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  • Re: Server Maintenance Tonight

    ah yes this is temporarily why amd stocks rose and intel's fell....until they found out that amd's processors were susceptible to this attack as well....

    It was going really good on pc until randomly my tank got stuck in one spot and i couldn't move around it just kept rubber-banding back into place and then i got a server protocol error.

    All in all I had fun though. It is like a beefed up version of
  • Re: State of Deepworld: Spring 2017

    Am I the only one who still has hope? In 2014, when I first joined Deepworld, I didn't think it was an awesome game because of the updates, I thought it was an awesome game because of the community!

    Back in 2014 most people were very welcoming and I overall had fun. Now, that's changed a lot since old players have come and gone. And yeah, a bunch of people have no hope for the community, either. But really, it's not the devs or lack of updates why Deepworld is 'dying,' it's because of US. WE are the community. Did you ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe, we, as a community, can make a difference if we truly try? I think we can. And that's why I haven't lost hope. Because you can achieve anything if you work hard enough.

    So that's why I'm going to try my hardest to keep doing collab projects in Deepworld. Whether it be a building competition, helping out on a world, or just helping out a new player. It may not be much, but if everyone did these little things, it'd make a whole lot more of a difference.
    Well you're not the only one but you're certainly among the last few, @bean17magic. Having monitored this game for quite a little while, it seems to me the devs need to intervene. Perhaps...your collabs and the like could slow down the death -- although I recently detected there were less than 20 people online sometime in the last two weeks. Not a good omen. Also, collabs aren't the only thing you'd need to do.

    To bring people back, collabs aren't cutting it. Try making fan videos and advertisements. Although that may be more suited for someone like @ZStormGames.

    And for the record I never forgot your comment that I didn't try to help the game. Expect it to be mentioned years down the line. It's my schtick. Remembering what others say. :p
    Recently i have been in contact with some large game reviewers online to possibly get some positive reviews and positive attention to our game and community. As @bean17magic said, this is our community. But we also make the game up. This is also OUR game, and we have to treat it as our and never give up on it! There are always new ways to have fun! Some people may leave for awhile, but the end time warriors will return to run with deepworld until the very end. I know i will be here fighting alongside everyone when the game is at it's end.
  • Re: Enough is Enough.

    Tagging them won't make a difference. Maybe they have been planning something fixing all the bugs and making one huge update that they have been hiding for awhile now and when they are ready to release it, it will be game changing?
  • Re: Interview Questions For Lisa And FRANK!

    getting really tired of these false promises
    Wish @lisa would just say something about doing or not doing it. I have yet to recieve a message back about anything but i can clearly see she is active on the forums...