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  • Re: Donations Open For Hexham Dell

    Sounds like a fun project. When I am done with building my quest I could lay a helping hand. Also, when I deal with building forests, I play on PC. Much less chance of accidently digging something you shouldn't.

    I can build ships, airships, starships, ufos and submarines as well if you need.
    Sounds awesome! Would be greatly apperciated!
  • Donations Open For Hexham Dell

    Hexham Dell is a world that is revolved around a massive ocean biome with very detailed and naturalistic caves.
    This project is undergoing heavy construction and might require more helpers and donators.

    Our aim for this world is to make a naturalist ocean with spikes and salt preserved, and grow plants and trees inside it. For this to occur, we go through a series of phases.

    Phase I: We build the outline of the caves or ocean floor with limestone
    Phase II: We destroy the dirt, and anything above the outline and replace dirt with wooden backdrop (each block has an associated backdrop)
    Note: Sometimes we do not put backdrops if it seems obvious.
    Phase III: We destroy the outline of the cave and replace it with glass (This is always done)
    Phase VI: You add compost on the uppermost ocean floor
    Phase V: You destroy the compost the compost on the uppermost floor, and add compost the floor below it. (This is repeated until all floors are covered with grass or trees).
    Phase VI: You put limestone in place of glass, and dirt in place of the wooden backdrop (if placed).
    Phase VII: You open the vault to release water into the section finished.

    These 7 phases are done as per section. It is important to never release the water if a section below it does not have its state completed up to the phase 7.

    Sections are defined as an area.

    Follow all these phases carefully
    Under no circumstances do you destroy spikes or naturalistic salt.
    Never put any backdrop behind spikes or naturalistic salt.
    Do not harvest the flax/plants.
    Avoid destroying any natural ore, wood, etc. (This is however almost unavoidable since we usually need to break them to let the rain access the bottom ocean.

    Basically, this world is attempting to give the players a nice ocean world to venture and explore with quality buildings. We hope to extend the ocean as far as we can and as deep as possible, with as much detail as we can.

    Be wary, one misclick can destroy an hour of time. Careful hands, always put the pickaxe away when you're not using it. Use shovel when you're breaking backdrops near essential and valuable things (like grass and spikes). Do not place bombs anywhere, no matter the reason.

    Special thanks to EntitiyMoltovEM and Regina for helping me out today!

    Donations are much appreciated, we are currently accepting all kinds of fluid bombs (water, lava, acid) and compost.

    Helpers are much appreciated!

    Note: Follow the 7 phases in order (if you mess the order up it will be extremely difficult for you and me to clean it up).

  • Funny moments

    Hi everyone!
    This discussion is about funny ideas and buildings :D
    Post here anything you made or saw that you think is funny (as long as it is not inappropriate).
    This can be links - print screens, uploaded pictures, or ideas.
    Have fun :D
  • Re: Visit YELLOW SEA!

    Rename it to Red Sea.
    I own the Red Sea. The Red Sea was built first - the others were built after that. I think they took its name a modified it.
  • The Red Sea

    Hey guys,
    Have you seen the red sea yet?
    Its a world full of fun and excitment!
    You can ride animals, swim in one of the most deepest seas in desert worlds, and even find mysteries to break the code of another mystery!
    Secrets hidden in the map, places where you can enjoy yourself fall around 600 meters!
    Watching movies on deepworld, enjoying your swim in a huge sea, or relax by the beach!
    What are you waiting for?
    If you have any questions about the red sea, ask here!
    Thank you,
    Special thanks to those who helped me in building the Red Sea:
    And much more, but I do not remember everyone.