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  • Re: Extended crafting / science system - discuss!

    What kind of other steam powered industrial crafting machines would you like to see? (And what kinds of items would they help make)?
  • Re: Competition: Space Base - FINAL ENTRIES ANNOUNCED!

    OKAY! So, we need more judges to do more nominations, so I randomly selected twenty new judges from the pool of existing nominees. If you are one of these players, you can now go nominate entries in the competition!

    It's easy: just pick a world and type
    /entry 1
    to teleport to an entry. If you decide it's good enough to vote on, click the comp protector to nominate it. Personally I nominated about 25% of the entries, but your own threshold is up to you! If you only want to nominate 10% of them, that's fine too.

    Since there are a lot of total entries, I've pre-selected a world for you if you only want to do a subset. But feel free to do them all if you like!

    Here are the judges!

    ,JusticeGaming (Lunar One)
    .Fluffy. (Lunar Two)
    .Magical. (Lunar Three)
    .ZoZo. (Lunar One)
    Creeps. (Lunar Two)
    detech (Lunar Three)
    FlynnXD (Lunar One)
    Forest. (Lunar Two)
    IronManArcher (Lunar Three)
    lachstyleTD (Lunar One)
    Mofc1991 (Lunar Two)
    Patrik3274 (Lunar Three)
    racerdog (Lunar One)
    Rockpopcandy5678 (Lunar Two)
    TealHyena (Lunar Three)
    Tomasz12345678 (Lunar One)
    Valriq (Lunar Two)
    vmh20 (Lunar Three)
    XX_UberHunter_XX (Lunar One)
    Yoshi. (Lunar Two)
  • Re: Competition: Space Base - FINAL ENTRIES ANNOUNCED!

    Calling all judges! Visit Lunar One, Lunar Two, and Lunar Three to cast your nominations for entries that should be voted on. Nominate as many entries as you like - we'll set a nomination threshold that makes sense based on how many nominations are cast.

    If you forgotten how to do this, it's simple! Just type /entry 1, /entry 2, etc, and click on the competition protector to nominate the entries you think merit actual votes.

    Any winner of a previous competition should be on the judging list. Let me know if you've won in the past and you can't nominate.

    Note: if not enough previous judges are available for this competition, we will figure out how to nominate some new ones. Stay tuned.
  • Re: Deepworld Beta Signup (PREVIOUS BETA USERS: Please post here so I know you still want in. Thanks!)


    There are no new items, mobs, or dungeons yet. This is just a test that the biome works.

    New items will arrive soon...
  • Re: Deepworld Beta Signup (PREVIOUS BETA USERS: Please post here so I know you still want in. Thanks!)

    EXISTING BETA USERS: Please post here that you're still interested, and let me know which devices you still own. We have a limited amount of devices we can register per year, so I'm only adding devices I KNOW will be tested on. Thank you!