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Nowhere and Everywhere
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Nowhere and Everywhere
  • Re: Changeable Textures, and a place to share them?

    I misread that
    It still would be very problematic for people to walk around in the same world all with different textures, that would completed break the game and make people unable to play from the lag.
    I don't think that's how textures work.
    Well, the devs said themselves that people walking around with different textures would be problematic and probably laggy, so I'm not making stuff up here and I think that's exactly how textures work.
    I dont think you remotely know how textures work

    If you install a texture pack on minecraft, does that cause lag for other users? It doesnt
    Minecraft belongs to Microsoft, and I don't think you can compare the large servers that manage minecraft to Deepworld, does minecraft crash? Is Deepworld a massive 3D game like minecraft?

    If you want to compare Deepworld, compare it to another indie mobile game, and once again, the developers themselves said that having more than one texture pack will be problematic, and if you don't believe me, you can just go ahead and ask them yourself
    I can keep argueing but you have no goddamn idea what youre talking about. Minecraft servers ARENT EVEN HOSTED BY MICROSOFT. THE SERVERS ARE PRIVATE DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW THIS ALL WORKS REEEEEEEE.

    Texture packs are CLIENT based, not SERVER based
    I never said that they are hosted by Microsoft, I said that minecraft belongs to Microsoft

    I know that you won't even understand this point even if I put it in the largest font ever, but the developers said that having more than one texture pack at once will be problematic

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  • Re: The Un-Openable Box

    I fail miserably driving me into deep depression which makes the box emapthize with me uncontrollably
    the box doesn't care.
    and it doesn't care if you commit suicide over your failure, I'm sorry, but the box is a careless b****
    I pour kerosene over it, light it on fire and crush it in a hydraulic press at the same time. HA, survive that you box!
    The box destroys the press, absorbs the fire and the kerosene... you manage to leave a tiny burn mark, which disappears in 5 seconds.
    +8000 XP
    I create a similar box made out of anti particles of the original box which annhialates the box
    One post per turn please