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It is getting harder and harder, every day I wake up, the same, gray creature that appears across my vision, I clear my mind and assure myself that it is nothing, but when I rub my eyes and clear my vision, I could still see his red eyes behind my closet, as if he is watching me... it has been 10 days ever since, ever since he has appeared in my life. . .

I can now write in my diary, I am starting to lose connection with him now, whenever I do something that upsets him, he does not react, as if he no longer watches me.. although that should reassure me that he is out of my life once and for all, some eerie feel strikes me, I can feel that he is only waiting for something to happen... I am frightened, I did not expect that to happen when I approach one meme, one. (REDACTED). meme.

It all started one rainy day in August, I was feeling depressed for a reason which I can not figure out, I tried texting my friends, and that me feel even worse... my girlfriend broke up with me, after we have been in love for 4 years, I still love her, she left me because of a text argument... then, I got sent my grades, (REDACTED) as (REDACTED), I’ll show them to my parents later, I don’t really need more pressure now... and at this moment, I tried texting my girlfriend to apologize, but my iPad ran out of battery!I was ready to cry, but then I remember what made me feel happy every time this happens; reading jokes and watching memes, I turned on my very old PC device I got from my father as a child, It was dusty, but surprisingly worked, i turned the internet on and looked for memes, as I scrolled, finding no good memes, I came across this meme.. it was so funny, that I burst laughing, I almost choked to death, as I rolled on the floor laughing, then I fainted afterwards, from excess laughing and lack of oxygen.
When I woke up, I felt thirsty, I went to the kitchen to drink some water and saw a letter my parents left me; “Travelling to Aunt Lola’s, we didn’t want to wake you up because you looked tired, Be back in 2 weeks *wink* take care of yourself and don’t eat too much candy!”
“Great, at least we have a temporary solution to my grades.” I thought
At that moment, I went to my room, as I touched the door knob to get in, I felt my hand being pushed away, I struggled to open the door.. to no avail, after a while, I was able to enter, I closed the door behind me, and as I sat on my chair in front of my computer, I found that the computer was turned off, I stood to try and check the problem with the computer, I was shocked to find a strange force forcing me to sit, my chair was pulled towards the middle of the room, I struggled to stand, I was frightened! I tried shouting, but there was nobody a mile around me, just as I was getting dragged, I found my baseball bat, I held it, swinging at the air and saying “Whoever you think you are, ghost, spirit, alien, government, the devil himself... I am not afraid!” Although my expression and face clearly hinted otherwise, then, a creature started to appear... it looked like a ghost with a fat body, it seemed to have an indefinite shape, it was dark gray, it had fierce red eyes, and teeth longer than my fingers, it was almost twice my size, it.. more precisely he, started to talk to me, “You...” he said. “You are not old enough to be reading these memes, you do realize you read an 18+ meme?”
“Who follows those instructions” I said quickly, trying to show self-confidence.
“This... is not our matter” he said, and showed me his sharp teeth, he held my face, his nails were painful and left scars on my face
“You must find a meme tomorrow,” it said, with a terrifying voice that almost pushed me off my chair (although I was stuck) “good or not, you must post that meme on 5 discord servers, if that does not happen, you will forever live a white mouse with cancer.”

I chuckled secretly, thinking it was an easy challenge, I went right away to find a meme, and sent it to five servers as I was asked.
The following night, I went to sleep... only to wake up in the middle of the ocean! “It must be a dream” I thought, a shark came out of the ocean, a very large, gray shark with fierce red eyes, with sharp teeth longer than my fingers, I looked for something to fight it off with, I found a paddler and started to smack the shark, it ate it and within seconds it grabbed onto my arm! It didn’t feel like a dream, the pain was real, the suffer was real, the blood felt real, the damage dealt, real. I tried shouting, screaming, but my vocal cords would not react... the shark opened its large mouth, its tongue twisted and twirled into strange shapes, and an indefinite shape was formed from the tongue.. “You must,” it said. “You must find 3 memes tomorrow, and send them to 5 discord servers, each, or else you will forever live a white mouse with cancer”
It was gone, everything was gone, I woke up, almost catching a glimpse of the figure of HIM, but it disappears, I rub my eyes and get up, seeing his eyes hidden in my closet, I never gathered the strength to open the closet, so then, I went to get a drink, I fill my cup with water, I look into the glass and see myself blurry, not sure if that is natural or not, I never noticed myself in a cup of water.”
I returned to my room and sent the 3 memes, I felt happy this time, people liked my memes, and so I left the house to take a walk..
There, in the city, I saw her, she looked at me for a second, and then looked away, I am sure that I still loved her, but I didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable, and I didn’t want to think more about it, I tried to go to her, but I... couldn’t. I kept walking and met my friends, together we talked, joked, and enjoyed some time... I never told them about the creature, it was for the best.
I returned home late at night, my door was pushed open before I touched it, and slammed shut behind me, I was pushed on the floor by... nothing. The room darkened, and darkened, I could barely see anything, HE appeared, and kicked me in my stomache, and again he kicked me, I started to scream, “WHAT THE (REDACTED)?” I shouted.
Once again I was kicked, blood came out of my mouth, I dragged myself at the corner of the room, HE stood against me and showed me his teeth, I could have sworn I saw his eyes turn into some darker orange shade, but then it returned within a second to its fierce red color, HE looked at me, and threw me onto the chair
I quickly dragged myself to my old computer, I found that one of the memes was only posted on four servers! I quickly fixed my mistake.


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    He took a knife out, and carved an I on my face, below a “III” mark that existed from a previous encounter, it made me feel that I didn’t have that many chances left in my life..
    HE disappeared and I decided to go to sleep after washing my face and trying to calm my stomache down from all the vomiting and blood, I slept the day quickly, although I caught glimpse of HIM a few times before going to sleep, one time before I went to sleep, I found him coming closer to me gradually, I believe we almost touched right before I fell asleep.
    This time, I was in a court, there were judges, lawyers, people, lions in a cage, the judges were angry, the lawyers were angry, the people were angry, the lions were hungry, “Mister Kyle Taylor Hummingbird” the judge called, “you are being tried...” said the middle judge, as his eyes turned red. “... for being...” then his skin became gray, he became dead in appearance.. “(REDACTED)ING IGNORANT!”
    The people started making noise as if I was a murderer, I couldn’t understand or remember half of the talk in the dream, I don’t even know how my mind could create a dream, I don’t even remember reading a book about law. Then, a girl entered the courtroom, she was beautiful, I could tell who she is by her long, black hair...
    “Your honor,” she said, it was her! July! The girl I love! “I am here in defense of Mr.Hummingbird.”
    “Begin your (REDACTED)” Said the judge.
    “The papers I have here prove that it was accident, he obviously did not mean to forget to post a meme in a server, he is a teenager, you know irresponsible teenagers.”
    The judges nodded, except the middle one, I felt happy because I was being saved, and angry because my crush is calling me an irresponsible teenager.
    After some argument which, once again, I could not comprehend, the judge said “But the official law here says that whoever has been admitted into the Pact of Agur and has failed to fulfill a task will be punished, accident or not... your defendant has failed his task for the first time, and he is sentenced to forever become a MOUSE!”
    A large knife was preparing the impale my shoulder, I looked around me in fear, and started to scream, later my screaming became squeaking, and before the knife touched my body, the judge came up to me, showed me his teeth, looked into me very closely, and said angrily “12 memes tomorrow, on 5 servers, or forever you will be a white mouse with cancer...”

    I quickly woke up, I saw HIM even closer than ever when I did, I tried to look closer, but he disappeared within a second of me waking up, I couldn’t even tell if he is real or not, but I could still see his eyes within the closet
    I rubbed my eyes, and washed my face, I could not see my face in the mirror, but I looked into my hands and found my fingers to be smaller, I saw a tail behind my back! I tried to scream, but instead of screaming, came squeaking.”
    There was somebody ringing my doorbell, I was scared, I didn’t want anyone to see me like this, what if my parents were home? I went to get the door, “Who?” I said gently, to avoid squeaking, it appeared to be..”


    (If I forgot to replace a bad word with REDACTED, please tell me, I’m writing this on an adult forum)
  • _Brainstorm__Brainstorm_ Nowhere and EverywherePosts: 4,058Member
    “July, did you really forget my voice so quickly?” What could she have been doing here at this time?
    “J-July.. hi.. why did you come here?” I replied a moment later
    “Don’t be like that,” she said. “I’m sorry, okay? Let me in, we need to talk.”
    “I can’t..” I said. “I.. I just can’t...”
    “Why not, Kyle? Can’t you look into my eyes once more? I said things to hurt you that day, but you told me things that went equally as deep! Please, let me in, we need to talk!”
    I hesitated, but repeated my rejection shortly afterwards
    “... I love you Kyle...” she said, with a broken voice, at this moment, tears were rolling down my cheeks, I held my tail and rubbed it with my hands, I waited to see if she’d say something else, but all I heard was breathing, my heart was beating quickly, the force that still binds our hearts together and her words made me unable to refuse a request from her
    “I’m... I’ll...” I was just about to let her in, but then, HE came back, he looked angrier than ever, he silently came to me very quickly, he held my mouth and pulled me towards the room, I struggled more than ever, I didn’t want to leave her on the door like that..
    At this moment, I was in my room, the door was shut at a great force, that I almost thought July would have heard the door getting slammed like that...
    After panicking some more, and screaming angry curses at him, I opened my eyes, HE was bigger than always, his eyes were not the same red, but a sharper shade, maybe blood red, but I was never really a color guy.
    HE held my shoulders, HE put his head on mine, and I saw black steam coming out of his ears into mine.. I was filled with dread, I fell on the floor, unable to move, I tried crawling, I crawled all day to reach my computer, it took me almost as much time dragging myself up the chair, I found a glass of water placed for me, I drunk from it and found myself feeling healthier, but somehow only more dreaded... I looked at the time, it was 11:49 PM, I had only a few minutes to find 12 memes, so I looked quickly, the speed made me get just anything I encountered, and I posted them where I should, I had five minutes to check whether something was missing, and afterwards, I checked my messages, “10 hours ago, July” was one of the messages, I checked that message,
    “Kyle, answer me, I’ve been waiting for you to speak for the past 10 minutes, what’s wrong with you?”
    Two minutes later,
    “Alright, I’m going home, waiting for a reply from you.”
    Almost half an hour later,
    “Fine, be that way, I never want to talk to you, ever again! Forget that I ever existed!”

    I tried to reply, but just then, I found that she blocked me... I was devastated, just then i noticed how hungry I was, how tired, how weak I felt, I threw myself into bed and went to sleep, only crying more, for the loss of my loved one, and for knowledge that HE will appear to me once again in my dreams, I didn’t expect to sleep that day, and so it happened, I stayed up until dawn, then I felt something touching my wrists, I then felt faint, I don’t remember anything afterwards, perhaps I saw HIM, but maybe i didn’t... I don’t know, but what I can be sure of... is that I went to sleep, once again, to prepare for another dreadful day, full of depression...

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    I felt more sunk into my dream than ever, I could barely think or use my brain very much, I barely remembered anything that happened in my dream, but maybe I’ve seen a meme or two come to life and play with me... with their disturbing, painful way like the previous dreams.
    I also remembered that I needed to get 20 memes, I felt darker today, and I had more than one reason to believe that I’m mentally ill, I realized that this went out of hand, and that I can’t post memes forever, at this rate, maybe I’ll be asked for a thousand, or maybe even a million memes in a few weeks... I tried to go outside again, but every time I went towards the door, I had a stomachache and I fell to the floor, ultimately leading me to walk back to my room.
    I looked in the fridge, expecting to find it empty, I found quite a few cans of canned food, I could have sworn the fridge was empty yesterday..

    I had lunch and went to search for memes, my mind was arguing with itself about whether I should stand up to HIM or not, whether I should give up... I did not want to live in pain forever, and so, I posted the 19th meme, and before copying the final one, I looked below my feet, I stared around for a while, with a sharp look, then I said “No...” in a low voice.

    I heard the sounds of breathing behind the closet, “No” I repeated, with more confidence and a higher voice. The breathing got heavier, and so I got up from my chair, stood in front of the closet, my self-confidence almost taking me, I shouted “NO!”

    I felt my body tremble, something touching my shoulders, air blowing into my face, once again I repeated my expression, adding; “I am NOT your slave, you worthless thing! And if you think I will forever be und~”

    I was pushed to the ground, but I continued. “... If you think I will forever be under your control, you are wrong! I have all the right to live my life, I am free to love a girl and let her in on my secrets, I am free to hang out with my friends, I am free to go outside, I am free to eat what I want, and I am FREE to DISAGREE with what you are doing to me!”

    I was now tossed into the wall, falling into my bed, my nose was bleeding and I started to cough.

    “I don’t know where you came from, and I don’t know where you will take me on from this moment, you know what? Turn me into a mouse, a rat, give me cancer, give me AIDs if you want to, I will no longer be your puppet!”

    HE came out, looking sharper than ever, he stared at me with his sharp red eyes and held my neck, I continued to stare into his eyes, he threw me at the opposite wall and picked me up again, I continued to stare at him, for a last time, he threw me into the ceiling, I fell down, not owning the power to stand up or even sit, but I still hardly looked up, and I managed to persist with my stare... his eyes started turning orange, and his expression grew less sharp, he went into the closet right away, I dragged myself into the closet, but I couldn’t make it, I fainted after a few minutes, and woke up later at night, i attended to my own injuries, and then fell asleep again, waking up the next morning...

    The next few days were not too interesting, he did not appear in my dreams too much, and I continued to decline his orders, I got hit, but he didn’t further turn me into a mouse, I felt my tail disappear, and my squeaking fade away.... I felt relaxed, my leg was broken though and I had to wait a while before it got better.

    “It is getting harder and harder, every day I wake up, the same, gray creature that appears across my vision, I clear my mind and assure myself that it is nothing, but when I rub my eyes and clear my vision, I could still see his red eyes behind my closet, as if he is watching me... it has been 10 days ever since, ever since he has appeared in my life. . .

    I can now write in my diary, I am starting to lose connection with him now, whenever I do something that upsets him, he does not react, as if he no longer watches me.. although that should reassure me that he is out of my life once and for all, some eerie feel strikes me, I can feel that he is only waiting for something to happen... I am frightened, I did not expect that to happen when I approach one meme, one. (REDACTED)ing. meme.”

    We are back to this point, my leg was better, but I felt weak, I spent the next few days without extra food, HE didn’t bring food for me anymore, but this time, I was well enough to go and buy a meal.

    I couldn’t find any friends anywhere, and I saw no sign of July, I just stayed in the park, I couldn’t go home, I sat at a bench there, feeding the birds from my leftovers of the food I bought, and when night fell, I fell asleep in the park, I did not see HIM, nor any track of HIM, I felt comfortable, and I had good dreams for the night...

    Until at about 3 AM! I was awoken by wild barking, I was surrounded by dogs! Strange, large dark gray dogs with bloody teeth and red eyes, around 6 of them, surrounded my bench, I stood over the bench, holding a stick, and hoping I won’t die... however...

    to be continued...

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    However... before any of the dogs tried coming near me, or tried to tackle me, the biggest dog came out of from behind the dogs, a different dog I didn’t see before.
    “You have been a bad boy, Master is displeased, and you will be displeased, too! WOOF WOOF” continues the big dog, barking to the dogs, they run towards me, I managed to slip around one of the dogs and run, although I suffered a tough scratch into the back of my arm... I I ran as fast as I could, but as soon as they noticed I was gone after around three seconds of it happening, they ran very quickly, they were almost three times faster than me, in a second, a dog caught my throat with its teeth and pinned me to the ground, as the rest of the dogs started to tear my clothes and continued to cut into my meat with their fierce claws and menacing paws, I was bleeding, the wounds I had would have ended me just then, I closed my eyes forcibly and didn’t feel my body anymore, I fell into a deep sleep...
    It was dark... very dark... almost darker than a human could see... I saw nothing, it almost felt too much of nothing that there was a secret something hidden beyond.


    A small dot of light started to come near, I moved closer... I felt the urge...

    “At 200, 1, 2, 3...”

    I was close enough to see a beautiful creature approach, a creature in white clothes, with wings...
    “Kyle, my darling... I...” she says
    “Are you here to take me?” I cry. “I have been waiting for you! Please, take me wherever I will be taken, if it is hell, take me away...”

    “At 200 again, 1, 2, 3...”

    “You want to leave just like that?” She says, “What about your parents?”
    “... they can fare without me, they are young enough to have more children...”
    “And your life? Your dreams? Your hopes?”
    “... gone, taken by the same wind that will take me...”
    “And July? July, Kyle!”
    “Why are you idle?”
    “... she deserves a better person, she doesn’t love me, she never will love me again!”
    “Then,” she says “Who is that girl outside?”

    “At 300, 1, 2, 3...”
    “KYLE!” Screams a familiar voice that sounds very far. “Don’t go! I love you! Please don’t go! I have something important to say to you!”

    “... it... it can’t be” I hesitate. “... she... after all I did... she...”
    “She loves you Kyle,” she interrupts “And she knows things that are important, and needs to speak to you about. Don’t worry, as long as there is god, there is hope... you can defeat the beast, you can become stronger than him... feel... the inner meme...”

    “This will be our last chance to save him, at 350, 1, 2, 3...”

    “... I’m coming for you, black (REDACTED)er..”


    Four hours later, I am awake on a bed, I look around, doctors surround me, looking astonished, their expression hints that they saw something... extraordinary.
    “Son,” Says an older doctor, the same expression still on his face “I’m sorry I may sound negative, but how the (REDACTED) are you alive?”
    “Air in, air out, pumping like a train.” I reply, confused.
    “Son...” he pauses. “... your heart stopped... for 240 minutes...”
    “Well, that’s not something we see every day...” I reply. “Can I just go home now?”
    “... I need to find an explanation for all this.” He says

    I explain to him everything that happened to me ever since I was browsing memes, and until now...

    “Hm, now I understand...” he says
    “Let’s go guys, he’s (REDACTED)ing nuts”
    The doctors leave, and I stand up to quickly get them before they go
    “Wait.. where do I pay for my stay?”
    “Don’t worry, someone’s already taken care of that” he says, and leaves with his doctors
    I go outside, and find July
    “July! I’m incredibly sorry! It wasn’t my fault, I know you won’t believe me bu..”
    “That’s not important now,” she interrupts “I forgive you! I love you, Kyle!”
    We hug, then, a few seconds later, I talk to her
    “You shouldn’t have paid for me... I could have done that...”
    “You know my dad is a billionaire, Kyle, this is not important, I believe everything you said in there, and I know what’s going on, the creature that is chasing you around is Agur, the Dark Memer... I know how to get rid of him, come to the mansion with me now and I’ll show you how to do that.”

    to be continued
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    It is getting harder and harder

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    “Alright let’s go” I say, some part of me telling me to believe what she has to offer, another part telling me.. it’s not going to get any better from this point, I went off, and entered the car.
    “Where to, Miss July?” Asks the driver,
    “Home please,” she replies “and stop at the library on the way, I want to return some books, and get some books.”
    The driver starts the car, and drives on towards the Main Street, I was exhausted, I almost fell asleep several minutes later, but then the car stopped, interrupting my sleep.
    “Are we there yet?” I say, clumsily
    “Not yet Ky” replies July “I’m stopping by the library, remember?”
    I don’t reply, and continue to fall asleep as I formally tried to, before I could, she returned
    “Welcome back July, what did you get?” I say, interested in the cover of the book she brought.
    “*Golden Truths & Black Lies — Volume III*” she says, excitedly. “I’ve been waiting for this book for a while now, it tells us a lot about ourselves and about others, it tells a lot about how to know when oneself is lying, and when he is telling the truth... it gives a lot of hints of a lie, sometimes how serious it is, every new volume comes with a lot of new research information... and there are even stories in between the chapters to demonstrate the situation!”
    “That looks interesting.. what is this cover, though?” I ask, pointing at the cover of the book, which looks like a black snake wrapped around a blue apple.
    “This is a drawing that belongs to J.I. Nickson, the book’s artist, it explains how some people hide their deep truths with great lies, they spray their lies, or ‘poison’, at whoever tries getting near this truth...” she says. “Honestly, what I love about the book is how they always come up with the best ideas for drawings to capture one’s attention”
    “Amazing!” I say, clearly not interested in reading, but pretending to be into it just for her. “I’d love to read that book sometime soon.”
    “I’ll lend it to you when I’m done,” she says.
    “We’re here, Miss.” Says the driver.
    “Ah! Let’s go, Kyle.” she quickly tells me before stepping out of the car, I move out, astonished at how big the mansion is, nicely cut and shaped bushes line the sides of the path, marble fountains, too... wow! A swimming pool! Sure is a lucky person that has earned all the money to buy this..

    I have been led inside the mansion, and into a big library in the mansion, it is huge, and bookshelves are everywhere... even on the ceiling! July gets a chair with wheels and sits on it, moving to a shelf with a few empty spaces, the chair extends the seating up until she reaches the shelf, and places the new book there
    “There you go! With your friends! I’ll read you all later!”
    I am still amazed, but before I can say anything or even gesture about my amazement, she comes to me, saying “So Kyle, follow me.”
    I follow her into a corner in the library, the shelf doesn’t have too much books, but it is titled *Entities*, this doesn’t make me any more comfortable, but just then, July takes a book out, written on the book is Agur, a Being Beyond Memes.

    I look at the cover of this book and recall memories from one of the dreams...
    *”... but the official law here says that whoever has been admitted to the Pact of Agur and and has failed to fulfill a task will be punished, accident or not...”*

    “July! I think I’ve seen that name before, Agur in one of my dreams.. it MUST be him!” I say, joyfully. “Is the solution in the book?” I ask.
    “Patience Kyle,” she says “it’s a hard solution, but you have no other choice... let’s just start by reading this part.”
    She opens to page 4 of the book
    Agur is a demon from the depths of hell, one of the very little demons that could be compared, in power and strength, with the devil himself... he was created by the devil, and sent to the humans on earth with a group of five or six other demons to let the humans make inappropriate jokes, be racist, and get themselves sins related to joking about religion... Agur has decided to do this a different way, he took a human shape and posted inappropriate jokes, AKA “inappropriate memes”, on the internet, he had superhuman intelligence, and knew how to make the best punchlines and jokes, even if the jokes themselves were horribly insulting to some people... he grew in power from the amount of people who laughed on his jokes, he even almost surpassed the devil himself, but the devil was jealous, he cursed Agur and made him stuck in a meme in a dead part of the internet, forever to be stuck until somebody finds him...
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    “The book tells us how to get rid of HIM, doesn’t it?” I say, worried. “... doesn’t it?”
    “Well...” replies Carla, hesitant “There is only one way...”
    “What is that?” I ask.

    meanwhile, on different whereabouts...
    A gang of eight men are walking in a dark street, almost clear of people, homes as poor as could be, the men wearing gray clothes and long hats, one of the men in the gang is distinguished with more expensive black clothes, and a fancy top hat on his head, his face is perhaps more oval-shaped than average, ears are long and pointy, eyes are more pointy in matter, reddish if I might add...
    “Boss, are we longer due?” Asks one of the largest men in the gang
    “Just a little longer, Red Bull, my name wouldn’t be Thorn if I didn’t get this (REDACTED) traitor.” Says the “Boss” of the gang.

    They stop between two houses, a narrow passageway appearing to be more visible between. Thorn closes his eyes, his ears vibrating, then opens them again three seconds later.
    “Here’s the nest,” He says.

    The gang cautiously enters the passageway, and they come across a fat gypsy in front of a large box, the box seemed to be filled with jewels, and there was a strange man beside the box... an overly white man with white hair and orange eyes, hands behind his back.

    “So it is you! Traitor!” Shouts Thorn to the gypsy

    “What? No! This is a misunderstanding!” He replies. “I came to retrieve your jewels!”
    “You could have told me that a few days ago,” remarks Thorn. “You know you can’t lie to me, you know what power I possess..”
    “Bull, Baren, Bucky, bring him to me.”
    Three men instantly go forward and take guns out, the large guy holding an Ak47, a tall man holding two pistols, and a short man holding an Uzi, they seize the gypsy, but just then, they all let go of them
    “What happened? I told you to **bring him here!**”
    “I don’t know!” Says the short man.
    “We can’t move!” The tall man adds.
    Then, the three men drop to the ground, the white man comes forward, hands still behind back, the rest of the gang raises guns, but then their guns are taken from their hands and twisted in the sky by an unknown force, the men surround the white man to take him on, but he has proven skill in battle, two men run to punch the man, he seizes a man and smashes his head into the head of the other, he smacks another man and kicks him roughly, tossing him towards the box of jewels, he roundhouse kicks another man from the gang and throws him into Thorn’s chest, he gets up instantly and runs, taking a few turns on the way to confuse the white man, he looks behind him as he runs to check whether he has lost the man or not, and the moment he looks forwards again, he sees the white man, who seizes his neck harshly.
    “What do you want! Who are you!” Asks Thorn, with a broken voice.
    “You aren’t to know who I am, but I know who you are...”
    The white man with white hair holds his other hand towards Thorn’s face, his hand glows light blue, then Thorn’s skin changes to red, a pointed tail appears, horns on his head, and countless other strange, inhumane characteristics.
    “**Rootus, I will ask you questions, and you will answer my questions, or I will make you suffer for the rest of your entire life.” Says the white man.
    “Anything...” he replies.
    “What do you know about a demon named Agur
  • _Brainstorm__Brainstorm_ Nowhere and EverywherePosts: 4,058Member

    *And the story returns to me, staring with surprise at Carla.*
    “A demon?” I say.
    “Yes Kyle, we need to find Grynem, Agur’s ‘friend’, he won’t be too hard to find, he usually works with another humanoid demon named ‘Rootus’, this could take us to a dangerous path though, some of those demons are businessmen and soldiers and even gangsters in the human world..”
    “... and this is why I want you to stay out of this,” I say. “I don’t want to get you into trouble.”
    “I won’t get into trouble, silly!” She says smiling, “But... since you want me out of this, I’ll help you from afar, I’ll provide you with information and directions, and equipment to do this...”
    “Thank you Carla, I..” I start crying now, but I try to hold it in.. “I don’t know how to thank you enough.. you’ve already been through enough trouble because of me.”
    She smiles, and holds my hand.
    “But why?” I add. “Why? All the effort, time, and money for me?”
    “You already know the answer, silly!” She says, giggling.
    “... I love you too Carla.” I say.
    “I’ll send you an email with everything you’ll need first thing tomorrow, it’s getting late now, and I have... other matters to attend to, take care of yourself.” She says. “I love you.”
    “Goodbye.” I say, as I walk out the door.

    As I walk out, thinking of how I’ll go all the way home, should be 50 minutes to walk and I fear that HE may send me something to kill me, but then, when I reach the gates, the butler greets me.
    “Wow, that butler wears better than I do.” I think to myself “how the (REDACTED) do I want to marry such a rich family”
    “Sir?” He says, seemingly a third time as I had been busy thinking.
    “Hm?” I reply.
    “Mister Kyle, Miss Faraday has sent you this box, and has ordered me to take you home by car.” He says.
    I take the box, “What’s in it?” I ask out of curiousity.
    “I have no orders to tell you, see for yourself”

    I open the box, I find ten ten dollar bills, Agur’s book, a gun, a big sandwich and a note. The note reads “you’re gonna need this stuff, take care.”
    I stay silent, keep everything in the box, pack the box into my backpack and munch on the sandwich as I am driven home.

    On the way, the car stops suddenly.
    “What is it, Butler?” I say.
    “I do not know, the car has malfunctioned for an unapparent reason, I will check the engine, sir.” He replies, leaving the car and opening the front, tinkering and twisting some stuff.
    I was in the middle of an empty street, surrounded by forest, mist was thick at the time, it felt silent, almost... too silent, *a silence that had some secret within...*

    I then heard noise coming from behind the bushes, I loaded my gun and got out, stood behind the car and looked from behind, I was frightened, but I thought “how would I fight a demon if I’m afraid of a bush in the mist?”

    I waited, and waited.. nothing happened, I was very tired, I rested my eyes for a second or two, but just then, noise came from the bush, I felt like something ran out of the bush, very quickly as I blinked.
    “Did you hear that?” I say.
    “Sorry sir, I can not hear anything from the steam in the engine, please wait for a few minutes, and I will be finished.”

    I stare around me, and then I turn around, I find myself getting pounced by a wolf!

    I quickly roll forwards to dodge the attack, I fire with my gun, but miss, I fire again, and miss again, then again... until I run out of ammunition, I quickly run around the car while reloading my gun, however, the wolf jumps over the car and lands on top of me, pushing my arm, I drop my gun,
    “Butler, do something! Shoot!”
    “Sir, if I knew how to use a gun, would I be a butler?”
    Oh great, now my life lies in the hands of an unfair arm-wrestling game and a butler.
    “I’ve never even seen a real gun before this one before, do something!”
    I kick the gun towards the butler, and he holds the gun, he takes an aim, hesitating for a few seconds, but just then...
    to be continued...
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    Looking around me, I do not find any track of the wolf, I see nothing else... but a big wound in my arm!
    “Sir!” Says the butler
    “(REDACTED) you! You couldn’t have gotten a better aim at my head, could you?” I say, sarcastically, but also in pain.
    “Sir, we are 3 minutes from your home and the car is working now, hope you can wait with this temporarily.”
    The butler wipes my arm with some wet cotton, and ties it up, we quickly get back into the car and drive off, truly, it was only a 3 minute drive home, I was led home and we entered, the Butler continued to treat my arm for about thirty minutes, and gets up.
    “I am off now, sir, but it seems you are in grave danger here, if you want me to stay on guard here, I am under your command.”
    “Seriously, are you a butler, or a medic, or a bodyguard?” I ask. “No thank you, I’ll be OK, just give me the gun and good night.”
    He hands me the gun and leaves, I hear the sound of the car’s engine pushing away.
    Sitting on my chair and surfing the Internet, I get bored quickly, the memes are horrible for some reason, it is like Agur has lost taste today... Oh great, just as I was talking about Agur...
    “HURRRRRR” I hear coming from the closet the sound of deep hissing, almost like the wind, but too deep and human to be the wind, I look there, and find a cloud of black mist coming out, it starts growing and growing, and coming towards me, until it takes a ghostly shape and grows giant hands, the hands start holding my neck, pulling me towards the middle of the room and talking to me as he moves around the room.
    “I know what you want,” I say. “And my answer is no. I’m not your (REDACTED)ing slave! You might as well go back to your closet and start concentrating on your memes, they’re going stale, mate.”

    Agur holds my chest and throws me at the wall, as he screeches intensely.

    “Oh, torture time again? Throw me off the slide, daddy...” I say, being throwed again at the other wall

    “That’s all you CAN do.” I say. “Come on, throw me again, throw many as much as I can sustain to death.”

    Agur now reaches closely to me, he stares at me intensely and I notice his eyes becoming less red, and more of a dark orange shade... he then floats off towards the closet and takes a picture out, it’s a picture of July, he changes the picture into a picture of a sick-looking mouse, and then burns it to little pieces... he then makes 30 fingers with his hands and holds my neck.

    “Don’t touch July, I’m warning you..” I say
    “... or else?” He says
    “You can talk, then? Well well, how about no memes?”
    “No memes, no July.”

    I think, then quickly take my pistol out of my pocket and shoot at Agur, the bullet flies right through the mist and hits the wall, bouncing back and breaking my left toe, I scream in pain and glare angrily at Agur, he lets me down and I go to the computer to start searching for memes, posting them to servers. After so, I go to bed, Agur still standing there, I say “Why are you still here? Go (REDACTED) yourself.”

    Agur disappears, his eyes almost turning red again before he does

    Today, I dream of being in an extremely cold place, like a mountain of some sort, I am freezing cold, and a huge black bear with red eyes appears and tears my clothes, I start feeling great pain from cold as the bear throws me up the mountain and rubs me on the snow, I struggle to resist but I am being tortured more and more, “it’s freezing!” I shout. I am then taken on top of the mountain, and to my astonishment, it’s a volcano!
    “Thaw!” Shouts the bear as it throws me into the volcano, I see rocks in the volcano making the shape of “50”, before I touch the lava, I wake up, and quickly say in a loud voice “You gotta be (REDACTED)ing kidding me! 50 memes? That’s it!” I get up and go outside, I look at my phone and see a new message from July.
    “Kyle, are you there? I’ve done more research, I think I know what to do! Come here, now, and do NOT post memes for him!”
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    I go back home, get dressed and wash my face, and take my phone and gun and get ready to hit the road, just as then, as I take hold of the doorknob, I see him across my vision, saying “Bad idea, go back now and I will show forgiveness, else your end will be a bad one.”
    I punch the door in willful refusal and open it, moving up to catch a taxi.
    “It’s gonna be 5 miles walking to get to the next taxi, hmph, wish they left the car...”

    As I walk, I reach the city, but it is very early a time that no taxis were available in the area, I had to walk a little more to find one.
    As I walked through the dirty streets, I catch glimpse of something happening in a narrow side street, an alley of sorts, filled with trash. A man with white hair was holding another man, a black man with red eyes.
    “Where’s the ring?” He Asks the black man.
    “What ring? I dunno watchu talkin’ about, man! I only rob food and money!”
    “Oh shut up, I know you are Rygarde, and that you possess an object I require.”
    “Please!” Shouts the black man “I don’t know what you’re talking about!”
    The white haired man then slices his finger off with a quick knife swipe, and takes the ring off, it has been invisible while his finger was still in his hand, as it seems.
    “OOOOOHHH” screams the black man in pain. “Why did you do that, man! Argh! Get that back here!”
    “You don’t need your finger, you’re a demon, you can grow a new one.” Says the white haired man.
    “Please, I need the ring, if I don’t wear it, he’ll get me..”
    “I know someone who needs it more than you do.”
    “Please! Don’t.. no... no... NO!!” Shouts the black man as the other walks away, as he does, a black smoke starts surrounding the black man, he tries running, but he couldn’t, eyes appear and huge arms, and a great, deep sound hollers “you have sinned, and for so you must pay.”
    The man instantly starts turning into a demon, very ugly thing with horns and a tail, then disappears, or doesn’t, a mouse appears where he was and stays still, squeaking without stopping for one moment, almost crying and begging for mercy.
    Concentrating on all that, I looked in front of me again and noticed the white haired man looking at me, knife in his hand. He holds my arm and comes near with his knife...

    “Hello, my dear friend Kyle!” He says
    “D~Do I know you?” I say, hesitant
    “No, you do not.” He says. “But I do, and I suppose our destinations are one, oh, and don’t stand looking at alleys, you don’t want to know the consequences of seeing stuff you shouldn’t see. Come with me, I believe you were going to meet with July?”
    “Yes, yes that is true.” I say
    “Come, I will protect you.”
    “Who was that?” I ask.
    “It’s not important, he has been cursed by the Pact of Agur now and there is no going back.”
    I start worrying now, and walk with the man. He seems to have orange eyes, now that I have seen him quite more clearly, we walk through streets and alleys, and then get a taxi and start going to July.

    “She must love you.” He tells me.
    “Hm?” I ask, not really concentrating with the topic
    “July, she wants to do anything and everything to help you.” He says
    “That is true, and I am very thankful, and I love her too. I don’t know why she may tire herself so much to something she wouldn’t profit from...” I say.
    “And what if she does?” He says, then going quiet as we reach the house.
    I start thinking that what he said meant that helping me would profit her, as we are lovers and we would get married as two normal people, without any curses, but something in his own manner of speech made me think more thoroughly into the talk, like there was... something else.

    “Kyle!” She says, as she comes and kisses me. “Are you well?”
    “Yes, I was only warned by Agur today while leaving, not much.” I say.
    “Don’t worry, you will no longer need to worry.” She says, then looking at the white Man. “I see you two have met.”
    “Who is he?” I ask.
    “I am Phoenix.” He says. “Your new best friend and acquaintance.”
    “And I am...” I say, being interrupted.
    “No need to introduce yourself,” He says. “You’re Kyle, the cursed guy.”
    We shake hands.
    “Well Kyle, I’ll tell you something now...” Says July.
    “When you found Agur, he was in a dead part of the Internet, he has been managing the world from down there ever since, from a deep web that has existed for 20 years.. when you found him, you freed him and gave him full power, but you also limited his own power to yourself.”
    “What does that mean?” I ask.
    “You don’t remember anything about that meme, do you?” She Asks.
    “Not at all, it’s like I laughed at nothing.” I say.
    “Basically, he was given great power he couldn’t have ever possessed,” she says. “But for that to continue, his releaser, or you, had to post memes for him, that would have worked for any weak-willed person, but you were strong, you refused capture and sought help, and for so we are here.”
    “Yes.” I say.
    “When you refused to post memes for him, he has gone weaker, and as a result, the memes on the internet weren’t as good.” She says. “But when you did post more memes, he got more power, and greater memes appeared. He can do anything now, he can kill you, turn you into a mouse like he did his past victims, but he also can’t... do you know why?”
    “No...” I say.
    “Because you are his powerhouse, if he loses you, he loses contact with the human world, and he will return to hell, where the devil will consume his power to create other, weaker demons.”
    “What a relief.” I say. “But that won’t prevent him from hurting me, would it?”
    “It won’t, but he wants you to be in good health to post memes for him, if he hurts you fatally, it may be due to excessive anger, he will definitely be very sorry afterwards, but he won’t show that, he wants you to think that your life is not important to him... you did something brave some other day, as sources have led me to know, you refused to post memes for him... but then another few days later you did.” She says. “However, I have brought something that will protect you.”
    She signals to Phoenix, he gives me a ring.
    “This ring will protect you against Agur.” She says, and so I wear it, it becomes invisible in my hand. “It will protect you from his magic, it won’t however protect you if he takes a physical form and attacks you, but that is when you will be able to kill him...”
    “How?” I ask
    “You must train hard, you must be a fighter, you must learn to use your gun, and other weapons...” She says. “Phoenix may help you, but you have the capacity and force to become stronger than him, with the curse Agur gave you, he gave you a hidden power, this power must be discovered. On midnight’s door, between one-to-twelve and 12:01, you must defeat him, and sink the ring between his eyes and shout “To hell you surrender, and I am your ender, surrender to hell, and this world shall be well.”
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    She smiles and then looks at me again.
    “Come, I’ll give you some weapons, Phoenix will be training you.”
    I am led to a huge room with lots of obstacles and objects I could train at.
    “Does Mister Faraday know about this room?” I ask.
    “Of course he does, it’s my playroom!” She says, winking.
    “Here you go.” Says Phoenix, handing me a group of objects, a long, green knife, a new, better gun, a shining sword, and a strange hammer.
    “This knife is called Emeraldine,” He says. “It can cut straight through Agur, it may not deal permanent damage, but it’s hell of a lot of pain, makes it easier to defeat him... and this gun shoots platinum bullets, comes with 24 bullets in stock, these are an instant painkiller to any human, they’d devastate the demon. This sword is very strong, it will help you in a swordfight with him and will damage him pretty well, too. And this hammer is called the demon bell, slam this on the ground if he is moving around you too fast, it gives him a headache, slam it on his own body and he’ll be stunned, however, it is heavy and Agur is fast so you may not be able to hit him with it, and it’s not worth a shot.”
    “When will you train me?” I ask.
    “The best timing is now,” He says. “Wear this belt.”
    He hands me a belt
    “Put your weapons in the fitting slots and cover the belt with your jacket”
    And so I do.
    “Training starts now...” he says, rubbing his hands together

    Later, my new friend introduces me on how to deal with each training, and hints that each training will be applied with Agur.

    I start the next few days with several extremely fast-spinning wooden logs,
    “Concentrate, Kyle, and when the logs go counter-clockwise, you swipe clockwise.”
    I try to swipe, but I missed the log, once again I missed, and the log was tossed towards my chest, dropping me to the floor. Phoenix looked disappointed.
    “Agur is not as merciful as wood.” He remarks, as he holds my hand and helps me up, without much rest he throws me into the middle of the logfield and starts the training, one by one, mistake by mistake, I finally manage to cut the log once, and just as I destroyed the log, the rest dropped to the ground, repeating the training more than once.. and as I did, I found little to no problem fighting the logs.
    The next few days were followed by a tough gun training.
    “Don’t worry about the bullets, they can be reused as long as you don’t manage to shoot them through the sewers.”
    I load the gun, and look around, I see a bunch of ghost figures moving around, with almost the same speed of the logs, I shoot one, two, and not being quick enough, one appears behind me and knocks me to the floor.
    “Quick reflexes are good, especially if you’re alive and trying to stay that way.”
    Bit by bit, I start getting better, and I shoot almost five figures, then a figure of July with red eyes appears and I hesitate, but in the end, it knocks me away and I start feeling dizzy.
    “Don’t let Agur trick you,” Says Phoenix. “He is a master of deception, don’t let your feelings defeat your mind, no human has red eyes, no matter how sick he is.”
    I get up once again, and get ready to retry the training...
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    This a creepy pasta?
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    This a creepy pasta?

    It’s a story I am writing, I still do write, but only occasionally
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    Hmm, kinda had the feeling of a long CreepyPasta
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