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ice cream parlor
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ice cream parlor
  • Re: Fan Art Sculpture Contest!

    Like... modelling clay?
  • Re: Fan Art Sculpture Contest!

    Can it be built with snow as well as ice? If so, does the snow HAVE to be snow brick??

    EDIT: actually, it seems that we got to draw it. That makes more sense.
    No, like for real sculpture, not in game.
  • Re: Fan Art Sculpture Contest!

    Few questions..

    Are we supposed to build a sculpture, or draw a sculpture?

    Is it supposed to be something in deepworld, or something that could be Deepworld mixed with something else, like, for example, a pizza Terrapus.
    Build a sculpture and post a photo(s) of that sculpture. We always have drawing entries and I wanted to try and mix it up a bit.

    A pizza terrapus would be fantastic!

    Oh and I mean build it in real life, not in game. So like a real piece of pizza shaped into a terrapus!
  • Re: About my mute...

    Yeah. They emailed. When you are banned for games involving forced intimate relations you will not be reinstated.
  • Re: A small rant.

    (But that could just be my memory being a feggit).
    Please don't use this word. Even when misspelled in order to bypass the filter, it's still offensive and inappropriate. Thanks!
    I didn't misspell it to bypass the filter. Don't put words in my mouth :)
    I'm confused why the word 'Faggot' is offensive at all, Faggot basically means a gay dude.

    Edit:Btw, I know it is offensive, but it's quite strange. I typically dislike the taboo of 'bad' words, we are just giving it more power, such as the 'N' word. When Pewdiepie used this in an average way, even though he normally says many other 'bad' words. He is called out for this word. People say it has a 'history', even though it was actually used before in an average way, and many other words also have a history. I'm not saying it's okay to swear in an argument of such. That's a desperate way to offend people, I just think it shouldn't give everyone heart attacks when one says a word.
    Try google. This is NOT the platform for that discussion. If you really don't understand how words become "bad" you aren't going to learn it here. You also aren't going to learn it by studying pewdiepie.