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Lag machines or is DW just crashing?

I have no clue if DW is lagging by lag machines or not, but all over DW everyone is crashing every minute. Can everyone just get rid of the lag machines? If the problem are not lag machines, why are we all crashing??


  • ElectroxElectrox Hidden AsylumPosts: 883Member
    im not crashing?
  • CleoAdkins007CleoAdkins007 Land of OzPosts: 1,142Member
    I've actually been crashing quite frequently in the past few days, have no idea why that would be..
  • ElectroxElectrox Hidden AsylumPosts: 883Member
    edited July 2016
    if you mean that the game has been a little more laggy it is because of the sky texture that was changed
    and you see a lot more sky underground than you used to see before
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