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streaming warframe because I need to fix my sleeping patterns I won't have my mic on but you can talk to me in twitch chat, should be streaming for the next 4-5 hours, then I'll take a break and then stream for another couple hours afterwards.


In a quantum state of dead and alive
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In a quantum state of dead and alive
  • Re: @-crystal-king-

    What is the trajectory of hackers? I am really curious now.
    In the Chinese mentality, a crisis is always an opportunity, i think you can not understand Chinese way of thinking.
    I also doubt you can understand the dutch way of thinking.
    I doubt they can understand the Australian way of thinking either
  • Re: I got hacked, what to do.

    Same. I remember when I played. Nobody magically got hacked. And thats when deepworld was popular.
  • Re: State of Deepworld: Spring 2017

    > new game
    > not a new update
    > you guys are asking for item transfers into a game you have no idea about
    > you're acting like the new game is just a different server
    > whoever said making our deepworld accounts being usable on the new game would be hard should probably rethink that, I can think of half a dozen places where multiple games use the same username and password to login (I mean steam is a pretty decent example there in itself) If anything, having the same account to login to a new game, assuming it requires a login, should be easier than creating a whole new system from scratch.

    > I hope this new game is on PC and is actually somewhat decent thnx.
  • Re: my office in dinstrath dale and the rareset newton belong me ,help vote thx!

    @llmmzz how can it be the rarest?
    if laurence. need Buy-back the newton, he need sign repurchase agreement with me, my repurchase price is 1000000000000000000 onyx .
    Sir, don't make us use force with you... Return the hostage or we will be attacking in 10...
    I coulda swore that laurence could just take whatever he wanted whenever he wanted without having to ask anyones permission... i guess that must be some other developer tho.
  • Re: Deepworld Comeback

    Social butterfly competition, have the most people add you as a friend/ follow you - existing friends do not count and having people unfollow and refollow does not count either
    inb4 a 30 person tie