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eating yo food
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eating yo food
  • Re: I have a question for any admin that is still alive

    No, you can't advertise that you're selling itunes gift cards in Times Square. I think that's called black trading, or something like that. One thing's for sure that it's illegal.
    I doubt its illigal or any black market thing
    It's the illicit marketing of a product across a platform, in which the buyer and seller have no guarantee of true payment or services, along with the fact it is NOT an official retail site with a warranty that if somethin goes awry, then you receive anything back as a result. If this doesn't sounds like a Black Market of sorts, then Idk what does. So yes, in most senses this is illegal
  • Re: New Content Suggestions

    (Sorry for the double post), But anyone else think a jungle biome would be an excellent idea? I mean it could have large amounts of water - meaning fish - and could also have large amounts of rainfall - meaning plants grow faster.
  • Re: Select one of Four Projects

    Gotcha, but Zstorm, sheen, and I, already do advertise for deepworld. In a way. YouTube gets the game across to many new audiences.
    Look I hate to burst your bubble but.. 3 people creating youtube videos for a small iOS MMO, that hardly recieved updates means literally nothing in the grand scheme of things. I don't care how many subscribers you have or how many views you have, it's clearly not enough.

    As well, I hate to point this out but iOS basically has adblocker apps now (I use one called Weblock) which do a remarkable job at removing ads.

    As well, with the game only being accessible on PC/ Mac as well as iOS, you can hardly advertise on androids, and most people who see ads on iOS despise them. We use our phones for a quick way to stay in contact, and any kind of ad is shunned because they are interrupting our feeds and taking up valuable space on already small screens, making ads even less effective - meaning you'd have to do video ads... which ends up getting your app uninstalled because nobody wants to sit through a 30 second ad to access content. (Unless they do it willingly).

    If you were to do a project, you'd need to be doing one on something in-game. Deepworld is dying, no suprises there despite what people will claim. Advertisement for deepworld would need to be met with consistant updates, improvements and bug fixes, otherwise you waste your time advertising. It's be easier to market a completely new game tbh.

    Not everything that's easy is worth it. As a matter of fact, rarely anything is
  • Re: I accidentally bought this.

    Well you're just weird. Nothing new here.
    You're literally calling everyone during the Victorian era weird :frowning:
  • Re: State of Deepworld: Spring 2017

    Am I the only one who still has hope? In 2014, when I first joined Deepworld, I didn't think it was an awesome game because of the updates, I thought it was an awesome game because of the community!

    Back in 2014 most people were very welcoming and I overall had fun. Now, that's changed a lot since old players have come and gone. And yeah, a bunch of people have no hope for the community, either. But really, it's not the devs or lack of updates why Deepworld is 'dying,' it's because of US. WE are the community. Did you ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe, we, as a community, can make a difference if we truly try? I think we can. And that's why I haven't lost hope. Because you can achieve anything if you work hard enough.

    So that's why I'm going to try my hardest to keep doing collab projects in Deepworld. Whether it be a building competition, helping out on a world, or just helping out a new player. It may not be much, but if everyone did these little things, it'd make a whole lot more of a difference.
    Nah your not the only one that still has hope. Almost everything in life has a "make or break" point, and that pivotal moment is decided by you, and the people surrounding you. I might not be the best example or best role model for a player, but you can be dang sure I do everything within my power to keep people online and playing.

    -Yes this is my terrible motivational paragraph badly written in the morning. But anyways here's some ideas I'd like to offer to possibly help the game rekindle its old flames.

    -I've oft noticed how most new players don't understand a lick of what you're trying to tell them. Personally I've been through the beginners tutorial many times, and I believe that a revamped tutorial with more specific areas to cover, along with commands, would be nice

    -Instead of trying to bring in new community members, why not bring the old community back along with them? There's this thing they had to sign up with, either Facebook or email, that could have a monumental effect should a certain dev send out an email just saying they miss them, etc. Most of the 'good' old players only need a push to get back into the game. For example, what brought me back was the fact I still had push notifications on for this when you guys decided to release all those worlds. Lol (And No, I'm calling myself old and not a 'good' player)

    -Why not just throw down another chest of plenty, or have another Bytebin competition? This would definitely get the community excited and pumped up again. Cmon Mike, we miss seein you or anyone else up there IG tbh :confused: sed:

    -Offer incentives to players to keep on playing. Have it to where if you check in and get on your account daily, you either receive something, or you earn double xp for 2 hrs, etc. Just something to keep people checking in

    Edited to add: And @bean17magic is absolutely right, simple things like helping 1-3 newbies per month helps the game acquire 1-3 more players, and you 1-3 more permanent friends. The thing is, (almost) everyone in this game is in a constant state of worrying and helping themselves instead of others.

    Apologies in advance should anyone think this is the wrong thread
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