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whenever i try to change my facewear, it just reverts back to my brass headset. i dont know if its supposed to be like that, but deepworld peoples should have it be an option.


  • SushiSushi EUREKA!!!Posts: 75Member
    edited December 2015
    Do /Exo and see headwear and See the "hidden" button? Tap it then you can use any headwear you want :)
    P.s, ish Nawt a bug :pppp
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  • CloudxCloudCloudxCloud EarthPosts: 684Member
    Doing " /exo " will bring up a table that will give you options on which parts of your exo body you wish visible or hidden.
  • JessemiloninjaJessemiloninja Posts: 8Member
    thank you! this is so helpful!
  • CloudxCloudCloudxCloud EarthPosts: 684Member

    thank you! this is so helpful!

    You're welcome, glad you don't take help as granted
    " It's help for granite "
    " Help as granted sounds cooler
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