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  • Funny moments

    Hi everyone!
    This discussion is about funny ideas and buildings :D
    Post here anything you made or saw that you think is funny (as long as it is not inappropriate).
    This can be links - print screens, uploaded pictures, or ideas.
    Have fun :D
  • Re: Visit YELLOW SEA!

    Rename it to Red Sea.
    I own the Red Sea. The Red Sea was built first - the others were built after that. I think they took its name a modified it.
  • The Red Sea

    Hey guys,
    Have you seen the red sea yet?
    Its a world full of fun and excitment!
    You can ride animals, swim in one of the most deepest seas in desert worlds, and even find mysteries to break the code of another mystery!
    Secrets hidden in the map, places where you can enjoy yourself fall around 600 meters!
    Watching movies on deepworld, enjoying your swim in a huge sea, or relax by the beach!
    What are you waiting for?
    If you have any questions about the red sea, ask here!
    Thank you,
    Special thanks to those who helped me in building the Red Sea:
    And much more, but I do not remember everyone.

  • Re: The "I hate (but secretly want to have babies with) dmmagic" Thread

    I'm 9-years-old and on the playground, all over again.
    Listen bro,
    Idc about what these people think about me,
    No matter - Am 13, and Idgaf.
    You think you just have rights to come to a random world and just screw around?
    No, I will stop you from screwing with people
    I areadly killed you once - you were trying to kill my friend, in the end I told I can kill you I can make people hate you, I can do all that, and killed you right away
    And your action is that you retreated shy saying "I'll be back."
    Well you continue these innapporite rude behavoiours ill put the war mode on in my world, The "Red Sea"
    Which means acid rain will fall and bullets will too - and my guild will be after you, Top secret agents/RBC
    And your areadly in banned list of the red sea, and you cannot pay to get out of there.
    Lots of people hate you, your like 30 - I expect you to be more mature and responsible
    Do we care? No.

    Does this make you famous? Kinda.

    Will it make anything better? No

    Can you beat @darklord11 ? I don't think so.

    Can @darklord11 beat @dmmagic? NO.

    Can you beat @dmmagic? No.

    It's just pvp and killing problem? I know you from some places where you
    scam,steal dungeons and troll.Solution: CHILL OUT AND DON'T ARGUE.

    I dont scam steal dungeons
    I may of troll as a joke
    And I give many free stuff
    If I steal a dungeon accidently, I give the owner another dungeon, and pay him with something good a map, and give him the loot in the chest.
    If you have a problem with me, you dont lie about me, you discuss it in a formal language or informal lanauge, but you don't say lies.
    And Am posting this to tell every1 the truth about dmmagic,
    Converation ended ~