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Nowhere and Everywhere
  • Re: Deepworld Clicker Game

    There are now 2 clicker games in the discussions list.
    Yea I saw that there was another one being made which is cool, but the other is done off of a website that sort of sets all the hard parts up for you, I'm doing it all from scratch because I don't like limitations, so the end result here will probably have a bit more playability to it :)

    Also, for anyone who may be interested. I just finished the tier up system after an all nighter for blocks and added a fail stack system, here's the math behind the system:

    Chance to succeed equation:
    Failed Stack * 0.05 * Block Chance + Block Chance

    if you succeed then:
    Failed Stack = 0;
    Block Chance = Block Chance / 1.25
    Block Tier + 1
    Try Cost * 2

    if you fail then:
    +1 Failed Stack

    So if you fail at 75%, then you start going to 78.75, 82.68, etc.
    This ends up giving a result that works really well so far, if anyone has any suggestions behind the math portion I'm all ears, I'd like to know if you think I should change the chance system of succession.

    Time to go get some sleep haha.
    Yeah, I made two Deepworld idle games, but I’m making a Better idle game with a better tool, not Deepworld themed though, I need to get dam marketing
    Yours is uncompetable though, keep up the good work and I’ll try it when I get on my laptop

    (You’re awesome)
  • Re: Competition: Space Base - JUDGES: PLEASE CAST YOUR NOMINATIONS!

    Curious, who are the “judges”? Or is it just Mike judging? Lisa?
    “Judging on (last)sunday!” About (atleast) a week ago~
    I know... there’s 300 entries but please not another “Pixel Art Competition”...
    Judging 300 entries must be brutal. I judged a competition once with 40 entries and it took me almost two hours. Worse part is that most entries are usually unfinished, or not even started. Which is quite demorolising... someone takes their time to run a competition, hand our prizes and judge, and some ppl just waste your time space in world...

    But then again, in more than half competitions I took part in, noone handed out the prizes. And one person closed the world and asked me to pay to get my stuff back...
    Look at the bright side: you won’t have a hard time judging an empty entry
  • Re: Art Suggestions Please

    An acid vat with some mutated arms coming out and acid bubbles too
  • Re: Deepworld Beta Signup (PREVIOUS BETA USERS: Please post here so I know you still want in. Thanks!)

    APPlied and waiting

    ETA: I accidentally wrote the app in under a second so it capitalized the first three letters, accidental pun lmao.
  • Re: A Guide to Lunar Lockdown

    10/10 will guide again