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Hallucination Peak Mob Farm
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Hallucination Peak Mob Farm
  • Re: Markets land

    Absolutely not. Granted that I want land in times, these players may have claimed this land to leave a legacy. How would you like to build a large statue, and 10 years after your death someone takes it down to build an apartment complex?
  • Re: About xOreo_'s Thread...

    It’s best not to make a thread about another thread that was deleted. For as much as I wanted to know about the three people that mentioned me before it was deleted, I’ll never know. It’s best to keep it that way, because chances are that they don’t get that VERBAL molestation isn’t a thing.

    Edit: apparently, after looking it up, verbal molestation is basically a synonym for verbal abuse, or basically like “I want to do bad things to you, lol hehe”. I understand that this can be uncomfortable, but it isn’t molestation.
    Molestation isn’t necessarily a physical attack. Molestation, the act of molesting, is the act of sexually assaulting OR sexually harassing (which can absolutely be verbal) and these both are considered sexual abuse.
  • Re: Can a new category be made? ( Harrasment/bulling )

    What is wrong with these people.
    Quite frankly, I don’t care about your situation. It’s just causing needless drama. If a category like this was ever created I would leave the forums for good.

    Oh. Also if you’re making an alt to evade any type of punishment then you will be banned again. @lisa
  • Re: New Guild (TF)

    No thanks
  • Re: This kid lies and stuff

    @Saiiko I thought “scamming” happens when trading not when you give
    Well, technically it happens when someone agrees to multi trade and then one person says something like "give first" and then you give freely and poof their gone, which from my understanding of derpdee that seems plausible that it could have happened...

    Then again I don't know the story and the 2 people in the conflict very well currently so I don't really know all that's going on besides derpdee ran off with someones onyx and didn't bother to return it after the trade wasn't accepted(which is pretty much scamming lol).
    Man I sure do love taking long hiatus breaks don't I... It's almost been two months since I've said I was gonna post a new video and I haven't put much more work into fan made game. Most of all I've been busy, much like most people around the holidays, juggling school, homework, life, girlfriend and many other thing's has kept me well occupied and I've found myself with very little time to pop into the forums and even begin to start work on my second video. Besides the busyness I've been putting days worth of hours and effort into a new game I'm developing for a nation wide competition called Skills USA that I plan to partake in for a second year, this year of course I'm going all out with a 3D style platformer. The only reason I mention it, besides it also keeping me extremely busy, will be featuring a Deepworld easteregg in it. I plan to release the "finished" project once the competition is over, or when I feel my work is close enough to feeling complete that it's worth publishing.

    Bwahahahahahahaha, as if... All from a guy who "tried" to pretend he was a Dev...
    Not sure why people keep saying I pretended to be a dev? I'm a developer yes, of my own games if that's what you are implying, but that is all. Anyways, give the lad his onyx back so this thread dies ay?
    No one is talking about your sooo called games you pretend to make up in Photoshop.

    I shall follow up on this with my argument allowed through the terms of service because why not.

    Then what are you walking about? Also, if they are made in photoshop then dang, I have some genius level artistic talents and good perception of 3D...
    (Screenshots from over time progress of current game)



    Op never made a deal with me... Op freely gave me an onyx... Not sure why he gave me an onyx but he did, as we made no deal... Op then started "typing" I scam on a trust give...

    Again, no deal was made, I never asked for an onyx, he gave me an onyx freely and then started "typing" scam and made a video mind you he cut all the incriminating things he was typing and the so called deal we made....

    Just give the kid the Onyx back who really cares?
    Why do you even advertise here in the first place? This is the DEEPWORLD Forums.