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Hoarding Notches Since 2013


Last Active
  • New Guild (TF)

    The guild obelisk is owned by Snowman. Aka Aflac
    The requirements are:
    Must be worth 100+ onyx
    Must have a good rep
    Must not brag
    If you would like to join the guild and meet all the requirements contact RiptideTD or Snowman.
    Accepting excellent builders and friends aswell
  • Deepworld Scammers

    There has been a lot of scamms lately and I'm sick and tired of all these players loosing their hard earned items, I've recently encountered a group of scammers :/ what has deepworld become?

    Here's a photo of local scammer Tide. Admitting to scamming

    Be extra careful

    Please comment below if you know any other scammers to help deepworld stay safer and happier
  • Re: Mega Maze Mega Prize

    Oh sorry about the lag, there was one part I made that was an exploder run with terrapuses, and I didn’t realize it made a mini lag machine. My bad, I removed it so the lag crisis should be over apologies -RiptideTD
  • Mega Maze Mega Prize

    Hello everyone! I have made an incredibly large and challenging maze, in fact it’s so hard and since I have a lot of notches I’ve decided to make the prize a notch! Also a kind player named Aflac is sponsoring the maze and has added 2 beaded lamps to the prize :o, so 1 notch and 2 beaded lamps to whoever completes it first! What If you win and I’m not there? Well I’ve placed numerous touch plates connected to signs that tell me how far people make it, and if anyone crosses the finish line. I wish you luck!

    P.S. Although some players argue the maze is “impossible” that is false. Me and several other players have tested each and every part of the maze to ensure it’s fully passable. :)

    World Name: Frustration Nation