and ponies dancing around a fire built upon the corpses of their enemies
  • Re: Would it hurt at all to hire a second forum moderator?

    I left my Ban Hammer over on the Junk Jack forums because the quarantine to get into this forum told me it was a weapon and it’s not allowed...
    Then again, currently we have like 5 moderators, but only a need for 1 over there.

    What this forum needs is semi-admins/ moderators. People who have the power to delete posts and spam etc but shouldn’t just be handed the ability to ban users as they see fit. Currently the arbiters have the power to flag things as spam/ offtopic, why not give them the power to also moderate the forum a little bit, allow them to delete posts and topics, lock threads etc. Assuming they don’t all go crazy with power and delete every post since the beggining of time, what’s the worst that happens right?
  • Re: Everyday can i get 10 crowns

    Well, the game obviously. It wasn't until after such time the game was developed and functional were things such as trading thought of.
  • Re: Everyday can i get 10 crowns

    What if every day you got 0.00000000000000000001 crowns? Surely that wouldn't be broken?
  • Re: Karma Police: Should we get rid of karma for mining blocks?

    Heres what I think, back when I played, I only ever got 1 karma warning... for blowing kids up until I learnt that mines do that without the karma penalty (their fault for walking into a mine ya see?)

    Never once did I get it triggered from mining blocks.
    What does this mean? It means I never actually cared to "clean up" or "grief" or "steal". What % of the community actually clean up? Ehhhh a select few. Do they deserve karma penalty? Hell to the no.
    Here is my idea:
    In server generated and owned worlds, disable the karma for mining other peoples blocks for the first 4 hours (that way any people rushing about the world mining it don't get random karma accidently).
    After that have karma turned back on for the next 30 days (after 30 days only people looking through old worlds will stumble upon it). After 30 days, turn the karma back off.

    In player owned worlds, give owners a toggle.
    "/wkarma on/off"

    As well, improve the karma warnings - put them in chat, on loading screens not just when they reach 25% 50% and 75% of their limit. Give them an actual warning.
    "Kill 1 more player and you'll suffer the karma penalty" "mine 50 more blocks and you'll suffer the karma penalty". If they breeze past those warnings, they clearly don't care.

    The best solution is to never completely remove something, but adapt it into a form that works to protect players, not hinder them.
  • Re: The Space Biome

    Any chance of a crown sale with the space biome release? :D
    It would be smarter for them to increase the price because people would be willing to spend more on new things..
    But theres always the chance people will then realize that they’re being scammed and are better off playing Roblox because the prices of new things are similar to the price of normal things.
    Scammed because...?
    The space biome is just another biome, and new items are just new items. There’s no reason their price should be upped.
    Bytebin are not EA (I think). They're not here to take your money, your house, your lawnmower, your first born child, your wife and your pet dog named garry just because they released a new biome.