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Just mined my MILLIONTH block!


Farming Collisionless Mobs
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Farming Collisionless Mobs
  • Re: Memories

    I remember when I found my first Notch... *cough* that totally happend.
  • Re: This games pretty god damn dead yeah?

    There are a handful of people who believe this, or who want others to believe this. They tend to make lots of game and forum alts to spread this message. You can often tell an alt because it will suddenly appear on the forum and the very first thing it does is start posting wall comments and threads claiming they've been playing for years and now they just had to suddenly talk about how the game is dying or how the old graphics are better or whatever. Some of these folks will create dozens of alts at a time, in order to save some up to trot out later. They may have hundreds of alts, going back years.

    (The truth is that the oldest players actually tend to be the most loyal and supportive, or at least more level-headed about things.)

    From what I can tell, the original person just gets bored and wants to post something mildly inflammatory in order to drum up some debate or controversy. The original person will often go to great lengths to make the alt sound different -- heavy accents of one sort or another, Special Ways Of Spelling Or Capitalizing, using distinct slang terms, using strange grammar, etc. Very often, the person will come back to the same thread using still other alts, in order to agree or fan the flames or, sometimes, to totally disagree, in order to get the debate going.

    In any case, it's a common sort of light trolling on forums in general, and I'd advise you to not pay much attention to it.
    He is entitled to his opinion as much as you are. This is not saying I agree with him, I actually believe deepworld is getting a second wind of sorts.
    Just because he is proclaiming his opinion and asking others if they have the same, dosent mean he's a troll.

    Voltaire: I disapprove of what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it.
  • Re: New update

    Never will's like talking to a wall...don't matter how much money you spend they will not add new items.... they actually make you guys design stuff because well I'm sure you know why
    Get a life and stop policing this Forums just to tell everyone what a dying game this is.

    Nice try, @CrazyQ . @Shadow711 is blameless, and quite the sleuth. Good job.
    Oh ya because you were there I forgot sorry god of deepworld haha it's all digital crap go get a job and collect real items....start with a car...and not moms basement.... it was awesome blowing up that leap btw try it sometime bahaha
    Just to clear this up: One- I own a Truck
    Two- I don't live in my parents basement, I actually have a pretty nice room, because I'm a Tennager.
    Three- I'll probably be more successful than you will in your entire life, because it sounds like you just described yourself. + all you do is gripe about a "dying" game on a pessimistic Forums on multiple threads.

    Also: Buddy, how many days did you spend on this game getting an Onyx crow?

    Nice try, @CrazyQ . @Shadow711 is blameless, and quite the sleuth. Good job.