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Anyone else here ever had that one teacher that you just wanna strangle?


eating yo food
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eating yo food
  • Re: Deepworld Scammers

    @Jakalope quit but he was a major scammer. He might start again if he comes back.
    Agree with this if you didn’t know that.

    Exactly lol
  • Re: Deepworld Screenshot of the Day

    It's a hassle going to THREE different worlds to complete and get quests, right? Not any longer, hop on over to my place in Times Square where all three quest androids are there. This is going to be permanent but I may make some decoration changes every now and then. EDIT - I've made it so there's room for one regular android so you can collect your daily loot from it, and I've spazzed it up a little bit.
    Someone said that pets were wanted here so I’ll def be breaking in some crates when I get back online :wink:
  • Re: Deepworld Scammers

    So, none of you know the rules of the forum? You are not allowed to call players out as scammers on the forum. I think @Lisa should probably just delete this whole thread.

    Why? Because if scammer naming was allowed, there would be a lot of false accusations going around. For example: this thread - two players accusing each other of scamming. Only one can be telling the truth. Besides, every trade is at the discretion of the player. Scamming is NOT illegal within deepworld. It's just heavily frowned upon and only done by the lowest of players.
    I thought that rule was altered on the ToS, was it not? Or am I missing something.
    @FRANK or @lisa

    Is it against the ToS to scam? Please answer/mail me before you (hopefully) delete this thread?
    I wonder how many times you guys refresh this page just to see a response. Anyways, when someone reacts to a statement and goes this far, it usually means they are guilty of something. No hate, just my simple opinion.
    I respectfully disagree with this. You can’t not defend yourself when accusations are flying around against you, else people will believe them to be true.

    Both of your arguments are valid and invalid both at the same time. But Aflac has never lied to me that I know of, and he’s told me a lotta stuff. So IMO, @Frosty story is more believable.

    The only other way that this drama could even exist and make sense is if there was either a glitch, or you accidentally gave to another player. Ive had it happen before where items glitched out of my inventory, and where items I had recently placed dissappeared. So in the unlikely event that neither of you two are lying, try to figure out if something might’ve went wrong in that regard before you throw more accusations around and cause more unwanted and unneeded drama. Thank you.
  • Re: Shared Space Biome

    I’m not a Niel Armstrong, but I can definitely make sure I become the first person to build and land on a Moon :wink:
  • Re: Gonna climb up those leaderboards

    Two year progress update:
    Sirentist has mined 35,208,368 blocks
    Electrox has mined 8,253,648 blocks. You are about 24% of the way there.

    This was always impossible to be fair. Sirentist is a machine!
    I feel like Sirens going to be topped by Jeanie in the near future though