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If you were an IG object, what would you be? Personally, I'd probably be an Outling because my Chopstick skills are out of this world


eating yo food
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eating yo food
  • Re: CYBERBULLYING AGAINST JEWS (insults to me a Jew about halacoust)

    Don't pick a fight you can't win bud. If anything just mute him
  • Re: Why HydroBlade And BrainStorm are banned.

    We have filters for a reason. Being "cute" and spelling things using first letters reading down or up or diagonal or whatever other things are ridiculous and purposeful in trying to circumvent the rules. I told whichever one of them that emailed that they can come back in a week. Same goes for the other.
    Good. Honestly they're the main reason I get on half of the time. So thank you for showing leniency in this case, and not permabanning them
  • Re: Enough is Enough.

    In my opinion, people have to stop getting their feelings hurt when others bash the devs. The demand for new updates and bug fixes started over a year ago, and people were kindly asking (with some exceptions of course), curious about what's being worked on behind the scenes. The answers given were mainly the "state of Deepworld posts". As time goes, the "State of Deepworld" posts accumulated, and people started to realise that they announced new projects, before delivering the promises made on the ones before that. Gradually, everyone's patience starts to fade away, and the questions that were first out of curiosity became demands -- and in my opinion, you can't blame anyone for losing patience at this point...
    The "soon" meme was the inside joke of the community, but it's only funny when it's a joke... not when you realise 'soon' really means never.

    I don't care about the devs leaving Deepworld to make a new game, I don't care about Deepworld not getting any updates anymore (I don't play it anyway), I -- and I think I can safely speak for everyone here -- want the best for them in life, and success for their company. However, a very important lesson is to be learned here, for them, and they just seem to overlook it -- TRANSPARENCY IS KEY, as @ChatotTheParrot has mentioned... If they communicated their decisions with us directly, explaining to us why some bugs aren't being fixed, why this and that isn't added yet etc, then no one would be so rude to them.
    I hate to say it, but they brought the negativity upon themselves. Although I truly love them, avoiding to answer questions at this critical point of their career is the biggest mistake they're making. Be honest with your audience/customers and you will have credibility. They weren't honest, so they lost credibility. So when everyone is hearing about the launch of a 'new game', of course most are laughing at them. Of course there's criticism. Stop making excuses for them, that's not how they'll learn. The only way for this company to actually be successful is if they recognise their mistake with Deepworld, and communicate with their customers for their next game. If you keep on defending them, they won't see their flaws.

    EDIT: If you really care about Mike, Jason and Lisa, you would let them learn. When you're a parent, there are some times where your child is going to mess up, and make a mistake. You love your child more than anything, but if you learn he's a bully at school, you won't comfort him saying it's the other kid's faults for being soft. You get angry at him, and he learns. Same idea here.
    Not hating on your post bud, but they've had years to learn, and repetitively do the exact same thing - year after year. There's no learning process when all you do is neglect it
  • Re: Do you Like me?

    What's up with all of these applicants starting useless threads smh. Nobody likes someone like that, so it's def a no from me.

    This is more meant for your wall if anything, should your application be accepted
  • Re: Enough is Enough.

    The other half of the reason the games dying right here. Lack of respect for the person(s) your talking to. You all talk fervently about how your doing everything you can to help out DW Blah Blah Blah. Bull Crap. You don't help any game when all you want to do is try and tear down other players. And I agree with some of you, all of this bickering and arrogant commentating needs to stop. Just because you have a differing viewpoint from me doesn't mean I come out and call you a moron, stupid, retarded, or anything else to try and belittle you just because of that viewpoint.

    And @PIPTR0 is entirely right. Although it would be a dastardly & foolhardy decision to do something like this, they do hold no other obligation to us - other than morally. So Let the Developers Develop, and let the Players Play.