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Ill be taking a break for the next few months-forever. I might occasionally pop on in and say hi to yall. Been an interesting half year, and Id like to congratulate Mike and the team on the update and new items. Ive had a lot of memories - both good and bad - and thank yall for that. Au revoir


Mining til I die
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Mining til I die
  • Re: Interview Questions For Lisa And FRANK!

    How much wood would a wood chuck chuck, if a wood chuck existed in deepworld?
    @MiesnerMan86 A woodchuck would chuck as much wood as a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood in deepworld
  • Re: Karma Police: Should we get rid of karma for mining blocks?

    I strongly disagree. I was griefed an enormous amount of onyx in items several months back, and the only thing that allegedly kept the griefer from stealing literally everything I owned was the fact that he got karma halfway through mining it. So no, it still serves a purpose in my opinion. Although some of the more irrational things like hatching blocks like @Frosty did, and obtaining karma via that is outlandish and absurd. That definitely needs to be repealed.

    But if you think that the risk of you accidentally leaving your pros to friendly one day, and someone coming along and mining everything you own is worth the annoyance of mining blocks - that you could easily bomb - and getting karma doing to that, then no. Its not worth it. Either way so be it.
  • Re: Deepworlders are changing, are we gonna change with them? (For the better and worse)

    Over the years Ive learned that /mute is an amazing function for annoying and otherwise unkind players :wink:

    Welcome back though! Also, should you need any help call me up. IGN: .Rogue.
  • Re: When was Times Square even made?

    I have questions that have to do with Times Square including when it was made, other questions are related to the popularity, but lets get through this question first.

    When was Times Square even made?
    I believe it came out with the old market worlds, as Piccadilly Circus and Navy Pier
    That may have been like 5 years ago
    I joined 5 years ago and Markets weren't a thing c:
    Perhaps 4 then, back in 2014
    That seems right, because like 3-4 months after I made my 2nd account they became public
  • Re: Will DW be affected by the repeal of Net Neutrality?

    If its online, itll most likely be effected IF anything is put into place.

    Besides, due to the number of lawsuits that will stack up, itll probably go to The Supreme Court. Once there, they will (almost certainly) overrule it