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Banned acount?

I have this acount that i spend so many money on, and got banned for no reason:(
Please developers and admin, please unbanned this acount
username: malkart


  • ItzDenniszItzDennisz Ñ͚̮̜͈̥̙͆̇Ư̥̰̓̚L̻̼̖̲̲̱̒͐͒̉̚L͎͙̲̗̝̯̑̔ͭ͡Posts: 2,942Member
    "Any violation of these terms may lead to immediate suspension or termination of your Account, with or without notice, with no refund or other compensation, at Bytebin’s sole discretion."
  • FreshXFreshX Taking an extended blink. Hold on for a moment. Posts: 1,379Member
    Good grammar there bud. You can't come on here saying you were banned with no reason. I believe that players who are banned get an email explaining why. If you did not, email [email protected] and explain to them what happened. You are probably not getting unbanned. Next time be smart and you won't have this problem.
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