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Hallucination Peak Mob Farm
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Hallucination Peak Mob Farm
  • Re: Selling Hunter Head 200 Onyx

    The inflation that an item gets when it’s in Riptides inventory is impressive to say the least.
  • Re: Why are all my friends onyx crow. Besides playing, is there any other way I can get higher faster?

    is it bad i play 6-8 hours a day sometimes? .-. dw is my life cause on here i make friends. irl im a doormat and am worthless so i do school, homework, and then i get on deepworld.
    correction: i play 4 hrs of deepworld and 4 hrs of forums. sometimes i play 8 hrs of both by playing at same time.
    im honestly stunned that in exactly one week ive gotten so far so many badges and so many posts. im happy i joined! thanks @lisa for making me a member.
    You can edit your post with the gear in the top right corner of your comment. :)
    Uh. Those are all separate “thoughts”. And edit would be pointless. Jeez. When did everyone get the Moderator Role.
    Edit: expept for the “correction” one but cmon. Leave the guy/gal alone.
  • Re: This kid lies and stuff

    1. @derpdee never agreed to any terms on which he would return the onyx, so you’re just a fool who handed him an onyx for no reason. He may not have even seen your message.
    2. Derpdee is harmless, he only blocks expirators to be a nuisance. But hey, he can do what he likes. After all, The Deepworld ad says to make friends or enemies.

    Also nice recording bud. I almost got head trauma from watching that.
  • Re: White onyx in space biome?

    So here’s a new regular design, a spiral design (since we’re in space, might as well get a bit wonky, and a fuzzy design (like its fading out/glitching)
    May have to tap on the fuzzy one to get full effect.
  • Re: White onyx in space biome?

    Ooh. Messed around with this.