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Farming Collisionless Mobs
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Farming Collisionless Mobs
  • Re: Buying an onyx spade

    An onyx spade sells for 2 onyx though, however, I would like to say that this discussion belongs in commerce section
    Ahem...I guess you voted no on my "Commerce as an announcement" thread.
    This doesn't have anything to do with that, threads requesting or offering an object belong in Commerce section.
    Youre the person who would say "sir you forgot to give us the test" after your teacher forgets it
    What's wrong with what I did? The developers did not yet do something to change the rules, and threads like those DO belong in Commerce.
    Onyx tools have almost always sold for one onyx less than what they craft for. Up until now, that is. People like to inflate the prices to their own made-up ones. So buying onyx tools is virtually impossible if you don't want to overpay.
    Actually, onyx tools have always been bought with crafting price, with the exception of tools in the crowns store, or WERE in the crowns store in the past, which are almost always sold for 1 onyx, the rest however, like an onyx net or hatchet, sells for crafting price... some things have devalued a bit though, probably just the shovel which became one onyx below crafting value now.
    Ive never bought an Onyx tool for what it crafts for, and frankly, if you do, you are quite foolish. Why not just craft the item? You would even gain exp from crafting a new item (Assuming you aren't mass producing these things).

    Also: where have you been buying tools from? Because up until I last started playing again (maybe 1/2 year ago) I never saw anyone selling onyx tools for what they craft for. In fact, if someone was, they almost always got chastised for it.
    I never said that all onyx tools were sold for crafting price, only those who are not a few years old and not in the crowns store are valued somewhere around crafting price, and up until half a year ago, an onyx shovel was worth 3 onyx (currently 2-3, though), maybe some devalued, but some are still worth their craft value (or perhaps it is due to the change of crafting value, since some stuff was changed to cost more onyx to craft around a year ago)
    Shovel was never worth 3 onyx. An pickaxe has been around the one onyx so shovel is around that price
    Trust me, I've been in the market and the shovels were always sold for 3 onyx, up until a few monthes ago -- about half a year -- they began selling for 2.
    And logically, it is impossible to sell a shovel for an onyx, because they do not exist by any means except crafting, that means that if it would sell for one onyx, nobody would craft them and they wouldn't exist at all in the market... the pickaxes are worth an onyx because they are available through packs in the crowns store.
    I don't believe it's ever been 3... I agree with @Debator

    Although I was out of the market for a bit
  • Re: Deepworld Ideas

    Some cool ideas.
  • Re: Samurai Set Refund?

    Why do so many people post on the forums about issues that only devs can fix? Email bytebin! We can’t do anything.
  • Re: Come to moon land!

    Visit Mofc1991
  • Re: Interview Questions For Lisa And FRANK!

    I would have asked "Would you rather eat an entire spruce tree (piece by piece over any amount of time) or would you rather have to eat every watermelon you ever see regardless if you are full or not?" but I am not sure if this is still going or not.
    Zstorm has been ignored after being promised an interview.